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Headline for Things to do in Beruwala that are worth becoming a part of - Fun activities by the beach
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Things to do in Beruwala that are worth becoming a part of - Fun activities by the beach

If you are planning a vacation to Sri Lanka and want to spend a good time under the sun and by the sea, Beruwala is a good choice.


Go to brief gardens

The Brief Garden is a spot that you should visit if you are a lover of nature architecture engineering or just Sri Lanka. This garden is also home to the popular Sri Lankan artist Geoffrey Bawa. He was a renowned architecture and design are in the country. Found just 13 minutes away from the sea this is definitely a must visit place if you are vacationing by the coast.


Visit Barbarian lighthouse

The Barbarian lighthouse or the Beruwala lighthouse as it is now known as one of the 4 major lighthouses on the island. Located right of the coast of Beruwala this lighthouse is based on the barbarian island which it is named after. The lighthouse is about 100 feet tall and is made of white rock. Built-in the year 1819 this lighthouse belongs to the imperial lighthouse service. The light inside this tower works until today. No matter how enticing this place looks and how much you want to climb up inside of the structure it cannot be done since it is still in use.


Try water sports

Everybody who visits Sri Lanka knows that water sports are a huge part of holidaying here. If you are planning on staying at a coastal destination water sports are definitely something you must do. If you are put up at any resort be it Cinnamon Bey Beruwala or something similar a tempting water sport is one of the things to do in Sri Lanka that must not be missed.



The gem business in Sri Lanka thrives mainly because of this part of the island. The jewellery you find here is not similar to the ones you will find in the Galle Fort or in Colombo. The diamond and gem dealers in this part of the country usually have their own mine and method of mining. This means that by visiting one of these local shops you will have the chance to look at the most valuable stones in the country, but you will also be able to look at the process and of how it becomes so. If you have an interest in diamonds and gemstones a visit to these shops is a must.


Pahuru kanda

Located on the banks of the Pahuru river, this is a little mountain on the southern part of Sri Lanka that is much loved by trekkers and climbers. Both the locals and the tourists frequent this place often. There is a temple once you reach the top of the mountain and to reach the peak it takes you an hour. If you walk faster you will get there sooner since the whole length is about 600 steps, depending on how fast your steps are. The view from the top is amazing; you can see the road stretched out beyond and disappearing into the deep blue sea. If you are travelling with family this trek would be an activity that is enjoyable for both the older and younger members of the group.