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Mind-blowing thoughts

This list is of the posts that have had the greatest impact upon me: my thinking, our social media presence, leadership and living the best life I can.

Top 10 Questions To Ask Before You Dismiss A Team Member

During my two decades as a high school basketball coach, player behaviors sometimes led to my staff discussing the best way to deal with an incredible variety of issues. But while some of those issues were easily addressed by a conversation or with extra conditioning, on two occasions it was necessary to dismiss a team member.

9 Social Media Mistakes Made by Entrepreneurs

This article was written by Kim Garst, reblogged from Triberr. I am an entrepreneur and I have made more than my share of mistakes. One thing I try to do is never make the same mistake twice. I have heard that advice from several successful entrepreneurs and take it from me, it is great advice!

Making The Most Of Twitter Chats

Twitter chats are a valuable way for you to engage and network on Twitter. To make the most of twitter chats create a strategy , or at the very least, a flexible plan based on 'trial by twitter'.

FIVE KEY Questions: How Do You Rate Being An Entrepreneur?

I've developed a simple measurement to help rate your happiness with being an entrepreneur and suggest a benchmark that will tell you whether it's time to close down your business and look for a job. My rating is based purely on your emotional fit and satisfaction for the role ...not on profitability and business success or failure.

Five Key Questions For Your Customer Experience

You know what I have observed about entrepreneurs? They deliver an experience based on who they are. There is nothing more organic than how a passionate entrepreneur creates experiences for his or her customers. The experience is based on the entrepreneur as a person - and often reflects that in spite of their best efforts!

The Waiting Game

The Waiting Game | Joseph Lalonde It is not something that I like to do. I, by nature, am a very impatient person. Microwave popcorn just doesn't seem to pop fast enough for me. When I exercise, I don't lose pounds or inches fast enough. I constantly contemplate quitting the gym.

Being A Leader Of Nobody...

Okay let's face it, the internet is full of advice, how to's, best tips, and all the rest, this also includes being a leader of people. I often see posts and articles that reference being an effective leader in your company/business. Lots of information about how best to "lead your people" is readily available.

Passion Will Not Pay The Bills...

Follow your passions and do what you love! Have you heard this before? There are some very successful "gurus" who will sell you a book or a webinar on this and you know what...that's their passion not yours.

The Four Stages Of Becoming A Team Player

Becoming a Team Player is not always an easy or quick transformation. It often requires a significant personal paradigm shift for an individual to move up through the four stages. Our culture has not always emphasized the value of teamwork. Heroes such as Clint Eastwood, John Wayne, and even James Bond seem to be icons of rugged individuality and independence.

7 Assumptions Happy People Make

It's been said that when we assume, we make an "ass" out of "u" and "me" (ass+u+me). But are we to assume nothing in life? I believe some assumptions are helpful, even essential to a happy life. Come see if you agree with these seven assumptions I make every single day.

Seth's Blog

Vampires, of course, feed on something that we desperately need but also can't imagine being a source of food. You have metaphorical vampires in your life. These are people that feed on negativity, on shooting down ideas and most of all, on extinguishing your desire to make things better.

Fighting Fires Instead of Leading? You Might Be Suffering from Attention Deficit Trait

As a leader, do you sometimes feel like you're dashing from one emergency to the next? If so, you're like thousands of other leaders, struggling to stay on top of everything that's coming at you, balancing multiple priorities, and unable to get ahead of the power curve.




Leaders today find themselves in many challenging external and internal situations. It is our responsibility as leaders to help our people navigate through these challenges as they arise. Our ability to provide clear communication, build trust and maintain relationships is key to our ability to lead others to success.

When Did Work Become A Bad Word? -

Have you ever noticed how when someone tells us how they've been really busy with work, we automatically interpret this as being a bad thing? Certainly, no one associates having a lot of work to do with sunshine, love, happiness or any other positive experience.

Opposition At The Leaders Table: 5 Tips to Build Your Strategy To Lead In Opposition

In November, we looked at identifying 5 Traits of unhealthy leadership and some of the challenges you may face as a result of working in an environment with leadership issues. Although we have access to numerous articles about management "best practices", generally it is the people in leadership positions who need to read these most, who rarely take the time.

What If Today... You Understood Freedom of Choice?

There were so many people there, and they were all as different and special as the next. Each was engaged in studying something. Some were flitting from one thing to the next, excited by the discoveries they were making, anxious to apply them in physical form. All things had to be learned spiritually first.

Fire Up Teams by Creating Opportunities to Learn

Over the years, I've had the privilege of leading people who are creative, smart and high functioning. The challenge of leading exceptional people is... well... exceptionally challenging. They can work together in harmony and make rapid progress. Or they can compete and bring progress to a halt.

There Is Only Feedback @RebelBrown #bealeader - #bealeader

We're programmed from a very young age to believe that failure is a reflection on our personal worth. For most of us, failure is a dirty word. Our resistance to failure prevents us from truly breaking out into the innovative and new. Instead of viewing failure as an opportunity to learn and grow, we view [...]

What's Your Model?

We all have unique models of the world. This video shares some NLP lessons on respecting everyone's model that had an oh so powerful impact on me.

Duress vs Success in Engaging People to Achieve Strategic Change

Over the last twenty years, my organization has had numerous opportunities to watch and participate in change efforts that have engaged the hearts and minds of people to deliver great results. We have also experienced the opposite - working on change efforts where people hold back, and hold up the important movements responsible for changing behaviors and driving business results.

What's The Difference Between Leadership And Management? @bigstevehb #bealeader

One of the perennial questions in the study of Leadership is "What's the difference between Leadership and Management?" This simple question, like all good questions, can lead to extended and sometimes even heated debate amongst those responding. I'm NOT going to use the rest of this post to pose and debate the question.

If You Ran Into A Big Bear, What Would You Do?

This is one of my favorite questions to ask in my workshops to get everybody thinking and reflecting. When leaders are confronted with a challenging problem, team member or process, the way they react says a lot about their leadership style and strategy.

Women, Life & Leadership ~ I've Found the Answer!!!

Well at least I've found it for me. As most of you know, I spend the early a.m. hours in quiet. Now that summer is here, that means our lovely front or back porch. I often get what I call "heavenly download" in these times and this a.m. was no exception.

Relationship Clarity, One Role at a Time | Blair GlaserBlair Glaser

No matter how good your communication skills are, when roles get confused, crazy comes to play.

Challenge Your Status Quo

Change takes hold more successfully if done from an emotional, social, and spiritual level. Overcoming status quo requires going deeper.