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Popular types of milk tea to try in Hong Kong - Drowning in tea

Hong Kong is well known for having its own kind of special tea which is loved both by the natives and the tourists alike. Known for consuming almost 900 million glasses of this beverage every year you must definitely try the kinds of milk tea when on a trip in Hong Kong.


The tea

Milk tea has become a universal part of the culture of Hong Kong. It was introduced to the country during the days of the British ruling. There have been a few changes in the way this tea is made since then. The people of Hong Kong have this tea in many different varieties. Some of them are sweet, while some are unsweetened, some hot to the touch and others as cold as ice. The milk tea in Hong Kong is usually made with a mix of dark tea leaves and is known for its smooth texture and profound taste. It is commonly referred to as tea made with pantyhose. This tea is sifted through a rough piece of cloth which is usually a white sock or something similar to it. After frequent use, this white piece of cloth becomes nude or brown and therefore it is called tea made with pantyhose. This tea now has different styles depending on which part of Hong Kong you are travelling to.


Hot milk tea made with milk

One of the most popular techniques that are being used to make milk tea in Hong Kong is this. This milk tea is made with a mix of tea leaves, milk and some sugar. This is the basic form of making tea in almost all countries in the world. The level of sugar you put in your tea can be changed according to your taste preferences. Simple yet yummy, this milk tea is one of the best things you can have regardless of where you are in Hong Kong.


Hot milk tea made with condensed milk

This is yet another popular technique that is used to make milk tea in various parts of Hong Kong. This milk tea is made with condensed milk. Instead of adding sugar and milk separately to the tea leaves this kind of tea uses the condensed milk to make up for both the sugar and milk. This kind of tea will be sweeter than the other and will also have a strong flavour.


Cold milk tea in a cup

If you are craving for something cooler on a warm day in Hong Kong you can always ask for some cold tea which is basically milk tea but is prepared with ice cubes. Depending on how watery you want your milk tea to be, you can ask for less or more ice cubes to be added to your glass. You can also increase or reduce the sugar level in this milk tea as preferred. The Capital Cafe in Wanchai is supposed to have the best of this type of tea. If you are put up at a Hong Kong hotel the likes of Dorsett Wanchai, this place is within easy access.


Cold milk tea in a bottle

Usually, this kind of milk tea is filled into the soft drink bottles for instance like the Coca-Cola bottles or the old-fashioned glass bottles. After filling the bottle with tea, they are then kept in a refrigerator to chill. Some cafes still use the old-fashioned glass bottles to store serve this milk tea while others use plastic containers instead.


Cold milk tea in a bowl of ice

There are a few cafes in Hong Kong that actually think about the way that a few clients probably won't want their tea to be watered down by a lot of ice inside the glass. Thus, they came up with the idea of taking the cup or jug that has the tea in it and placing it in a bowl of ice to keep the milk tea cold.

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