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ABD Diamonds

ABD Diamonds is a leading diamond manufacturer & supplier developing authentic diamond crystals. We manufacture excellent quality Lab Grown Diamond, CVD Diamonds, HPHT Diamond, Diamond Studded jewellery and much more.

Industrial Diamonds | Fancy Cut & Polished Diamonds | Rough Diamond Manufacturer in India, USA

ABD Diamonds Pvt. Ltd. is a prominent diamond manufacturer develops high quality diamond in different shapes like round, heart, oval, pear, etc. We offer Lab Grown Diamond, CVD Diamonds, HPHT Diamond, Diamond Studded jewellery and much more.

ABD Diamonds is a leading factory made diamonds manufacturer in India. We provides excellent quality fancy cut diamonds, rough CVD diamonds, polished diamonds& small loose diamonds in variety of shapes & size. Get in touch with us for the complete versatile range of diamonds. Call us on: +91 9687608117

ABD Diamond is considered as one of the fastest-growing CVD Diamond manufacturers in India because of their quality of products and excellent services. The company has acquired a good customer base in a very short span of time.

ABD Diamonds is one of the successful Lab grown Diamond Jewelry Manufacturers & Suppliers in India & USA. Lab-grown Diamond Jewelry is available in 10K, 14K, 18K Gold with a choice to adorn it with stones and gems of different shapes, color, cut and carats.

CVD diamond jewelry has reshaped the industry because the CVD Diamonds are aesthetically identical to the natural diamond, available in attractive price, environment friendly and also graded & certified in the same way as natural diamonds.

Know about Ethical Benefits of Lab Created Diamonds

Lab-created diamonds are the revolutionary diamonds that have brought change in the diamond industry. Lab created Diamonds is ethically beneficial as it solves the issue of child Labour and less harmful for environment. Get in touch with leading Lab grown Diamond Manufacturers for high quality diamonds.

Lab-grown diamonds are also known as man-made diamonds and lab-created diamonds. These diamonds are the most beautiful and affordable than natural diamonds. ABD Diamonds is the leading manufacturer offers the purest quality lab-Grown diamond in USA.

Looking for the best quality lab grown diamonds? We at ABD Diamonds, manufacturing and supplying unique, sustainable and environment friendly diamonds at cost effective price. Although these diamonds are real as their creation manually in lab.

Essential Things to Know about Industrial Diamonds

Industrial Diamonds are also known as synthetic diamonds, man-made diamond and lab grown diamonds. If you are fond of diamonds then you should know few facts about industrial diamonds such as these diamonds are made in a short span of 4 weeks, environment friendly and also cost-effective.

All You Need To Know About CVD Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds are Synthetic diamonds developed by the people in labs. These diamonds are manufactured using CVD and HPHT process. Lab grown diamonds are most valuable because of its sustainability and environment friendly characteristic. Get in touch with ABD Diamonds for quality and purest Synthetic diamonds.

Lab grown diamonds do not cause earth’s destruction, this is an important reason for more meaningful and eco-friendly choices are this diamond. One more thing, these diamonds are created in the controlled environment in carbon-rich chambers inside the laboratory.


ABD Diamonds – Most Reputed Lab Grown Diamond Company

ABD Diamonds – Most Reputed Lab Grown Diamond Company

Lab Grown Diamonds are man-made diamonds, created in labs. ABD Diamonds is leading lab grown diamond company makes Lab Grown diamonds by crystallizing carbon into ravishing diamonds. These diamonds have the same attributes of the real diamonds, physically, chemically and optically.

Advantages of CVD over HPHT Process

CVD & HPHT process are used in production of diamonds. However, according to CVD diamond manufacturers, CVD has an edge over HPHT process because CVD Created at low pressure, more control over the size and shape of diamond and reduced impurities due to additional gases used in CVD process.

Top notch Diamond Manufacturer

ABD Diamonds is a top diamond manufacturer & supplier developing high-quality diamond crystals. We offer excellent quality Lab Grown Diamond, CVD & HPHT Diamond, Diamond Studded jewellery and much more. Get in touch for the best-in-class diamonds & diamond studded jewellery.

ABD Diamond is Considered as Nations Finest Diamond Manufacturers

ABD Diamond is considered as one of the nations finest man-made diamond manufacturer. We are using innovative methods to grow diamond in the lab. ABD's lab-grown diamonds are made in an artificial heater environment, this is the reason to transform carbon slowly.

Important Reasons to Choose CVD Diamonds

CVD Diamonds gained immense popularity among diamond buyers. It is better than mined diamonds in terms of quality and purity. Major reasons why CVD diamonds jewelry are popular is its quality, purity, colors, conflict-free and affordable too.

Reasons Behind Increasing Popularity of CVD Lab Grown Diamonds

The Popularity of lab grown diamonds has increases because of number of reasons such as it's affordability, it capture 50 percent market share and lab grown diamonds are eco-friendly. for the best quality diamonds & jewellery contact leading CVD Diamond Company.

The Resale Value of Lab Grown Diamonds

Before buying Lab Grown Diamonds, take a minute to know its resale value. These diamonds also tend to lose their value but not like a mined diamond too. When it comes to resale value, Mined diamonds price is usually between 30 to 70 percent of their actual price.

Have you been looked to buy Small Loose Diamonds online? There are many benefits to buying diamonds online rather than going to pre-set pieces of diamond jewellery as they hold more value. When you buy loose diamonds from the online store, you don't have to pay the extra overhead costs.

Looking for Synthetic diamonds at best price? ABD Diamonds is right place to buy any type of diamonds with standard quality and cost-effective prices. We manufacture synthetic diamonds by using advanced technologies and we develop in a controlled environment.

All You Need to Know About Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab Grown Diamonds gain immense popularity over the last few years. The process of creating Lab Grown Diamonds involve two methods - HPHT and CVD. There is a difference in quality, price, and availability of different diamonds. That's why it’s recommended that buy certified diamonds from leading Lab grown Diamond Companies.

Lab-grown diamonds are 100% diamonds. They share the same chemical properties as natural diamonds. Lab grown Diamond Jewellery will add value to your beauty. ABD Diamonds is well renowned for manufacturing eco-friendly & conflict-free diamonds.

Lab grown Diamond Jewellery adds value to a girl's beauty as it's played the most crucial part. Lab grown Diamonds are romanticized and girls grow up dreaming about the first diamond they will own. These diamonds have been winning the market with a low amount of carbon content.

Top 3 Common Facts About Factory Made Diamonds – ABD Diamonds Pvt. Ltd.

There are many facts about Factory Made Diamonds that mined diamond industry fears to people know about the more affordable way of buy diamonds with the same characteristics. Some common myths such as - they are not eco-friendly, don’t have good resale value and they are inferior to the mined diamonds.

When it comes to diamonds, the products we have exceptionally precious. We are one of the pioneer diamond manufacturers offer world-class diamonds to our global clientele. We established our business at the diamond industry in 2018 and have been supplying stylish designs with unique diamond cuts ever since.

Buy the best quality industrial diamonds at a pocket-friendly price from ABD Diamonds. We have a wide range of Industrial rough diamonds includes manmade diamonds, synthetic diamonds, polished diamonds, lab-grown diamonds, etc. For more details, feel free to get in touch with us.