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Submission Guidelines for Independent Comic Publishers: Genre and Pop

2000 AD Online

So you want to work for 2000 AD? Bravo, Earthlet! If you make you will be walking in the footsteps of many of the biggest names in the comic book industry who have got their big break through the pages of the Galaxy's Greatest Comic.

On this page we have provided some basic guidelines for those wishing to draw or write for 2000 AD. Everyone who approaches 2000 AD must follow the same rules and we urge you to read them fully and take on board the advice
- you'll massively improve your chances of working for us if you follow it.


215 Ink currently has open submissions for writers and artist who are looking for a project to work on, as well as complete projects ready to go to print.

AAM Markosia

Markosia are now accepting comics submissions for works that have been previously unpublished in the UK.
We are particularly interested in Sci-Fi, Fantasy, All-Ages and Historical stories. If you feel your comic doesn’t fit into this don’t worry, we will still look at all submissions.
Preference will be given to projects that have all creative team members in place. It can be very time consuming finding artists, colourists and letterers for individual scripts.

Action Lab Entertainment

Action Lab requires that project submissions have a complete creative team (writer, artist, and colorist). We are not in the business of pairing creators, we are interested in publishing fully realized, creator owned projects. Please include the following:

A title page, including contact information
A simple, one page story synopsis
5-6 pages of sample script
5-6 pages of art

Allegory, LLC

We would love to hear from you! Are you an artist, potential partner, fan or just someone who wants to come play on our slip-n-slide? Hit us up!


Alterna Comics is a New York Times Best Selling Publisher of independent creator-owned graphic novels and digital comics.

Creative/Intellectual Rights: Creators own 100% of all intellectual and merchandising rights. Alterna owns publishing and distribution rights.

Book, Art, Story Quality: Art and story must be of a professional quality. This includes all aspects such as lettering, coloring, inking, etc. Please compare your book's quality with other Alterna titles of similar genre. We do not pair artists and writers or keep a database or talent. Your creative team must be attached with a completed work.


Aspen is a small company and our standards are high. We have very few openings for artists in the course of a year, but do not be discouraged.
Keep submitting. We look forward to seeing your work. Please send only hard copies (photocopies/print-outs) of your work. Links to websites/virtual portfolios are acceptable as well. No computer or compact disks or other unsolicited media will be accepted. Please include a self-address, stamped business sized envelope or current email address if you wish to receive a reply from us. All materials submitted become the property of Aspen MLT, Inc. and will not be returned.Always use only recognizable, published, trademarked characters. We would like to see our characters used, but it is not necessary. Never send us original characters or concepts.

Atlantis Studios - Comic creations

Atlantis Studios’ primary business is the creation of work-for-hire science fiction, fantasy, and action-adventure sequential art for a variety of clients such as publishers, film makers, video game developers, advertising agencies, and not-for-profit organizations. Customers pay a flat rate for the production of original custom comics, storyboards, or specialty art, and Atlantis Studios typically commits to deliver finished art within 30-90 days.

Avatar Press - Submissions Guidelines for Artists and Writers

AVATAR PRESS INC (CROSSED, ANNA MERCURY, DOKTOR SLEEPLESS, NO HERO, NIGHT O/T LIVING DEAD) is a leading independent company which publishes a wide variety of comic books. Avatar is always looking for talented freelance artists, and often has a range of work in a wide variety of subjects and genres available. If you have a web page or online gallery of your work available, sending Avatar Press editor-in-chief William Christensen a link to that is a good place to start.

BOOM Studios

The official submissions forum for prospective artists for BOOM! Studios.

The Artist Submissions Facebook Page is a place for artists (pencilers, inkers, colorists, letterers) to post samples of their work. (Please note that this page is strictly for artists and ALL unsolicited writing submissions will not be reviewed.)

Comics Experience Publishing

In alliance with premiere publisher IDW, Comics Experience Publishing offers an opportunity for new talent to reach a broader audience with their creator-owned work.

Comics Experience Publishing focuses on producing creator-owned titles from new talent associated with Comics Experience and its online community, the Creators Workshop. We seek projects that were developed and refined within our community.

Committed Comics Online

Committed Comics will NOT review any digital submissions (web sites, jpg attachments, or any other type of attachments).

Creator's Edge Press

CEP is continually seeking new INDEPENDENT talent and projects for their print projects. They’re always on the lookout for INDEPENDENT artists for our comic book projects. All artistic styles are welcome. CEP’s primary interest is in publishing stories from pre-assembled creative teams. They are definitely in the market for one-shot comics, mini-series, graphic novels and web comics. But are not looking to publish an ongoing series at this time. BUT WHAT ABOUT WRITERS? They are not hiring writers who are not already attached to a creative team.

Dynamite Entertainment

WRITERS: Please send us an inquiry letter, detailing your writing experience and why you would like to write for Dynamite Entertainment.

ARTISTS: Please submit no more than 5 pages of sample artwork. Please mail in clean 8 1/2"x11" photocopies of your sample pages - NOT originals. Artwork can be difficult to copy, so please make sure the reproduction quality is high.

PENCILERS: Just send pencils. Do not send inked, colored or lettered pages. If there are flaws in the inking, coloring or lettering, they may influence our opinion of your penciling. Just send sequential pages, not pin-ups. We are looking for your ability to tell a story with pictures, not just your ability to draw.

COLORISTS: Don't send samples colored over your own line art. Any flaws in the underlying black and white artwork will influence our opinion of your coloring.

PAINTERS: If you are submitting samples of fully-painted (traditionally or digitally painted) cover work, keep in mind that Dynamite Entertainment covers tend toward iconic shots of single characters rather than groups of characters or storytelling elements.

NEVER send original art. Send photocopies only. Make sure the photocopies you send are clean and sharp and easy to "read." Be sure that each page has your name, address, and phone number clearly written somewhere on it.

Heavy Metal

HM is always searching for cool science fiction, fantasy and horror comics and we’d love to see what you’ve cooked up from your own fervent imagination and hard work at the drawing board (and/or computer). That said, there are a few things I’d like you to do to make all of our lives easier.
We’re only actively seeking completed stories (preferably in full color since most of the magazine features color stories). Everyone here at Heavy Metal has been or is currently a freelancer, so we know working on spec is tough, but for numerous reasons we can only consider finished pieces for the magazine. We do reprint work from all over the world, so the comics do not have to be exclusively done for us.

HOUND Comics

Hound Comics will only publish creator-owned material! In a nutshell, we want to help you publish YOUR comics – we aren’t looking for you to work on our existing titles. When you look to submit your work to us, we certainly expect it to be something original, not something utilizing existing Borderhound characters. Hound will only accept proposals for a brand new series or stand alone graphic novels.

IDW Creative Submissions


IDW is unable to accept unsolicited manuscripts or proposals at this time. Samples mailed to IDW’s offices cannot be returned.

Artists and Colorists

Please do not send links to blogs or art forums. To ensure your work gets seen, submit lo-res jpegs (72 dpi) to Please keep attachments under 10 MB in size. We reply when able although it’s not always possible to send a direct response or critique. But know that your samples are being seen by IDW’s editorial team and we will contact you if any suitable opportunities come up.

NETCOMICS | Online Manhwa, Manga, Comics

Are you an aspiring author and would like for us to consider publishing your work online
and/or as printed book?
Do you have an original story with unique style?
Then send us your sample work along with your contact information to us at


ONI PRESS OPEN SUBMISSIONS GUIDELINES On May 1st, 2015, Oni Press will be opening submissions to the public. We are on the hunt for new stories from new creators, featuring characters that reflect the diversity of the world around us.

Red 5 Comics

Red 5 Comics is a new publisher of both in-house and creator-owned comics. Our exciting future plans will be fueled by working with great professional-level talent — both established and undiscovered. If you would like to work with us, please carefully review the following submission guidelines.

Red 5 is looking for talented freelance pencillers, inkers, colorists and letterers.

Pencillers, your portfolio should show pencils-only, not inked or colored pages. Make sure the scans are of good enough quality to clearly see your work.
Inkers, your examples should be black-and-white and include side-by-side comparison with the original pencils.
Colorists, your portfolio should be based on line-art from multiple artists and show your abilities in a variety of styles.

Scar Comics Agency - Info and Guidelines
Scar Comics are always on the look out for original stories from talented creators, who wish to get their own book published, but have not been picked up by other publishers, or can’t afford to publish their own books.

It works like this: We pay for the printing and marketing of the book. You provide a completed graphic novel (we can help with design if this is not to your strength).

Once the book is published, and the costs incurred by Scar Comics are made back through sales, we split all profits with the creator/s 50/50.
Septagon Studios: Submissions

Septagon Studios, is a company full of imaginative, innovative properties and concepts. We stand for creator freedom and artistic integrity. Versatility is the best word to define Septagon Studios.

SLG Books: How to Submit Your Comic or Graphic Novel Project to SLG Publishing.

SLG Publishing accepts unsolicited submissions by mail and email. Please follow these guidelines when you send in a proposal.


STUDIO 407 is accepting submissions for original, completed comic or graphic novel projects. They are only considering completed projects. All genres are welcome except. Final artwork must be press quality and able to be printed on standard comic book size/format. You can send your book in .pdf format.

Time Bomb Comics publish a wide variety of comics from a wide variety of genres – science-fiction, thriller, mystery, romance, horror, superhero, adventure – and they want to build up a team of committed writers and artists to help achieve that. Writers send in a fully scripted 5-page story.
Artists send in 5 pages of sequential artwork.