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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
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Top 7 Personality Traits of Great Designers - Building careers!

The reasons behind the success of a designer vary according to each individual. In order to become exceptional in what you do, here are some important personality traits.



It is important for designers to understand how their target audiences feel. What stimulates them and what impacts their buying decisions. Creativity only will not help you but delivering work that your audience can relate to will help you grow as a designer. A designer must always study your target audience and try to understand why things are done the way they are. Simply focusing on the design will not work.



Designing is all about the details. A good designer will always see a perfect balance and notice even a millimetre of a difference. If you actually notice, successful designers usually come up with amazing results simply by paying attention to the smallest details in their work. The eye for details is a valuable asset for a designer and it is something a good designer should always adapt.



The phrase patience is a virtue is truly applicable in the world of design. This doesn't mean designers don't have headbanging moments in their work however the importance is that they come through these difficult times with the right solution. Building design from scratch and making sure the client is happy about is nerve-wracking work. If you are unable to be patient through ruthless feedback, redoing designs and constant questioning then designing may not be the career for you.



The ability to connect with things can go a long way for a designer. It's important to make sure you are delivering to the audience you are catering to. What appeals to a direct consumer may not be what a company requires. Designing is not only about coming up with a solution but the ability to create something insightful for your target audience. If you aspire to become a designer there are design schools in Sri Lanka that will help you inculcate these traits while studying.



This doesn't mean you need to be a jabber mouth. You simply need to be able to communicate your work. A good designer will always try to convey something through their work; the key is to communicate this to others. Effective communication is not only about sending a message across to their audience but also the ability to grasp what the audience wants from them. Many design schools such as Academy of Design helps students to work on this attribute since it's an important part of their career. You don't need to be outgoing or have a loud mouth, simply adopt the ability to communicate effectively to promote your design.


Embrace change

Designers have the magic to create something out of nothing and they can also improve something that is already there. Designers have the lingering need to make something even better, for this you must be open to change.