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Greater usage of Artificial Intelligence to be pushed up by the collaboration of NITI Aayog and Google

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are considered as powerful technologies. Google will train and incubate Indian AI startups in conjunction with its affiliates to help these statups leverage AI in their respective business.

Securing the Edge of IoT with new edge computing technology

The collaboration provides enterprises and manufacturers with a secured, trusted computing infrastructure that extends from IoT edge devices to the cloud and blockchain.

Smart World turning up smarter with the smartest solutions

Smart Cities India 2019 was a great platform for customers to have an access of greatest quality products from STMicroelectronics. STMicroelectronics, a pioneer of the semiconductor, has turned the world upside down with its latest smart solutions, for the Automotive, Industrial and Artificial Intelligence.

AI Company secures funding from Samsung Ventures to accelerate its growth

Bangalore based Speech Recognition Company, is focused on automatic speech recognition and natural language processing for multiple applications such as multilingual voice assistants and speech analytics. has also recently launched an AI conversational assistant, a voicebot over telephonic channels.

Worldwide Semiconductor Revenue to decline 9.6% in 2019: Gartner

Worldwide semiconductor revenue is forecast to total $429 billion in 2019, a decline of 9.6% from $475 billion in 2018, according to Gartner, Inc. This is down from the previous quarter’s forecast of -3.4%.

Top 10 Wireless Technology Trends for 2019 and beyond: Gartner

Wireless technology plays a key role in today’s communications, and new forms of it will become central to emerging technologies including robots, drones, self-driving vehicles and new medical devices over the next five years.

Electronic Skin innovators invest in R&D to tap into the bandwagon of opportunities

With the global revenue estimated at over US$ 500 million, electronic skin (e-skin) market is projected to see an aggressive Y-o-Y growth at 20.7% in 2019, according to a study.

Latest 3D AOI systems offer a complete solder paste inspection as well as placement control

The 3D AOI systems Basic Line • 3D and Vario Line •3D from GÖPEL electronic can now also perform a complete solder paste inspection as well as placement control before the soldering process.

Microlease eases access to 5G test with leading test and measurement equipment

Microlease, now part of Electro Rent Corporation, a global leader in equipment services and distribution for the test and measurement industry, continues to make significant investments in test equipment for the emerging 5G mobile communications standard.

Enabling device makers to accelerate device certification with 5G NR Conformance Test Cases

Keysight’s leadership in validated protocol test cases enables the mobile ecosystem to accelerate 5G NR device certification in compliance with specifications set by 3GPP, the global mobile communications standards organization.

McAfee to acquire NanoSec, enhances Cloud security market leading capabilities

McAfee, the device-to-cloud cybersecurity company, announced the acquisition of NanoSec, a multi-cloud, zero-trust application and security platform. The acquisition will enable organizations to improve governance and compliance and to reduce risk of their cloud and container deployments.

New wearable device serves robotic skin, relays information back to the user

The research discovered that the multifunctional ultra-thin wearable electronic device is imperceptible to the wearer.

Stocking the latest Audio Amplifier Solutions for better sounding audio products

Electronics engineers can use MERUS Class D audio solutions in a range of applications such as battery-operated speakers, wireless and docking speakers, soundbars, multiroom systems and home theatre systems.

IIT Madras fabricates new breath humidity sensor for wearable electronics

A research team from IIT Madras’ Department of Chemistry, led by T. Pradeep has fabricated a nanofibre sensor, which is capable of sensing minute variations in relative humidity levels in the exhaled breath.

EP Shanghai 2019 to portray advanced technologies for Electric Power and Electrical Industry

Jointly organized by China Electricity Council, State Grid Corporation of China and Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd., the 12th International Exhibition on Electric Power Equipment & Technology (EP Shanghai 2019) and 2019 International Exhibition on Electric Power Automation Equipment and Technology will be held on 6-8 November 2019 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre (Hall N1-N5), PR China. The exhibition will cover over 55,000 sqm exhibiting area with 1,000+ local and international exhibitors/brands. It is expected to gather more than 35,000 visitors from 50 countries and regions.

All new integrated front-end modules unveiled to support Wi-Fi 5 designs

Designed for Internet of Things (IoT) systems based on Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac), the 2.4 GHz FEM offers a compact form factor and integrated matching to minimize layout area in applications such as wireless routers, residential gateways, and access points.

Picoquant to celebrate 25 years of Single Molecule Workshop

This year marks the 25th anniversary of PicoQuant’s annual workshop on “Single Molecule Spectroscopy and Super-resolution Microscopy in the Life Sciences”. The celebratory event, taking place in Berlin from September 3 to 6, 2019, features talks by some of the most renowned and inspiring scientists from the field of single molecule research.

Fuelling up 5G network with latest wireless solutions

RF technology is crucial for mobile and fixed wireless networks. It plays a key role in the next generation of mobile network standards established by 5G technology in order to enable low-latency applications including safe autonomous driving and 4K video streaming to smartphones.

New Wi-Fi Connectivity Cloud Kit simplifies secure IoT Endpoint Device connections to Amazon Web Services

The RX65N Cloud Kit provides an excellent evaluation and prototyping environment, enabling embedded designers to create secure end-to-end Internet of Things (IoT) cloud solutions for sensor-based endpoint equipment. The kit gives embedded designers a fast start and secure connection to AWS.

Commanding better on projects with the latest computer-on-module

AAEON, an industry leader in embedded computing, announces the COM-CFHB6 Computer-on-Module. Featuring the 8th and 9th Generation Intel Core Processors, it is built to bring flexible computing to any embedded project.

Worldwide 5G Network Infrastructure Revenue to reach $4.2 Billion in 2020

5G wireless network infrastructure revenue will nearly double between 2019 and 2020,” said Sylvain Fabre, senior research director at Gartner. 5G services will launch in many major cities in 2019 and 2020.

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Today’s market requirements, however, are radically different. Customers increasingly order small batches of products tailored to specific needs. As a result, manufacturers rarely make long production runs.

Global Smartphone Sales Continued to decline in Second Quarter of 2019

Global sales of smartphones to end users declined 1.7% in the second quarter of 2019, totalling 368 million units, according to Gartner, Inc. India sold a total of 35.7 million smartphones, achieving market share of 9.7% in the second quarter of 2019.

Keysight joins 5G-ACIA to accelerate deployment of new industrial 5G Use cases

5G technology in industrial applications will support operational efficiency in manufacturing processes, a greater use of process automation and operational autonomy in factories.

Microprocessor vs Microcontroller: What is the difference? - ELE Times

Microprocessor vs Microcontroller, Often in schools and colleges, we find to spot the difference between microcontrollers and microprocessors.