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Development Milestones for Children 15 Months Old

Congratulations! You’ve managed to go through your baby’s first year. You’ve already witnessed a lot of first times for your baby, such as their first steps and first words. And if you’re a first-time parent, you already have a lot of first times yourself, such as seeing a green poop and breastfeeding. But that’s not everything! More exciting child development milestones are coming your way.

Things You Should Bear in Mind When Nurturing a 15-Month-Old Child

It’s important to visit the doctor for your child’s measurements ideally every quarter. Based on data from the World Health Organization, 15-month-old babies usually weighs 22.7 lbs for boys and 21.2 lbs for girls. The median height is 30 to 31 inches. Here are other things you should keep in mind to take better care of your baby.

Easy but Effective Ways to Prepare Your Kids for Childcare

Childcare can easily be considered as one of your children’s milestones as a student. And their experience at this stage of their education will help ignite their lifelong love for learning. Hence, it’s your job to choose a good preschool in Chicago Illinois and transition them properly. Here are the ways to get them started:

Availing of Childcare Service: What to Expect as Parents

Availing of childcare services is one of the best things you can do to ensure your kids are trained by professionals in early childhood development. At a preschool in Chicago Illinois offering daycare service, they’ll be immersed in an informative and fun environment that will also promote their social development. But as parents, you also have a huge role to play at this stage of your kids’ student life.

ExceleRate Program: What Is It?

As the foundational stage of human development, early childhood education should be delivered in an effective way. This phase should help students develop their character and love for learning. Considering the need for kids to cope with global standards, the government launched the ExceleRate Program for centers of preschool in Chicago Illinois.

Ways the ExceleRate Program Can Benefit Your Child

Early childhood education is a foundational state. So it makes sense to invest in your child’s pre-K education. To ensure that they’ll get the best training, it’s also wise to enroll them at a preschool in Chicago Illinois that implements the ExceleRate Program. Why? These are the reasons:

Why Do We Need to Cultivate Kids’ Healthy Habits?

Long-term health is a worthy goal. Studies show that a healthy individual gets to enjoy a lot of head starts in life, whether in their interpersonal relationships, academic life, or career.

Effective and Easy Ways to Uphold Your Child’s Health

Did you know that people with a healthy lifestyle enjoy a lot of head starts in life? One study found out that a healthy lifestyle improves one’s relationships, career, and academic performance. Hence, you must promote your kids’ health by enrolling them at a reputable preschool in Chicago, Illinois. Or, you may also:

How to Get Children Involved During Thanksgiving

As one of the most notable national holidays, Thanksgiving is a celebration you shouldn’t miss. Especially if you have kids, having a celebration at home can mean a lot. You could integrate fun activities while you’re educating kids on what this holiday really means. And if you’re in the US, inserting games during formal classes at a preschool in Chicago Illinois would be a great help.

Thanksgiving Games You Could Organize for Students

Thanksgiving can easily be considered one of America’s greatest holidays. And as part of the culture, you shouldn’t miss the chance to teach kids at a preschool in Chicago Illinois the traditions behind this celebration. To engage kids effectively, you might like to do one or more of the following games at school:

Summer Camps and How It Helps Kids Learn Life Skills

Kids could certainly use a short but meaningful break with friends after a long and demanding academic year. To support their social and emotional needs, let them join a summer camp. A reliable preschool in Chicago Illinois offers this as part of their early childhood education program. A summer camp is a perfect environment for kids to develop the life skills they need to grow up as well-rounded adults.

Study Habit: Why Is It Important and How to Develop It in Kids

As a parent, nothing compares to the joy of seeing one’s kid get an “A,” right? But do you think your kids don’t have the study skills to get that grade? Do you think they’re too preoccupied with play that they don’t spend time reading their books? If yes, they could use a little help in cultivating their study habits. Sending them to a reputable preschool in Chicago Illinois is a great start. And at home, you should also follow up on their progress.

Life Skills Kids Should Learn Early in Life

In Sir Francis Galton’s Nature vs Nurture Theory, we know that the personality formation of kids depends on two factors – natural abilities (genes) and training (environment). Yes, you can rest easy in the fact that you’ve passed on to them such great genes. But this is merely half of the game. Enroll them at a reputable preschool in Chicago Illinois, to give them the apt training they need. At their school, they’ll be taught the following life skills necessary for their success as adults:

Ways to Teach Preschoolers Time Management Skills

Your kids’ ability to manage time well could mean the difference between their success in the future. If they know how to spend their time, they’ll be able to prioritize, make time for their hobbies, and take up additional courses for skill development. The best way to cultivate this skill is to enroll your kids at an accredited preschool in Chicago Illinois. You could also use the following tips to train them at home:

On Emotional Health and the Formative Years

Stress is inevitable, and emergencies are unexpected. When these dire circumstances happen, emotional health plays a huge role in a person’s reaction and survival. And how you train and give your kids emotional support can affect their way of managing emergencies and stress when they become adults. Yes, their training should start at home. But if you want them to enjoy accredited early childhood programs, enroll them at a credible preschool in Chicago Illinois.