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The best about Architectural Embroidery and the couple artist Charles and Elin

French/Swedish Married Embroidery Artists

passionate to share art and love with the world
It all started in Paris...
It all started a Monday afternoon in October 2016. Charles and Elin had their first date at a small café next to Hôtel de Ville in Paris and immediately realised that they shared the same passion and vision for art and life.
“It was one of those moments when you just know that life will never be the same…”
Charles moved into Elin’s tiny rooftop studio later that same week and they began to teach each other their artforms
"Magic happens when you let go of imagined limitations"

Charles comes from a rigid Fine Arts background with drawing at Beaux Arts de Paris and years as a Fashion Photographer.

Elin on the other hand, is a self-taught creative who spent all her spare time experimenting with drawing, threads and needle. It was initially a dream of doing art in Paris that pulled her to the French capital. Even though she ended up with a B.A in Politics, Philosophy and Economics, the meeting with Charles turned into an artistic dream none of them could have ever imagined.

Much of their early inspiration came from walking the streets of Paris. It was also these moments and images that they first shared on their Instagram accounts and @charleshenry , which today have reached a collective audience of 200k+
Be a part of the artists’ love story with Rue Galande Embroidery Pattern

Stitch up this pattern and you will become a part of their love story, as they passed on this street on their first walk together. Ever since then it has been a walk of love and they always come back whenever they visit Paris.
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Embroidery artist

With years of teaching in her backpack, Elin shortly organised the couples’ first embroidery workshops in Paris. Two years later they’ve now had the honour of teaching 1000+ students through their in-person workshops, patterns and online masterclasses.

“Creativity is at it’s best when shared”
Learn embroidery from Charles and Elin and join the growing stitching movement
"Embroidery has not only changed our life, but the lives of so many that we've met and been fortunate to interact with in the past years. We feel more passionate than ever to continue to spread the power of thread and needle and to share this journey with YOU"
Charles and Elin Podcast

As a part of their greater mission to build connections through embroidery, they created a podcast for creatives. Every Friday they share new episodes about their artistic process, life running a creative business as well as interviews with other professionals in their respective creative fields.


How to do embroidery? | FREE video library | Charles and Elin

Learn how to start embroidery with these free, easy to digest tools. Modern hand embroidery has drastically increased in popularity over the past years...
Perhaps you’ve already tried several hand embroidery patterns for beginners and are ready to take on a new style? If your answer is YES to any of the questions above, then you’re in the RIGHT PLACE. In this article, we will go through how to embroider one of our Architectural embroidery designs.

History of embroidery and its rise in popularity | Charles and Elin

Modern embroidery is on the rise since a few years. As influential embroidery artists, Charles and I found it intriguing to dig into the history of embroidery. But first let’s look at where we find embroidery today. I dare to say that we’ve all witnessed the exponential presence of embroidery in modern societies. For example, as I walk the streets of Paris,
Embroidery jacket inspiration
Example of inspiring embroidery art on a leather jacket by Alexander McQueen

I see shop-windows full of embroidery on clothes and accessories.

The application of embroidery is endless! Add some stitches to your shoes, clothes or bags to upcycle their look. Or perhaps embroider a unique artwork to decorate your walls. An article in the Telegraph confirms how modern fashion brands such as Gucci, Kenzo and more use embroidery to give their products a unique and artistic look.

How to embroider Paris pattern | FREE Download | Charles and Elin

Perhaps you’ve already tried several hand embroidery patterns for beginners and are ready to take on a new style? If your answer is YES to any of the questions above, then you’re in the RIGHT PLACE. In this article, we will go through how to embroider one of our Architectural embroidery designs.

Unfortunately it’s not that easy to find inspiring free embroidery patterns with instructions, which is why we’ve created that for you! We believe that to learn embroidery should be fun and accessible. Hence be sure to download your free hand embroidery pattern of Rue Galande by clicking on the image to the right.

Art school? Do you need to study art to become a successful artist?

How do you know if you have to go to art school to fulfill your artistic dreams? Charles and Elin, an internationally known artist couple share their exp...

Creative Couple Stitches Travel Embroidery of Places Around the World

Some people remember their travels with photographs, but Elin Petronella and Charles Henry do things a little differently—they commemorate the places they’ve been with thread. Inspired by architecture, each recreates their memories in an embroidery hoop.

The couple travels together, but the images they each produce reflect how they process those experiences. Elin, as a whole, focuses on the details of buildings and other urban elements. Charles, in contrast, plays special attention to color with a van Gogh-like approach to stitching; parts of his work resemble the swirling sky of The Starry Night.

Elin and Charles share their work individually but they have an online shop called le Kadre that they run together. And if you’re interested in recreating their work, Elin and Charles run a month pattern program through Tippeee.