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11 Must Know Things about Sri Lankan Culture - Fascinating Details About this Topical Haven

Sri Lanka is a charming destination with a remarkable culture. The article below provides details about this glorious country's flourishing culture and heritage.


The golden history

Sri Lanka surely has a rich colourful history. The ancient kings who ruled the country are still remembered and revered fondly. The reservoirs, temples, and castles that were built by these kings exist to this day, testifying to the glories of the past.


The influence of Buddhism

Buddhism was introduced to Sri Lanka in the third century BCE. Since then the peaceful teachings of Buddha have shaped the culture and heritage of the land in remarkable ways. Buddhism is the state religion of the country and a majority of Sinhalese living in Sri Lanka are also Buddhists.


The Veddah Community

The Veddah Community is known to be the indigenous people of Sri Lanka. Indeed, it is right to say that these people are the rightful owners of the country! They can be found in certain parts of the country, fondly holding on to the traditions of their ancestors.


The colonial influence

Sri Lanka was under the rule of colonial invaders for centuries. Portuguese invaded the island first. They were followed by Dutch and then the British invaders arrived. Sri Lanka gained independence in the year 1948. During the colonial era, Christianity was introduced to the island. Several railroads were also built during this period. Tea industry was introduced to Sri Lanka during this period too.


The civil war

The civil war that lasted for three long decades made the country bleed immensely. Divisions were created among Sinhalese and Tamil people. The war ended in the year 2009.


The main religions

The four main religions in Sri Lanka are Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity. There are many prominent places of worship scattered all over the country, belonging to these four main religions. You will be able to visit some of these sites with immense ease as you embark on cultural tours in Sri Lanka. If you want to have a delightful tour arranged you can get in touch with places like SoulTrek.


Public holidays

There are many public holidays scattered throughout the year. Every month a Poya day is observed. In addition, the many festival days of the main religions are observed with a holiday in Sri Lanka.


The warmth of the people

The locals are quite warm and friendly in Sri Lanka! They are hospitable and kind and take great pride in taking care of each other.


Food in Sri Lanka

The food scene in Sri Lanka is quite remarkable for sure! Rice and curry is the main dish in the country. You should certainly try out Kottu roti while travelling in the country too!


Popular festivals

The Sinhala and Tamil New Year is one of the most prominent festivals celebrated in Sri Lanka. Vesak is yet another popular Buddhist festival. The locals also celebrate Christmas in grand style.


The three official languages

The three official languages that are spoken in the country are Sinhalese, Tamil and English.

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