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Gynaecologist in Indore


Laparoscopy : All You Need to Know

Laparoscopy is a procedure used to perform surgery using small incisions (cuts). It is different from conventional procedures where several lengthy incisions are made on the skin. As compared to open surgical procedures laparoscopy encapsulates the number of benefits. It is a painless surgical procedure involving shorter recovery periods. Sometimes, laparoscopic surgery is also referred to as "minimally invasive surgery".
What surgery can be conducted with laparoscopy?
There is a number of health issues that can be addressed easily using laparoscopy surgery in Indore. The source of pelvic or abdominal pain is often identified and diagnosed with this minimally invasive procedure. However, laparoscopy is typically performed when non-invasive methods fail to assist in diagnosis. Tubal sterilization is one specific example that can be performed using laparoscopic surgery. Moreover, laparoscopy is one of the ways hysterectomy can be performed.
A physician may recommend treating the following organs using a laparoscopy:
• Gallbladder

• Liver
• Pancreas
• Appendix
• Spleen
• Stomach
• Intestines
• Reproductive organs
By using a laparoscope to observe these areas, a physician can detect:
• A tumor or abdominal mass
• Liver disease
• Abdominal cavity fluid
• The efficacy of certain treatments
• The degree of progression of a specific cancer

What exactly a Gynecologic Laparoscopy is?
An option to open surgery is gynecologic laparoscopy. To look inside the pelvic area, this method uses a laparoscope. A laparoscope is a lighted, slim telescope. Diagnostic laparoscopy can determine if one has conditions like fibroids or endometriosis. The surgeon can conduct many surgeries using miniaturized instruments. These include:

• Hysterectomy
• Removal of ovarian cyst
• Blocking fibroid blood flow
• Tubal ligation, which is contraceptive surgery

What is the utility of laparoscopy?
There are several benefits of laparoscopy. When comparing laparoscopy to open surgery, the benefits of this procedure are most evident. The potential benefits of laparoscopy are:

• Smaller incisions/cuts (only 5mm)
• Less pain than open surgery
• Reduced risk of infection
• Quicker recovery
When to look for a surgeon?**
One should inform his/her doctor about the medicines taken on prescription or over-the-counter. A doctor will inform about the new dosage to be taken before and after the surgical procedure. If any of the following signs or symptoms are present, one should immediately contact a surgeon:

• Losing state of consciousness
• Inability to empty the bladder
• Severe or deteriorating pain
• Heavy vaginal bleeding
• Redness of the incision, swelling or discharge
• Feverishness

What about post-laparoscopic surgery recovery?
Recovery after laparoscopy surgery in Indore relies on the number of variables, of which the most significant is the sort of procedure used. Before the operation, it's essential to discuss this with the surgeon. Recovery after laparoscopic surgery is generally faster than a large cut surgery for the same operation.


Pre-Conception Counselling and Care | Dr Archana Dubey

Pre-Conception Counselling and Care | Dr Archana Dubey

Our preconception or pre-pregnancy counseling will provide you an opportunity to have an open discussion about the risks and health concerns associated with pregnancy.


Addressing Heavy Periods Issue

Have you ever wondered why sometimes your periods are so heavy? Here's why!
Heavy menstrual bleeding is one of the most common medical issues among the females. Many females are familiar with this awful feeling while many are not. The problem of heavy bleeding is more than just an inconvenience. It can also lead cause other medical issues such as iron-deficiency i.e. anaemia. This is the most common threat to health caused due to heavy periods.
However, the condition that leads to heavy periods is known as menorrhagia. This is serious condition that requires *effective treatment by the gynaecologist. *Menorrhagia, the heavy period issue can sometimes even drop the blood levels significantly. Moreover, it can result in breathlessness, extreme tiredness, and heart palpitations requiring an extended hospital stay.
If you often come across these health conditions then we're here to shed some light on the looming threat to assist you to seek some relief.
Who is likely to be more impacted?
Excessive and/or prolonged heavy menstrual bleeding is a serious women health issue. It can affect the women of all age groups and may also change at different life stages, e.g. in teenage years or approaching menopause. It is described as blood loss of more than 80ml per cycle (equal to one-third of a cup) or periods of more than seven to eight days. Heavy menstrual bleeding impacts approximately one in five women and is a rampant problem in the age group of 30-50 years.
What are the causes of heavy bleeding?
Heavy menstrual bleeding can be triggered by a multitude of problems in your body, but one of the most important variables is your hormones. Hormones are the primary driver behind your menstrual cycle. By thickening the uterine lining, called the endometrium, the female hormones estrogens and progesterone prepare a woman's body for a healthy pregnancy. Changes in hormone concentrations and approaching menopause as well as using certain kinds of birth control can lead to abnormal bleeding, whether it is too heavy, too light or not at all.
Certain possible causes of abnormal or heavy menstrual bleeding include:

  • Uterine fibroids
  • Uterine cancer
  • Infection
  • Bleeding disorders
  • Endometrial polyps
  • High-stress levels
  • Weight fluctuations
  • Conditions especially regarding pregnancy How heavy bleeding can be treated? For heavy periods, there are different treatment alternatives. It depends on your particular cause, overall health, and what works best for you. The cause of heavy menstrual bleeding is unknown in some instances, but a number of variables can lead to menorrhagia.
  • Myomectomy – fibroid removal surgery
  • Uterine artery embolization – a procedure to reduce fibroids
  • Hysterectomy – surgery for womb removal
  • Endometrial ablation – a procedure for removing the womb lining
  • Hormone medicines – such as a combination of oral contraceptive pills or progesterone tablets
  • Hormone-free medicines – such as tranexamic acid or anti-inflammatory non-steroidal medications (NSAIDs)
  • Intrauterine system (IUS) – a tiny device containing hormone progestogen is placed by a specialist doctor in your womb

All You Need to Know About The Gynaecological Treatment in Indore

Gynaecologists are specialists in woman health. They treat every issue related to women's health. In Indore, some well-qualified professionals are treating the gynaecological issues for quite a time. Women sometimes may feel shy or with a busy schedule ignore her health issues, which in the future becomes the reason for her sufferings. So it’s strictly recommended to consult gynaecologist if you feel symptoms of any issues regarding reproductive health.

When to visit a gynaecologist?
A woman should visit a gynaecologist as soon as she becomes sexually active. In General, the age of consulting a gynaecologist is being considered 18. Though it can differ in some people.

Why visit a gynaecologist?
Gynaecologists are the only ones who can treat women health problems, Gynaecologist is the best friend for a woman. From period issues to pregnancy everything is being treated by the gynaecologist.

Treatment a gynaecologist in Indore does: -
• Pelvic inflammatory disease. Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) is an infection that can spread from the cervix to the uterus, ovaries and Fallopian tubes. ...
• Genital Warts.
• Cervical cancer.
• Heart disease.
• Polycystic ovary syndrome.
• Infertility

Heavy period issues.
Gynaecologist’s role in pregnancy: -
OBY-GYN are the gynaecologists who are specialist in infertility issues for both men and women. Starting with performing all necessary treatment at the end gynaecologist does IVF (in vitro fertilization) to help in pregnancy.

What is IVF?
In vitro fertilization is a process of fertilization, in which an egg is combined with sperm outside the body, in vitro. The process involves monitoring and stimulating a woman's ovulatory process, in which an ovum or ova is removed from the woman's ovaries and letting sperm fertilize them in a liquid in a laboratory.
Cause of infertility: -
• Problems with ovulation.
• Damage to fallopian tubes or uterus.
• Problems with the cervix.
• Age.
• Low sperm count in males.
• Low sperm motility
• Bad habits like smoking, heavy alcohol consumption.
There are a variety of risk factors, medical conditions, and medications that can also affect fertility. A gynaecologist will always provide necessary pregnancy care tips besides the treatment for a healthy mother and child.

Laparoscopic surgery in Indore
Laparoscopic surgery is modern surgery which involves no cutting any blood, yet an effective surgery. This surgery is being done to solve women's health issues and symptoms, such as pain or bleeding. It can also help find reasons for trouble getting pregnant.
Laparoscopic surgery in Indore is being performed as a doctor makes a small cut incision around 1 to 1.5cm (0.4 to 0.6 inches), near the belly button. A tube is inserted through the incision, and carbon dioxide gas is pumped through the tube to inflate the tummy.

So, these are the gynaecological treatment which is being done in Indore. I hope this article will help you.


Essential Guide for Gynaecological Treatment in Indore

Indore is a big city that is growing at a fast speed. In terms of medical facilities, it is rapidly becoming a hub where you can have all the medical facilities available which are nearly impossible in other parts of the nation. In this article, we will talk about the most sensitive part of the woman's health treatment, which gynaecological treatment. In Indore, there is some fine gynaecological treatment available. From Heavy period issues to infertility treatment. Nearly everything is being done efficiently today in Indore. We’ll talk about some efficient gynaecological treatment and go through essential tips for you too which will empower you with good health.

What is gynaecological treatment?
Gynaecological treatment is the Condition commonly treated by gynecologists include: issues relating to pregnancy, fertility, menstruation, and menopause. family planning, including contraception, sterilization, and pregnancy termination. Problems with tissues that support the pelvic organs, including ligaments and muscles.

Gynaecologist in Indore has expertise in treating all the woman health issues. Let’s take a look at some of the treatments which are being done in Indore: -

Heavy period issues: Excessive blood flow during the menstrual cycle refers to heavy period issues. Though this issue is common among the woman continuous heavy bloodless can lead to several ill-consequences such as Amnesia, fatigue, and situation can become worse if you’re already suffering from some diseases like Sugar, heart disease or low/high blood pressure.

Infertility: Infertility is an issue in which a mother or father may become incompetent to have a baby. OB-GYN is the gynaecologist who is a specialist in treating infertility issues.

Laparoscopy: Laparoscopic surgery in Indore has been done to see the issues related to reproductive organs. Laparoscopy is a modern surgery that does not include the traditional procedure of surgery which includes cutting and stitching.

There is various gynaecological treatment helping both man and woman from a long time. But there may be some question raise in the common mind is when to see the gynaecologist. Sometimes because of a lack of knowledge and guidance people may find it difficult to choose when to visit a gynaecologist and what are the essential care needed during the gynaecological treatment.

Here are a few things to care for about gynaecology in Indore: -

• A woman should start to visit the gynaecologist as soon as she becomes sexually active.
• Always be concerned about the gynaecologist before started having the treatment. Because having comfortable is the most important factor before any treatment.
• If you feel shy telling about the issues related to your health. You should let someone go with you.
• A regular gynaecological visit is always useful for young girls, as the gynaecologist will prepare her mentally and give her essential guidance to save herself from any bad thing happen in the future.
I hope, this article will help you having knowledge about the gynaecological treatment in Indore, take care to be safe.


Women’s health issue

Most of the woman today have broken the stereotype and walks shoulder to shoulder with the other gender of society. Being a symbol of ‘Maa Laxmi’ a woman is giving her contribution towards every field. From music to sports, from the police to the navy. But still, she is not free from the natural duties and obligations she has. That is giving birth and the menstrual cycle. This makes the roles more challenging for the woman. There is a large group of women today who is still considering telling about her menstrual issues to someone as ‘taboo’ they don’t even use sanitary pads for the menstrual cycle. This can cause severe damage to health. Telling about the menstrual problem is not a crime, this issue is very necessary to be described.

These are the most common women health issue caused by showing carelessness on menstrual problems: -

• Heavy period issues can be so dangerous that it can cause serious blood loss problem which may result in amnesia.
• Using unhygienic clothes in replacement of sanitary pads can result in fungal infection which may result in severe disease or sometimes death.
• Psychological symptoms such as depression, anxiety, and stress are always prominent if a person is facing menstrual issues.
• Weakness may result in fainting.
• Diminished libido(decrease in sex drive)
• Changes in appetite.
• Menstrual cramps.

These symptoms need to be treated by an experienced gynaecologist or the result can be severe. Gynaecologist is being considered as a ‘woman’s best friend’ because she can share her problems with her without being in fear of getting judged, she will get the treatment and can get back to her normal life again. A gynaecologist is the woman health experts who treat diseases and problems related to the woman's reproductive system.

Here is the treatment gynaecologist does: -
Heavy period issues- High-blood loss during the menstruation cycle results in several issues, such as weakness and blood loss which may lead to several critical diseases. A gynaecologist will do the treatment and try to normalize your periods.

High-risk pregnancy- If a woman is suffering from existing conditions like blood pressure, heart diseases, diabetes during pregnancy, then she is a candidate for high-risk pregnancy. A gynaecologist will advise her certain diets and medications which will be useful for a healthy labor.

Polycystic ovary syndrome - Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal disorder common among women of reproductive age. Women with PCOS may have infrequent or prolonged menstrual periods or excess male hormone (androgen) levels. The ovaries may develop numerous small collections of fluid (follicles) and fail to regularly release eggs.

Pregnancy care tips – Gynaecologists ensure a healthy mother and a child, and they will become a part of your labor journey acting as a guardian. They also give necessary Pregnancy care tips which prove helpful for the health of the mother and her child.
So, this is all in this article, If you are getting confused in searching a gynaecologist for you, then I recommend you to search for a gynaecologist in Indore. I tried to bring awareness through this article about women's health issues and their treatments. Thank you!


Different Women Health Issues And Solutions

A woman bears much more load but still, you will see them smiling and doing their duty towards their family, and those who mean to them. Taking care of the health of those who are younger them her, taking care of those who are older than her. But when it comes to her health, she cannot describe that to anyone. Many women in the villages consider menstruation as taboo and a thing that they can’t discuss fully. They even don’t use sanitary pads, which can be deadly. Today, in this article we will talk about different health issues women face, and also, we will talk about their modern-day solutions.

Menstruation Issues:
The menstrual cycle is a part of a woman’s life. It will not cause a problem until the cycle runs smoothly. But, if the cycle disturbs and disturbs for a longer period, then it can cause huge problems and create issues like Heavy period issues or No periods. This can depend on various reasons and lead to several consequences. Thus, it is recommended to have a proper gynaecological consultation for the issue.

Pelvic Pain:
Pelvic pain can be a sign of menstrual cramps, ovulation, or a gastrointestinal issue such as food intolerance. It can also develop due to a more serious problem. Sometimes, Pelvic pain is an indicator of an infection or issue with the reproductive system or other organs in the area.

Infertility is not being able to become pregnant after trying at least one year. There can be both male and female infertility. Infertility can be treated but usually happened in females either because of the genetics of having some previous reproductive issue in the past.

These are The Reasons for Female Infertility: -
· Failure to Ovulate.

· Problems in the Menstrual Cycle.

· Structural Problems of the Reproductive System.

· Infections.

· Failure of an Egg to Mature Properly.

· Implantation Failure.

· Endometriosis.

· Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

These and many other diseases need a gynaecological care and consultation to cure. Every issue can be a cure if we reach to the expert on time. But it’s recommended that a woman should visit a gynaecologist as soon as she becomes sexually active.

There are various treatments are being done regarding women health issues. But the treatments in the city of Indore have shown tremendous positive outcomes. There are several treatments like Hysteroscopy, Cystectomy, Issues related to pregnancy, menopause, infertility, issues related to pregnancy, and Laparoscopic surgery in Indore are being done quite efficiently.