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Best Snapzu Real Estate and Mortgage Articles

Some of the best Snapzu Real Estate and Mortgage Articles! Information for home buyers, home sellers and even homeowners. Take a look and please share helpful articles with your social media network. Snapzu is a newer network and worth a look if you are looking to promote your articles.


Is Buying the Worst House in the Best Neighborhood Good Advice? -

Lots of research, and basic math, have shown this theory to be an overall bad idea. Understanding why you should avoid the worst home, and what to do in its place, is a much better way to spend your time and money.

Do Not Do These Things When Selling A Home -

Lots of experts provide solid information about what to do when it is time to sell a home. This article is a twist on that idea by offering advice on what NOT to do.

Giving Your Kids the Gift of Equity -

Buying a home takes money, usually in the form of down payment along with closing costs. With a gift of equity, one family member can sell their home to another family member and greatly reduce the overall out of pocket costs.

Exceptional Reddit Group For Real Estate Bloggers -

Take a look at the new Reddit Real Estate Bloggers group to find some of the most reliable, up-to-date advice from top real estate bloggers from around the country!

USDA Rural Housing Mortgage Minimum Property Requirements - Snapzu

USDA has some detailed rules for the homes that get approved for the USDA home loan. All homes will be inspected by an appraiser and must meet the rules before the loan can be closed.

21 DIY Home Maintenance Tasks -

We have assembled a list of some of the most important preventative maintenance tasks to give you some help in taking care of your property. These tasks touch on every major part of the home and help guide you towards being a good steward of your property.

Buy An "Owner-Occupied" Home for Your Elderly Parents -

This article will show how these options work so you can make the best choice for you and your loved ones.

20 VA Mortgage Guidelines -

The VA mortgage for qualified veterans is an excellent resource for buying a home. However, since it is a financial product, many rules and guidelines govern how the loan can be used.

Thankfully, the majority of the rules can be easily explained with a bit of patience and time.

I have assembled a list of the most important VA guidelines. Nearly all of these rules and guidelines will apply to a VA mortgage whether it is a purchase transaction or a refinance loan.

Having a good understanding of these rules will make the loan process easier and give you more confidence when you are discussing your options with your mortgage lender.

Winter Home Selling Advice -

Winter home selling requires some work and attention to detail. You want to make sure the home is in proper order before potential buyers browse through the rooms and decide if this is the place for them.

Selling a home in the winter has a few unique details.

By giving some extra attention to a few key areas, and making the place inviting, you can attract more prospects. This can help you over your competition and assist you with getting the home sold much quicker.

Things to Remember When Moving

Moving to a new home is a lot like taking an extended trip. There are a lot of steps involved and missing any step can cause a ton of frustration.

Planning out the move and getting the necessary materials and assistance lined up in advance will help tremendously.

In fact, the right plan could actually save you some money and allow you to declutter your life by removing excess items that are no longer needed.

Spend a few moments reviewing this article about the 11 things to remember when moving (plus a bonus tip) and use it when you are ready to change to a new address.

Top Curb Appeal Ideas For Summer -

Follow along as we discuss the most important curb appeal ideas for a summer sale!

9 Penny-Pinching Ways To Increase The Value Of Your Home -

There are a lot of homeowners who would like to improve the overall value of their home, but they may not have a lot of room in the budget to tackle any major renovations. Thankfully there are a few penny-pinching ways to increase the value of your home without breaking the bank.

Advantages or Disadvantages of the VA Mortgage -

The VA mortgage has some wonderful benefits along with a few obstacles that borrowers need to understand. Learn the pros and cons of the VA loan and make a good, educated decision about your home purchase.

Should Your Veteran Home Buyer Get A VA Mortgage Loan? -

The VA mortgage loan has several advantages that are not available to other types of home loans. These advantages can help the homeowner save money in multiple ways and get approved easier.

FHA 203k Loans Pros and Cons -

The FHA 203k is a good way to buy a home and also get the extra money that can be used for renovations, repairs or both. Learn about the pros and cons of FHA 203k loans.

Positive Aspects and Negative Aspects of a Reverse Mortgage -

This article hopes to explain the pros and cons of a reverse mortgage and help people make a wise decision for their needs.

What Exactly Is Mortgage Insurance and Why Is It Necessary? -

Understanding how private mortgage insurance works and how it impacts the monthly payment can help you make a more informed choice when you are ready to purchase a home.

What New Homeowners Need After Buying A House -

With the right supplies and tools, moving into a new home can be a much easier task and make homeownership more enjoyable.

Why Luxury Home Pricing Is Critical When Listing For Sale -

Top reasons why pricing your luxury home is critical when listing for sale.

How To Use A Gift Of Equity For A Conventional Loan -

Rather than provide their kids or grandkids with a check as a down payment on a home, some people choose to offer a gift of equity on an existing home.

FHA Underwriting Guidelines That Home Buyers Should Be Aware Of -

FHA Underwriting Guidelines That Every Home Buyer Should Know FHA loans have been around for a long time, enabling many Americans to purchase a home with affordable financing.

FHA or Conventional Loan: Which Is The Better Mortgage Option? -

The following will compare an FHA loan vs Conventional mortgage, not to show that one is better than the other, but to highlight the strengths of each mortgage.

Spring Home Buying Tips for First Time Home Buyers -

I also gathered spring home buying advice from top real estate professionals from around the country

Getting Your Home Ready for a Spring Sale -

The following spring home selling tips are grouped by topic in order to help you apply this to your own situation

Join The Top Real Estate Bloggers Reddit Group -

For home buyers/sellers and owners, this group will help guide you through the process with tons of resources just for you!