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Updated by Joanna James on Jul 29, 2019
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5 Digital Marketing Trends in 2019 - Update your marketing game!

With every passing day, technology improves and advances in myriads of ways. Keeping up with this can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to digital marketing. Here is a list of trends that have risen in digital marketing in 2019.


Artificial Intelligence

Advancements in computing and artificial intelligence are all the rage, making lives much easier when it comes to most tasks. AI can help you analyse your consumer behaviour and search patterns by using data across various social media platforms and blogs to help you and your business understand consumers find your services and products. As an example, Facebook messenger bots are an intuitive and great tool when it comes to automating and optimizing customer service. AI also helps customers via conversations to offer more information and tips. Your business can easily accelerate its growth and save many costs by adopting AI in 2019.



Standing out in 2019 on digital is not as hard as it seems, it is not incredibly easy either. This requires you to personalise your marketing efforts through products, emails, content and more. With data such as consumer behaviour, links clicked and purchase history being available, creating custom content has become much simpler than it was before. Many global big brands already utilize the power of personalisation. Minimizing your consumers' search time to provide maximum enjoyment is the key to personalisation. If you're looking for a digital marketing agency in Australia has many great options that will help grow your brand or business, like XnetIT Australia for instance.


Influencer Marketing

Incorporating influencer marketing can help your business grow immensely. This is basically using key opinion leaders or KOL's to drive word-of-mouth marketing tasks that further your brand's message to a much larger audience. As an incredibly effective marketing tool, you can have influencers such as celebrities, YouTube and Instagram stars or even bloggers to spread the word about your business on their social media channels. Since most customers trust consumer opinions over statements made by a corporation, this is both an important timely tool.


Social Media Stories

Social media stories are a rising trend today. As such it is an important tool to consider when promoting your business or brand and creating its digital marketing strategy. What started out on Snapchat, today, it has become more popular on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook as it is one of the most profitable social rollouts to promote both brand awareness as well as engagement. A key aspect of stories is that they disappear after some time, making it an ideal chance for you to showcase your employees, behind the scenes of the making of your products or even as a platform for reviewing your products.


Video Marketing

With staggering numbers that highlight the importance of video marketing today, it makes little sense not to utilize its potential. Don't limit yourself to YouTube either, Facebook and Instagram are great platforms for videos. With film equipment becoming more affordable and smartphone cameras becoming more advanced, the tools are right with you.