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Comic Submission Guidelines for Book Publishers

Arthur A. Levine Books

Guidelines for submission to Arthur A. Levine Books and related information.

Thank you for your interest in the guidelines for submission to Arthur A. Levine Books. Because of the overwhelming number of manuscripts we receive each week, we do not accept unsolicited novel-length manuscripts outright. However, we do look at the following materials:

Picture Books: Query letter + the full text
Novels: Query letter + the first two chapters + synopsis
Other: Query letter + five page samples (five poems, five nonfiction pages, etc.)
Illustration: Three sample illustrations via attachment, and links to online portfolios

Groundwood Submissions

Groundwood Books is looking for Canadian illustrators to interpret the words of some of Canada’s finest children’s writers. Our stress is on stories of real children in convincing situations and milieus, both contemporary and historical, for all ages from infants to teens. Art may be realistic or abstracted and stylized to any degree, but conventional cartoon and animation styles are not needed. Pure genre art (as seen in mass-market Romance, Horror, or Science Fiction) is of little interest, but technically accomplished art in these areas may be of interest for some literature which “crosses over” into genre themes. Accomplished drawing and execution in the final chosen medium are important, as is accurate and thorough subject and period research. In many cases the creation of real, individual characters is essential.

Nonfiction illustrators are also needed: scientific drawing in natural history and other fields, and historical reconstruction are among the areas we are interested in.

Kids Can Press - Illustrator's Guidelines

Every day we receive many art samples and queries regarding illustrating books for our list. While all our books are for children, the specific style and genre of book dictates the type of illustration needed. As a result, we maintain a large reference file, which assists us in finding the right illustrator for each project.

Lerner Publishing Group | Submission Guidelines

Lerner Publishing Group works with many talented authors and illustrators to create its books for children and young adults. Here are our current submission guidelines.

Literary Agents Who Represent Graphic Novels

The following is a list of literary agents who represent graphic novels and comics. Every agency on this list has mentioned an interest in graphic novels either on their website or their blog, or made a GN sale- no second-hand info unless it was well vouched for.

O'Brien Press: Manuscript Submission Guidelines

The O'Brien Press, Ireland's leading publisher for Adults and Children publish mainly children's fiction, children's non-fiction and adult non-fiction. We generally do not publish poetry, academic works or adult fiction.

Penguin Group (USA) Submissions Guidelines

DAW - Penguin Group (USA).
We publish science fiction and fantasy novels. We do not want short stories, short story collections, novellas, poetry, or novels in other genres. The average length of the novels we publish varies but is almost never less than 80,000 words.

Seven Stories Press

Submissions Policy
If you would like to submit a manuscript, please send a cover letter and two sample chapters only, with a 44-cent SASE or postcard for reply, to the following address:
Seven Stories Press
140 Watts Street
New York, NY 10013

Sterling Publishing: About Us: Author Guidelines

Write a proposal explaining your idea. Enclose an outline and a sample chapter of the proposed book along with sample illustrations where applicable. For Children’s books, please submit full manuscripts. No e-mail submissions.

Titan Books - Submissions

The majority of our graphic novel titles are licensed from overseas publishers or acquired through agents. We do however publish a growing number of originated graphic novels. We run portfolio sessions at comic conventions where your work may be reviewed. We are interested to hear from writers and artists who would be interested in working on licensed projects we have already contracted.

Please send initially a brief synopsis and covering letter only, not a full manuscript.

TwoMorrows Publishing, Celebrating The Art & History Of Comics.

TwoMorrows Publishing : Submission Guidelines -
If you have an idea for a book you'd like TwoMorrows to consider publishing, please e-mail publisher John Morrow at:

To help us better evaluate your idea, we request you send a 1000 word (or less) proposal, including a detailed description and highlights of the project, who you see as the main audience for it, and a breakdown of the chapters of the book.