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PTE Tutorials

PTE Tutorials is a one-stop solution for Free PTE practice & preparation.

It is aimed to provide you with online sample questions, scored and unscored practice tests, best practice materials, writing correction services, online coaching, and other features to give your PTE Test preparation the much-needed boost. In this space, you can watch various videos related to PTE & PTE preparation. Learn the tips & strategies on all the four PTE modules.

PTE-A Webinar: How to Tackle Confusing Words in The PTE Exam

👉🏻 It is often observed that similar-looking words create confusions for PTE-A test-takers. In PTE-A Reading, choosing the right option in the Fill in the Blanks can be a difficult task because of confusing, similar-looking words. Further, in the Essays in Writing Module, using the right collocation words can be a challenge as well.

👉🏻 in this webinar, we have addressed this issue, and offered the right tips, and tricks to avoid any confusion, and score high.

👉🏻 Don't miss this all-important webinar recording.

PTE-A Webinar: How to Apostrophes & Hyphens in Compound Adjectives

👉🏻 Watch this webinar recording in which our PTE-A expert explains the rules about the correct usage of apostrophes & hyphens in compound adjectives, so that you don't lose marks unnecessarily in your test.

👉🏻 Don't miss this all-important webinar recording.

PTE-A Webinar: The Most Commonly Misspelt Words & Their Meanings

Watch this webinar recording & avoid commonly misspelt words in the PTE-A exam. The tutor from PTE Tutorials discusses the misspelt words in the English language and also the spelling mistakes people usually make in the exam.

PTE-A Webinar: Closed & Open Compound Words

There are a few words that have separate meanings, but when you put them together, an entirely different word and meaning are created. Don’t get confused with such words in Essay and Write from Dictation.

Watch this webinar recording and know more in detail. Don’t miss it. Stay tuned for more!

Pte-A Webinar: Frequently Asked Questions (August)

👉🏻 Watch this webinar recording of the repeated questions asked in PTE-A in August. Stay prepared with the list of questions, and give your PTE-A preparation a boost.
Watch to learn more!

👉🏻 Don't miss this all-important webinar recording.

PTE Reading Fill In The Blanks: Expert Reveals Pro Tips & Strategies

The PTE 'Fill in the Blanks' task is one of the most important tasks in PTE Reading.
In this task, the reading skill of test-takers is assessed. There is partial credit for each correct answer. A candidate can expect 4-5 tasks on the topic on the test day.

Watch this video in which our expert trainer 👨🏫 explains in great detail about the question requirements, patterns, and tells you what to expect from this task. Our pro trainer also reveals PTE tips, tricks and strategies on how to approach the task.

Don't miss this very important video for your PTE Preparation!

PTE-A Webinar: Collocations for Solving Reading Blanks

👉🏻 Watch this webinar recording to score high in Reading Fill in the Blanks. In this webinar, our trainer has provided an in-depth list of collocations that usually repeats in the exam.

👉🏻 Watch this webinar to solve Reading Fill in the Blanks!

PTE-A Exam Speaking Webinar: Mini Mock Test-3 [Tips by Experts]

Watch this webinar on PTE Mini Mock Test-3 (Speaking) and learn from our experts. Gain perfect mastery in PTE Read Aloud, Repeat Sentences and Describe Image.

At PTE Tutorials, our weekly webinars by expert trainers cover all the four modules of the PTE exam—Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. Stay tuned for more!

Stay tuned for more!

Achieve 90 In PTE Speaking Module By Following Trainer’s Tips!

Perfect 90 in PTE Speaking module of examination is not difficult, explains PTE Trainer! Number of test takers have achieved the score in the past and you can also be one of them.

However, you need to bear in mind 3 aspects—being fluent in your communication, use perfect pronunciation and intonation has to be up to the mark! In a live video presentation, the Trainer emphasizes importance of this module and elaborates on different sections! To start with, every test taker has to introduce himself as part of personal introduction.

PTE Webinar: How to Score High in PTE-A Reading Fill in The Blanks?

Struggling with PTE Reading fill in the blanks? Join this webinar & learn proven tips, tricks & strategies on collocations, grammar. Avoid common errors and maximize your score! Our certified trainer has years of experience and expertise in PTE-A. Learn from the best and achieve your desired score!

PTE-A Webinar: Reading Mini Mock Test-3 [Tips by experts]

In this PTE Reading Mini Mock Test webinar, our in-house PTE-A expert has shared the proper techniques for acing Reading and Writing Blanks, Reading Fill in the Blanks, and Reorder Paragraphs.

At PTE Tutorials, our team of experts conduct weekly webinars covering essential topics from all the four modules of the PTE exam—Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. In these intensive sessions, we share exclusive insights that help aspirants in cracking the all-important PTE-A exam.

Stay tuned for more!

Webinar: PTE Speaking Mini Mock Test for High Score

Score 79+ in PTE Speaking with the Mini Mock Test. Get ample practice for Repeat Sentence and much more. Learn from one of our PTE experts, and use the useful tips, tricks, and strategies to maximize your score in PTE-A.

Don’t miss this! Watch the webinar and prepare yourself the best for the PTE-A Test!

Changes in PTE-A Scoring Guide & How They Will Affect You?

PTE has updated the Academic Score Guideline.

No significant changes have taken place in the guideline.

However, the sequence of questions in the Reading Module has been updated.
As per the updated score guide, the following is the order of the tasks in the PTE-A Reading Module:

  • Reading and Writing: Fill in the blanks
  • Multiple choice, choose multiple answers
  • Re - order Paragraphs
  • Reading: Fill in the Blanks
  • Multiple choice, choose single answer

Watch to learn more!

PTE-A: Writing Mini Mock Test-3 [Tips By Experts]

Want to improve your PTE Academic Writing Module score? Need a little guidance in Essay Writing and Summarise Written Text?

We've got you covered! In this webinar, our in-house PTE expert has discussed strategies for the Essay and Summarise Written Text tasks. Watch to master these proven tips and tricks. Apply them during practice and achieve your desired score!

Stay tuned for more weekly webinars!

PTE-A Webinar: Listening Mini Mock Test-3 [Tips by experts]

Our PTE-A tutors have put together this intensive webinar for the Listening Module. Watch to learn how you can gain expertise in Summarise Spoken Text, Listening Fill in the Blanks, Highlight Incorrect Words and Write from Dictation.

Benefit from proven tips, strategies, and tricks, and achieve your desired score in the PTE Academic Listening Module.

Stay tuned for more insightful weekly webinars conducted by our experts in all modules—Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing!

Webinar: PTE-A Speaking Mini Mock Test-4

Watch PTE Speaking webinar recording and benefit from tips shared by our in-house experts. Gain mastery over Read Aloud, Repeat Sentences and Describe Image question types.

PTE Tutorials conducts helpful webinar sessions every week! Stay tuned for all such content. Also, share it with someone who will benefit from it.

Webinar: PTE-A Reading Mini Mock Test 4

In this informative session, our PTE-A expert shows you how to improve your performance in:

• Reading & Writing Fill in the Blanks
• Reading Fill in the Blanks
• Reorder Paragraphs

Attend the session with our in-house PTE expert & improve your performance! At PTE Tutorials, we conduct weekly webinars. Subscribe to the channel and say tuned for more webinars like this one.

Webinar: PTE-A Writing Mini Mock Test 4

Do you want to raise the score of your PTE Academic Writing Module?
Need some help in Essay Writing and Summarise Written Text?

We are here again! I hope you understand the value of Key points! In this webinar, our in-house PTE Expert is discussing the strategies of how to put Key points in your response to the Essay and Summarise Written Text tasks to achieve a perfect score.

Watch this thoroughly to learn more tips and tricks. Try to apply the methods while practicing to achieve high scores. Stay tuned for more weekly webinars!