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Life lessons

Why I decided to Live Like a Monk at age of 25?

In order to acquire some mental peace and change my personality positively, I decided to live like a monk in my 20s. Monk at 25 is a source where I'm sharing what I am learning from life, after being like a monk.

A letter to myself, on my 25th Birthday

A letter which I wrote to myself on my 25th birthday. A letter to myself to forget about the past, and look for a better future. A letter to me for self-belief.

Get rid of Bad habits with good intentions

Get rid of bad habits is not an easy task. But if we want, we can use our bad habits for positive transformations in our life. Like to use these bad habits for good intentions.

Positive life changes, you notice in yourself in 20s Age

When you sit alone and be with your own, you'll realize that there are some positive life changes of yours in this 20s age. Life in your 20s changes you completely.

New year wish list of 2019 for you all

I wish that New year gonna be better than the previous one and your dreams will be fulfilled in 2019. Here is a new year wish list for you all, and hope life will give you what you want.

Things to consider while making career decisions in twenties

Making career decisions is a tough task to do. But when you are in your 20s, choosing a career between the other options, things become more challenging.

How it feels when buying my first bike on my own earning?

Awesome moment when you ride your favorite own bike. But it'll lifetime experience when that bike is purchased on your own earning.

Things to do in your 20s to improve your life

To achieve your own goals and improve the level of life, you need some required things to do in your 20s. And that is the part of your self-improvement plan.

 I Know how it feels when...

I know how it feels...when everyone takes you as granted when they laugh at you. I know how it feels like..when being alone and no one is there for you.

Leaving high paying job to fulfill my Passion

High paying job vs happiness. Money vs Life. Reasons why most of the individual prefers to leaving a high paying job, just to do the things they passionate about.

Leave this things in your 20s, To live life freely & fully

You need to leave things which don't let you live free. Let go the things which are in between to enjoy your 20s and controlling you to live life freely.

Signs you have found "That one person" of your Life

There is always "That one person" for everyone in this world, who meant for them. And here are the signs that you finally find that one person of your life. Yes, He's the one or she's the one for you.

A good habits to develop for shaping better futures

Track your habits cause that decide your Future. Develop good habits and that will help you in shaping a better future. A list of life changing habits.

Being rejected...Thank them who rejects you

Being rejected is not a good impression in one's life. Indeed handling rejection requires much more strength. But actually, you have to thank them who rejected you. Know why rejection is good for you?

Life in your 20s : A crucial stage of anyone's Life

If you are in your twenties and spending time as before, then beware. Because life in your 20s is the most crucial and hardest phase of life. This is the best age of your life to create an impactful life.

Why change jobs in your early career stage is not a Bad idea?

Stability or Passion. How can you think about stability, when you are doing a work out of your interest? Find out why change jobs too often in the early career stage, is not a bad idea.

What it take to having a Girl as Best Friend

Your life will be more amazing and easy If you have a girl best friend. Also, know the reasons why girl bestfriend needed in every guy's life to make it more awesome.

What is wrong with society these days...May be this one

We all are part of the society. But when society involves major in one's life, it's a society conflict. Know what is wrong with society these days..have few points in mind, check that out.

Find out Why being alone is good for you & for your career

Agree that Moving alone is not a good sign. But when we look at it from a positive side, being alone is good for your life and your career. Find out more what are the benefits of staying alone and grow.

Benefits of waking up early in the morning in your life

Your decision to wake up early in the morning is a very first step towards success. Additionally, here are the other benefits of waking up early in the morning will bring to your life.

I wish i had done this things in my 20s

We all had at one common feeling like, "I wish I had..." And we sigh!!! Or we have some wish in mind that we wish that we knew earlier in 20s age to make life even better.

Never let them go who have these characteristics, That's define your True friend

If you find these characteristics in your friendship with anyone. Never let them go because that describes a true friend of yours. And you may not find a friend like them later.

Signs indicate...You are Mature now

May you notice that or not. But others do. That you are not as you were used to be. They notice a few changes in you and that is the sign that you are a mature person now.

Know how to deal with negative people & thoughts

No matter which way you go, you always have to deal with negative people. And also the negative thoughts in own minds. Know how to get rid of that negativity.

Situation that every Introverts relate to

Most of the people are taking an introvert as a reserved and controlled one. But only closest friends of them know how awesome introverts are can be when giving enough space & time.