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Learn Spanish Online

We are a team of certified Spanish tutors— all native Spanish speakers — who are passionate about teaching Spanish. We specialize in working with English-speaking adults to provide efficient, convenient, and personalized Spanish language learning.

Through Skype Spanish lessons tailored to your specific needs, we offer a practical, stress-free approach that suits you. Meet your Spanish tutor on a regular basis; simply dial in from your home.


Learn Spanish online - Benefits and Advantages

Learn Spanish online - Benefits and Advantages

There is a saying that every language is one more human. When it comes to learning a new language, the more you know, the more you are likely to become a world citizen. In this regard, knowing one more language comes forward as a strong incentive to consider. The benefits and advantages of Spanish are countless. You can define the most important ones for yourselves to start learning. In this regard, there are online tools to do so. You can learn Spanish online, which means an opportunity to learn it conveniently. Our company has various services, such as online lessons. In this way, you can learn Spanish with Skype. Students start to learn Spanish online in terms of advancing their speaking skills at a conversational level. You can learn Spanish with Skype more quickly compared to other methods with Spanish tutors. However, there is certain information that you should be aware of the current conditions of the courses. So, you can have a broad understanding of the Spanish lessons. More info at:


The best ways to learn Spanish online - Which path should you follow?

The Spanish language, which until recently was inferior in popularity to German and French, is confidently moving towards the status of the most widely spoken language in the world and is very close to the first place, which is still occupied by English. As the Spanish language is gaining popularity, many people are taking steps to learn it. In today's world, many learn languages not from physical language centers, but from online schools and online resources and apps. Many resources are on the Internet, so people can easily access them, sometimes even free of charge. Apps are especially useful if you're looking to learn the language but not necessarily speak it. It all depends on your goals with the language. Below we will talk about how to learn Spanish online and its advantages.
Today, more than 470 million people speak Spanish in the world and this figure is steadily increasing every year. For perspective, Spain only has a population of 46 million.

Considering the tendency and the constant growth of the popularity of the Spanish language, many philologists agree that after the era of the English language will end, the era of the Spanish language will surely come. In 2019, a huge number of people speak Spanish, can you imagine where Spanish will be in 20 years? 50 years?

Spanish or Castilian language (espanol, castellano) is an Ibero-Romance language, originated in the medieval kingdom of Castile. At the same time, language variants retain a single community within a single linguistic space and, at a higher literary level, strive to develop a neutral international standard. Mexico and others have its own variants of Spanish - if you are looking to speak Spanish in the United States, for instance, it is advisable to learn to speak neutral Latin American Spanish.

What is the total number of speakers?

The total population speaking Spanish is 450-500 million (including people for whom Spanish is the second language).In Brazil, where the population speaks Portuguese, Spanish is the status of a second language among students and graduates. As the country's economy depended on trade with the United States and Europe and increased trade with neighboring Spanish-speaking countries, more attention was paid to bilingualism and knowledge of the Spanish language.



You have probably heard the statement that any language is easy to learn when you are completely immersed in a different country. But what if you can't go learning languages in the countries they originate from? Then you can go on the web and learn languages online which is more convenient. To learn any language online you need to create a suitable environment at home, this will improve your chances of having effective interactions with your native Spanish-speaking tutor. More and more, people are effectively using video-conferencing tools to learn languages online, from Spanish to French to Chinese!

If you want to learn Spanish online you just need websites like Spanish55 and book a free consultation, it is the best way to get a great idea of what you can expect. There are many options for online Spanish learning, Spanish55 offers conversational Spanish via Skype with highly-qualified instructors, choosing a method over the other really depends on your goals. Why not meet with a language coach to go over the details? At Spanish55 tutors teach conversational Spanish, allowing you to speak freely with Spanish speakers all around the world after just a few sessions. Gaining fluency in any language takes practice, hire someone who knows what he is doing from the very beginning.

Moving from easy to hard

No need to try to memorize many words at once or understand all verb tenses or memorize all prepositions. It is necessary to understand the structure of the language first. Contrary to popular belief, the less a student knows the more a tutor needs to know! So if you are a beginner, even if you have a friend who is a native speaker willing to help, chances are he or she won't be able to help. Hiring a professional is critical if you want to embark on this learning experience.

In foreign language classes, as in sports, you should not immediately take the heaviest weight and strive to perform the most difficult exercise. It is necessary to increase the load gradually and gradually take all the new more difficult levels. Be patient with your language lessons, repetition is key even if you think it can get a bit boring, it will all make sense very soon.

Training takes place in three stages: familiarization, learning, and memorization. With familiarization, you learn new things, it is difficult for you to immediately understand and remember. In the stage of learning, you repeat, you are already familiar and understanding, but you still do not remember. In the memorization stage, you know and remember well, you can easily use.

Copying and Translation

If you are not looking to gain fluency, rather you want to learn to read and write the language, this may be for you. Listening to the Spanish language, you will rather quickly begin to pick up some general tendencies in the pronunciation of words. You will start to notice that Spanish is quite easy as every vowel is always pronounced the same way. With constant practice, it will be easier for you to adapt the rules of articulation of the native language to the target language. The advantage of this method is that with further expansion of vocabulary, the memory will prompt you with the correct variations of pronunciation.

If you choose this method for learning Spanish online, an important skill will be reading with the aim of not literally translating the text, but simply understanding the meaning. Read thoughtfully, slowly, but do not look for the meaning of each new word in the dictionary. Perhaps its meaning can be predicted based on the context. Let it be just a hunch - in the end, the general meaning will be understood by you. Thus, in addition to the development of associative and inductive thinking, you will train your memory for words. But there is a significant caveat - you can use this technique when you already have at least the basics of Spanish under your belt. It is highly suggested to hire a Spanish tutor to go over your doubts at least once a week in this process.

Setting goals and speaking


Set a goal - to learn 20-30 new words a day, 5 of which are verbs. There is an opinion that it is better if the words start with one letter, for example, today with A, tomorrow with B, etc. This will structure the information. But it is up to you - the choice may not be so strict and consist of random words. For some people, this method helps and can be plenty of fun, for others, not so much.

Another technique for learning new words is the use of flashcards. Both traditional paper with words written on one side in your native language or digital flashcards, offered by many online services free of charge. In this method we are just using flashcards but you can also do a variation: instead of writing the translation on the other side, write down a definition in the language you want to learn, and an example of the use of a word in a sentence. The method can be applied by those who have already advanced in the study or those who are just beginning to learn some vocabulary and wish to learn Spanish online at a slow but steady pace. Learning a language can be a daunting task for some, rest assured every other learner felt the same way before starting. You can visit our website and read the reviews of other people who also wanted to learn Spanish online and had an amazing learning experience


Even will all the tools, your online Spanish learning experience will be almost useless if you do not practice with someone from time to time. To do this today, you don't even have to leave home - you can get on Skype with instructors that are ready to help you to learn Spanish online at very accessible rates. This process will be fun, finding a coach and a great tutor is possible with the help of services such as Spanish55, we guarantee every tutor in our team is highly skilled to facilitate learning while also being a great coach that keeps you motivated to learn more! Spanish55 is primarily aimed for the Americans who want to learn Spanish fluently. The primary goal and reason since our inception are helping Americans to learn conversational Spanish as most traditional methods and group lessons are just not effective. You can see the student reviews written by people like you who trusted in Spanish55 - thank you to all of our students who shared their feedback about our program and their personal learning experience. There are only a few easy steps for joining our program as a new student. First, you will have a consultation with a qualified tutor, a stress-free 55-minute Skype call to go over your goals with the language. The tutor can answer all your questions, it is a great time to bring a pen and paper! We all it a consultation because it is more than a free trial lesson, a complete oral assessment and presentation of our resources will leave you wanting more! If you are satisfied with consultation, you are going to have a few different options depending on your needs, our monthly subscriptions are affordable and flexible. You will have your individual schedule week after week, allowing you to plan ahead and study in between sessions. With professional tutors, you will reach all of your goals and spend time wisely, on learning and having fun at the same time. With the technology available, you can effectively learn Spanish online from anywhere. Take the first step and book a free trial lesson with a certified Spanish tutor, you won't regret it!

What to look for when choosing Skype Spanish tutors?

Spanish continues to receive momentum as California's unquestionable second language and in the United States, in general. Spanish might even become the most frequently spoken language in this nation in the upcoming years. For instance, the U.S. Census Bureau claims that Los Angeles, California's population is approximately 53 percent Latin American. That implies you might turn out to be an English-speaking minority in the nearest future if you are Caucasian. So it may be a good idea for you to know Spanish! As an adult, chances are you're involved with kids, job, household interactions, and many other responsibilities. Maybe you?re a student and have no time to bring a Spanish lesson into your timetable. Perhaps you've tried using mobile apps to learn Spanish, but you've realized that using an app is not close to interacting with a real person, so are apps to learn Spanish online a good idea? As technology improves, many individuals are looking for Spanish tutors available on Skype. The Skype Spanish tutors arena continues to improve day by day all around the world. You may, therefore, consider Skype Spanish lessons for a many factors apart from price. Here, we are going to emphasize a couple of factors to take into account before choosing to Start with Skype Spanish lessons.

Learn Spanish Online - Consultation Demo (Spanish55) - How to find the best online Spanish classes?

It is easy to Learn Spanish online! This consultation is a language diagnosis and goal setting process. You will have the opportunity to ask questions.
Although online learning is not the best way to learn everything, it is the best one to learn Spanish. Finding online Spanish classes could be so easy if you know where to find it. Once you have found an ideal online course for you, then learning Spanish from scratch will be simple and easy. Not every class could guarantee the perfect result if you do not take time to practice. However, online courses contain all the required resources for you to learn Spanish from scratch. If you want to master at Spanish language online Spanish lessons are a great way to start from fundamentals. They provide you with the most advanced methodologies so that you could reach fluency in Spanish. It does not matter whether you want to start from beginner, intermediate, or advanced level, online classes are an excellent way to learn a new language.


The easiest way to learn conversational Spanish

The easiest way to learn conversational Spanish

There are hundreds of methodologies you could use while learning a new language. When you initially start, you may choose the wrong methods. Changing a learning methodology will prevent you from reaching the conversational fluency and waste your time. It is not possible to introduce all the successful ways others use in the learning process in a single blog. In this article, we are presenting the best and the easiest way you could use while learning Spanish. It is beneficial for those who are at the beginner level and eager to learn conversational Spanish.

If you have paid attention, we emphasize conversational Spanish in the first paragraph. There are several reasons why we said conversational Spanish instead of learning Spanish. First of all, speaking in a new language is an essential part of the learning process. Most people discover new language to connect with others. You cannot say that you will reach the fluency in Spanish by learning its grammar. There are several things you can think of before starting your journey to learn conversational Spanish online.


Spanish lessons for beginners - The Best Way to Learn Spanish

Whether you are a student with a dream to travel the world or an adult who needs more competencies to find a well-paid job, you will always find yourself in longing about learning a foreign language. Most of us have set learning a language as a goal in our minds; however, only some of us put this desire as a target and started learning. So, why most people procrastinate their dreams or needs of a new language? One of the reasons for failing to learn a new language is that we do not know how and where to start. We might get hesitated when we open a book full of unknown words. We might think we are not capable of learning all those new words. Even if you feel ready to learn, your wallet might oppose this idea. It is commonly known that language centers set inflated prices for classes, which further pushes you to procrastinate learning to indefinite future. Besides, you might be just extremely busy and not be able to find a suitable time to attend group lessons. I was also afraid of those barriers when I first started Spanish lessons for beginners. Till that time, I had no idea what is the best way to learn Spanish. However, I realized that online Spanish lessons removed many of the previously mentioned problems. As a result, I achieved my target of learning the Spanish language in a short period of time. In this article, I will share the best way of how to learn Spanish quickly with you, starting from creating a plan to diving into the language.


Why a private Spanish lesson is better than a group lesson - Explained!

Why a private Spanish lesson is better than a group lesson - Explained!

If you ever thought about taking a private Spanish lesson, you came to the right website. Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world and the second one through the United States of America. In states like Florida, people are more familiar with Spanish than English, and honestly, we don't blame them. Spanish is a beautiful language, giving South America it's Latino flavor. It is a very romantic language, full off sounds reminding us of salsa or flamenco. As most people know, every South American country has a different Spanish accent. It might differ in tongue rolling sounds, unusual words or phrases, and sayings. If you want to learn Spanish, ask your future tutors about the different accents. It is a fascinating topic, and you will learn new things. However, you should decide if you want to learn this new language in private or in a group class. This choice depends on your studying methods as well, but also on how hard you consider the language. In this case, we fully support private Spanish lessons because we know that in the beginning, it could seem tricky. Depending on your mother tongue, you might find it hard adapting to Spanish and its lingering sounds. Therefore, it might take some time until you get used to everything this language implies. Having a personal teacher, always available to your questions, will speed up the learning process. Also, it will surely give you a confidence boost. In this article, we are going to present the pros and cons of private and group Spanish lessons. Having information from the start is always better than researching or having none at all.

More info at:

What is Spanish coaching? How is it different from group lessons?

There will be one essential question before you reserve your Spanish class. Is it better to learn Spanish with a group of people, or is it better to take courses with an individual coach? We cannot give an exact answer to the questions as it depends on your preferences. However, nowadays, most people prefer Spanish coaching to group lessons because of its flexibility. You can choose Spanish coaching in several cases. Firstly, if you want to learn Spanish in a short period, then you can select Spanish coaching. Also, if you have the background and want to improve your level, then this methodology will fit you as well. If you choose private coaching, you will be able to adjust lessons based on your level and needs and learn at your own pace.


What speaking skills will you gain from conversational spanish learning?

What speaking skills will you gain from conversational spanish learning?

Thanks to the opportunities provided by the Internet and technological advancements, the world is your oyster now. Learning a language can be pleasant, engaging, and enjoyable if you do it on your own conditions. If you want to begin communicating with native speakers and practice conversational abilities, you're going to want to hear everything about the expertise of Spanish55. Far from the school with its taped audio recordings and led conversational courses with personal Spanish skype tutors, Spanish55 allows you to communicate more quickly through conversational Spanish learning techniques.


2019 Ultimate Guide to Finding Online Spanish Lessons for Beginners

2019 Ultimate Guide to Finding Online Spanish Lessons for Beginners

Before coming up with the idea of learning one more language, you should have long term goals to accomplish. In this way, you can reach the end more quickly, namely, learning the language at an advanced level. Nowadays, Spanish becomes one of the most wanted languages in the labor market. Therefore, Spanish lessons for beginners are the trending topic among those who want to start learning Spanish. At this moment, online Spanish lessons seem more convenient for students who are prone to benefit from their second language skills in various perspectives. In general, online Spanish lessons appear as a rational choice in terms of helping learners with their convenience. Other than that, those who are willing to learn Spanish as a foreign language might look through options like Spanish lessons for beginners. In this regard, you will benefit from the advantages of online studying.

Learn Medical Spanish Online for Physician Assistants

Are you a physician assistant looking for a highly conversational approach to mastering fluency in the Spanish language? Your time is highly valuable. You need a personal online medical Spanish coach to help minimize learning time. In order to accommodate busy schedules, we have adopted Skype to coach our learners one-on-one in the most convenient way possible. It is as easy as opening up your laptop and tapping the app at a location most convenient for you.

First impressions are very important. A successful relationship starts with building rapport with Spanish-speaking patients. As you know, learn medical Spanish language and cultural skills are needed in order to better understand and connect with patients. Cross-cultural communication skills are critical for clinical practice success and quality outcomes.

During the course of your online learn medical Spanish coaching, you will be introduced to the basic conversation and medical terminology. You will learn pronunciation guidelines and phrases that enable you to communicate using the Spanish language. Also, you will be exposed to practical vocabulary, for instance: body parts, common symptoms, diseases, and medical equipment. You will develop the ability to interact in Spanish with patients all across the United States and Spanish-speaking countries.


Skype Spanish Lessons - Best way to become Fluent in Spanish

Skype Spanish Lessons - Best way to become Fluent in Spanish

Learning Spanish, or any other language, using the power of the internet is becoming increasingly common. The ability to start a videoconference with a person 500 miles away in just a few milliseconds opens the door for endless opportunities. It is easy to becoming fluent in spanish a one-on-one Spanish lesson over Skype as most providers for Skype Spanish lessons provide a consultation. At Spanish55, you will be offered a 55-minute consultation free of charge with absolutely no commitments.

The best ways to learn Spanish online - Which path should you follow?

The Spanish language, which until recently was inferior in popularity to German and French, is confidently moving towards the status of the most widely spoken language in the world and is very close to the first place, which is still occupied by English. As the Spanish language is gaining popularity, many people are taking steps to learn it. In today's world, many learn languages not from physical language centers, but from online schools and online resources and apps. Many resources are on the Internet, so people can easily access them, sometimes even free of charge. Apps are especially useful if you're looking to learn the language but not necessarily speak it. It all depends on your goals with the language. Below we will talk about how to learn Spanish online and its advantages.