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6 Reasons Why You'll Love Mirissa - Have a whale of a time

Mirissa is located to the very south of Sri Lanka and is a beach paradise that is guaranteed to keep you relaxed and entertained for your entire visit! Here are 6 things you would very like in Mirissa



A visit to Mirissa Beach is a must when exploring the town. The crescent-shaped stretch of golden sand is lined with fantastic resorts, restaurants and bars on one side and cerulean waters on the other. There's plenty to do while there, you can enjoy a delicious meal and drink, hire out bodyboards from the surrounding restaurants and ride the waves, go snorkelling or swimming, or laze about on one of the many sun loungers sitting on the sand.



October to March offers ideal surfing conditions for both beginners and experienced surfers. The waves are fantastic, the area is barely crowded and several hotels even hire out surfboards to tourists! There are a few surf schools in the surrounding area as well for anyone interested in learning the sport.


Snorkelling and Diving

Sri Lanka's marine life is breathtaking and there are many snorkelling and diving spots in and around Mirissa where you can experience it! Dive Centres are available along the beach that provides tours and equipment to divers as well as training for beginners.


Batik Factory

Sri Lankan culture and Batik designs have gone hand in hand for centuries; the art form is used to create beautiful, unique clothing, accessories and tapestries across the country, using individual design talent. It's an industry that's growing more and more popular in Sri Lanka with each day. There are several Batik factories situated close to Mirissa that make fascinating visits. The talented staff and designers of these factories are always willing to show visitors, step by step, how batik clothing is designed, created and assembled.


Snake Farm

With more than 100 species of snakes found in Sri Lanka, every citizen on the island has a great snake story to tell! This Snake Farm, located in Matara, about 25 minutes away from Mirissa is the best place in the country to learn about snakes and have your very own close encounters! The farm, which is more a conservation and education centre, houses a multitude of species both venomous and non-venomous and the owner, a very experienced and knowledgeable man, provides a highly informative description of each snake, with hands-on experience where possible!


Whale Watching

Mirissa is most famous for its Whale Watching Tours. Whale and Dolphin Watching tours are offered by several Sri Lanka beach villas, such as the Ubuntu Beach Villas, as well as travel agencies and tour operators alike. The best season for Whale Watching is between mid-October and December. Some private whale watching centres might offer tours beyond these dates but it is highly recommended that you don't take up on the offer as the seas can get quite rough! There is international whale watching guidelines, set out by the International Whaling Commission (IWC) that tours are expected to follow to help minimize or prevent any risks of adverse impacts on the whales and any safety risk to you. When you book a tour always make sure the operators are following these guidelines! Tours usually start around 6 am, but seeing a blue whale breach the water and watching spinner dolphins ride the bow waves is definitely worth the loss of sleep!