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Unusual Things to Do in Laos - Alluring Sightseeing Highlights

The city of Vientiane, the capital of Laos, is an engaging city to visit. Here you will discover a choice of intriguing attractions that will catch the creative mind of the tourist.


Buddha Park

The notable Buddha Park, referred to local people as Xieng Khuan, will strike the enthusiasm of the guest with its numerous captivating attractions. Here you will discover in excess of 200 complicatedly formed figures and religiously themed statues with an enormous 40 m tall Buddha statue in the leaning back position is one of the features. You will see that this park highlights both Hindu and Buddhist components, with an abnormal mixing of religious themes. An unmistakable statue at this park is the ruler of the divine beings, Indra, who has been depicted on the back of his elephant. Guests will find that the statues are exceptional with respect to both their size just as their multifaceted enumerating.


That Luang – Great Stupa of Vientiane

The splendid That Luang, also known as the Vientiane Great Stupa is regarded as being the most venerated monument in the entirety of Laos. It is also considered to be one of the nation's loveliest sights, impressing the visitor with its striking architecture. You will see that this grand temple compound which dates to the 16th century features a huge principal stupa that stands no less than 148 feet in height. Visitors will notice that this main stupa is encircled by a series of turrets making an arresting sight. The distinctive appearance of this temple compound will undoubtedly make a strong impression on the visitor.


Patuxai Victory Monument

The renowned Patuxai Victory Monument is undoubtedly amongst the most striking features of the skyline of Vientiane. This huge arch which bears a resemblance to Paris' Arc de Triomphe has been ornately decorated with depictions of Hindu deities. You will see that this monument is surmounted by a number of towers in the typical Laotian manner. A choice of accommodation that you could consider from which this sightseeing attraction would be within easy reach would be Somerset Vientiane one of the conveniently located apartment types in the area.


Vientiane Night Market

If you choose to walk alongside Vientiane's riverfront after night has fallen you will undoubtedly notice this vast expansive market with its numerous stalls that have unmistakable red roofs. Many visitors from abroad visit this alluring market to look for bargains, or just to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. You will see that the stall keepers start to ready their stands around the hour of sunset, arranging the goods which include souvenirs, apparel, electronics, paintings and accessories in addition to some unique hard to find items. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy the dramatic sunset and visit the selection of snack stalls that you will find here.


Wat Ho Phra Keo

This renowned and magnificent Buddhist shrine located near the middle of the city dates to the 16th century. The temple is not renowned for its striking beauty alone; it also at one time contained the famous Emerald Buddha statue which was taken from Thailand by the ruler of Laos. The handsome architecture and the historical legacy of this temple have made it a significant sightseeing attraction. This temple which no longer serves a religious function boasts many features of interest such as wooden carvings, stone engravings and an array of Buddha figures.