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Updated by Joanna James on Jul 24, 2019
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5 Tips for Planning the Perfect Beach Vacation – How Best to Enjoy the Beach

Beach outings with family & friends are known for being excellent ways to leave behind work schedules and engage with the ocean and all it has to offer. Here are 5 tips for planning a beach vacation.


When to go

Take Sri Lanka for example and you will see that the country is known for its year-round spells of sunshine, dry and in short tropical weather pattern. However, do take note of the fact that tropical countries like Sri Lanka will experience occasional showers and it is always wise to consider this prior to making any travel plans. As explained with Sri Lanka, the country experiences monsoonal rains in the months of May through to July. Thus, it is best to avoid this period and plan accordingly, taking into account the various activities that you can enjoy, the places you can visit and a suitable means of accommodation during your beach vacation. If you still see the need to be cautious, then go ahead and pack for a few rainy days too.


Take what you need

Remember that the more luggage you carry, the more cumbersome it will be and in the case of a beach holiday, you will not need too many clothing items. Also, this is a beach trip and not a tour through Europe's glamorous cities. Therefore, pack right and light should be your mantra going forward. If travelling with a large group, then making a list of things to take will be practical and less stressful. For obvious reasons, beachwear should go in first followed by other gear in the likes of sunscreen, hats, phone chargers and an extra outfit. In the case of the latter, you may feel the need to check out some of the beachside restaurants and thus will have to be attired appropriately.


Select the right beach

Variety is something that you will not be starved of, particularly if you opt for the southern coastal belt of Sri Lanka. With numerous towns, each with its own stretch of sandy coastline to explore, you will certainly be spoilt for choice. However, it is good to select an area which is not too crowded and contains the right balance of adventure and leisure activities to delight in. Even if you want to sunbathe or simply swim at your own pace, then deciding on the right beach which affords such escapes will be vital. Some places like Kalutara, Wadduwa, Bentota, and Beruwala are popular choices for beachgoers.


Where to stay

Arguably, your choice of accommodation will depend on the area that you have selected for your holiday or vice versa. Having access to a good resort or hotel property that will not only allow for memorable stays and pampering but also one that caters to a wide spectrum of leisure thrills and spills will be beneficial. For instance, if Bentota is your chosen beachside location, then look at any of the Bentota resort properties. One option would be to reside at AVANI Bentota Resort & Spa which is known for delivering outstanding holiday experiences. In terms of offerings, what you ought to be considering is a property that provides the 'complete package.'


Things to do

Plan out in detail as to what and how you want your beach vacation to pan out. Whether it's an abundance of water sports, a more laidback or even a romantic one, be sure to have every element taken care of. Read up online on what it is to be a part of a beach outing in a foreign land or even in a section of your own country where you have never been to. Being well-read and informed leaves you with much to gain and little to lose.