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Headline for The Street Food of Mauritius - A cuisine that needs to be tried for the best experience!
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The Street Food of Mauritius - A cuisine that needs to be tried for the best experience!

Mauritius might be well known as a beach destination, but have you heard of its exquisite local cuisine? The cuisine here gets overlooked most of the time which is quite unfortunate as it is absolutely ravishing. Here are some local dishes you must taste when roaming the streets of Mauritius.


Chana Puri

The Chana Puri is a popular snack in Mauritius. It's actually fritters that have a centre filled with peas. Most of the street vendors sell the Chana Puri, and thus, you can find it almost everywhere.


Creole Curries

Seafood is one of the favourite dishes out here. And as such, the seafood curries are a must-try dish when in these parts. The flavourful dishes cooked to perfection is very authentic. How so? Well, the dish still smells and give you a taste of sea life. These dishes go hand in hand with a bowl of rice! You can try some of the best seafood curries at the best restaurants in Mauritius, the likes of The Residence Mauritius by Cenizaro, for a fine dining experience involving authentic flavours.


Mazavaroo Paste

The Mazavaroo paste is made out of green chillies and is pretty much served with almost all the dishes out here. From there Chinese noodles to the creole curry. It is perfect with any kind of food, in order to add a little bit of a tangy flavour to your already flavoursome meal.



Well, you've come to a tropical paradise, so trying tropical fruits is a must. What's better than slices of sweet tasting pineapple slices? You just know in Mauritius, pineapple is sprinkled with chilli flakes and sea salt, adding a little bit of zing to your juicy sweet pineapple flesh. The complexity of flavours offered with pineapple slices are so good, that it is bound to be your favourite street food out here.



Street food in Mauritius mostly includes snack items. With that being said, another popular snack here are the samosas. The triangular shaped samosas have a filling of spicy potatoes. Get that ketchup, and a cup of hot tea, and enjoy the samosas of Mauritius!


Sugarcane Juice

Yes, it's quite hot and humid in Mauritius. To combat it, you will have to invest in their sugarcane juice from time to time. The freshly made juice is everything you will rave about. Just one sip of it will get you hooked.


Roti Chaud

Another roadside snack that is comfort food of sorts in these parts is the Roti Chaud. These are Indian bread items that are crispy and served with Grois Pois, which is a butter bean curry, some pickles, and Rougialle which is a sauce made out of tomatoes. Grab the Roti Chaud for a quick filling meal.


Aubergine Pakoras

The Aubergine Pakoras are fritters that are made out of all-purpose flours and coated with thin aubergine slices. This dish is served hot and is often sought after on a rainy day in Mauritius.

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