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Early Signs of Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer's Disease is classified as a kind of dementia that brings out problems with memory, thinking capacity, and overall behavior. The signs or symptoms of Alzheimer's normally emerge gradually and get worse over time, becoming severe enough to negatively affect the execution and completion of daily occupations.

What Changes Alzheimer's Disease Cause in the Brain

According to scientists, it is more likely that the changes in the brain caused by Alzheimer's may start even a decade or more prior to when the cognitive and memory problems took place. Throughout this preclinical form of Alzheimer’s disease, patients or individuals may be asymptomatic or symptom-free. But, these toxic and harmful changes are already taking place inside the brain.

Parkinson’s Disease Management

Parkinson's disease is a slowly progressive disorder of the nervous system, which eventually affects the person’s movement. It is caused by the loss/degeneration of neurons that produce a certain chemical, dopamine. Symptoms vary for each person, but it usually starts with slow or unnoticed tremors on one side of the body.

Choosing Home Care for Seniors

Some seniors live alone and away from their families. Some stay alone at home while their loved ones are away for school or for work. Although it is understandable that duties and responsibilities can keep them away from home, it is not advisable to leave seniors by themselves as it could be detrimental to their safety.

The Types of Life Insurance That Convert to Long-Term Care Insurance

By the time you reach your golden years, chances are you’ll need assistance with your personal care needs and other activities of daily living. If that time arrives, do you have the right insurance policy to pay for long-term care? There are life insurance policies that allow policyholders to convert their existing policy into a long-term care coverage plan. This way the policyholders can use their insurance to avail of long-term care planning.

The Factors to Consider Before Buying an Insurance Plan

Insurance policies offer a variety of coverage options, depending on the policyholder’s situation, needs and budget. Since it is impossible for you to predict what your future personal care and long-term care needs will be, you have to choose a policy with flexible options. Some policies will even help pay for adult day care, assisted living facility, nursing home, home care services Loganville, Georgia and other services.

How Can Diabetes Affect Your Body

Learning how diabetes affects your body can help you look after your overall health and prevent diabetic complications from developing. Diabetes affects a person’s blood vessels and nerves and how you carry out certain aspects of your personal care needs. Learning how diabetes affects your body can help you look after your overall health and prevent diabetic complications from developing. Diabetes affects a person’s blood vessels and nerves and how you carry out certain aspects of your personal care needs.

The Different Types of Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes Mellitus, commonly referred to as diabetes, is a metabolic disease characterized by abnormally high blood sugar levels in the blood. With diabetes, your body neither can’t produce enough insulin nor can’t effectively use the insulin it produces. A caregiver in Georgia can help manage a patient’s medications and daily tasks, regardless of which type of diabetes.

The Reasons Why Exercise Is Important for Senior Health

There are many factors why some people develop a sedentary lifestyle as they age. It may be due to a chronic health condition, an injury, or the thought that there’s no point in exercising since you’re getting old anyway. But as you grow older, adopting an active lifestyle can have a major impact on your overall well-being. A moderate amount of physical activity helps you live independently and protects you from aging-related diseases.

Exercises for Seniors to Maintain Strength and Balance

Making healthy choices when it comes to exercise, personal care, and food is one of the key factors to living a happier and healthier life, especially for the older population. At Acis Personal Home Care, LLC, we understand that exercise is a vital element in maintaining and improving the physical and mental well-being of seniors. Do you need assistance with your daily activities? If so, then our home care services in Loganville, Georgia is right for you!

Bring Cheers to Seniors This Holiday Season

The holiday season is easily the merriest time of the year. Everyone gathers to enjoy and celebrate. However, amidst all the gleeful celebration are seniors spending their holidays in lonely isolation due to poor health. Fortunately, there are countless ways to brighten up their holidays, including hiring a home care aide from the Acis Personal Home Care, LLC, a provider of home care services in Loganville, Georgia, that will provide them personalized care in the comforts of your home even at this time of the year.

Tips to Keep Seniors Healthy During the Holidays

Staying healthy at this time of year can be difficult. There’s always the tendency to over-indulge with all the decadent meals and grow our waistline. But the same can’t be said for our senior loved ones who already face many health problems. You need to ensure they remain healthy. To help you with this, we at Acis Personal Home Care, LLC listed few tips you can follow to keep seniors stay healthy over the holidays.

What Are Frontotemporal Disorders?

Frontotemporal disorders are the outcome of damage to the frontal and temporal lobes of a person’s brain. Over time, this disorder may cause changes in personality, social behavior, and loss of language skills. It may also result in difficulties in thinking, personal care, or walking. In the early stages, people diagnosed with frontotemporal disorder may have just one type of symptom, however, as the disease progresses, more parts of the brain are affected causing more symptoms to appear.

The Key Differences Between FTD and Alzheimer’s

Like Alzheimer’s disease, frontotemporal dementia (FTD) may potentially cause brain atrophy, which affects the brain function and behavior of a person. Eventually, people afflicted by these diseases will need support with their everyday activities and personal care needs.

The Common Symptoms of Hypothermia

Hypothermia is a condition that occurs when the body temperature falls below 95°F (35°C). This medical emergency is usually caused by prolonged exposure to cold weather. When left untreated, hypothermia can lead to heart complications and respiratory system failure.

The Top Preventive Measures to Avoid Hypothermia

The cold temperature, heavy rain, and strong wind during the winter can cool your skin and pull heat away from your body. This means working or playing outside in the cold puts you at risk for conditions like frostbite and hypothermia.

At Acis Personal Home Care, LLC, a provider of home care services in Loganville, Georgia, our mission is to help people live a safe and healthy life. So here are the top three tips to keep you and your family safe in the cold.

The Importance and Benefits of Home Care

Seniors are prone to different health and safety issues due to their age, which may bring complications. So, it is very important to make sure that they have a companion who gives them personal care. This is where home care becomes essential to families who have less time to spend with their elders. Here are some advantages to why you should consider home care:

Aging Gracefully and Healthily

It is without doubt that as we grow older, our cells decrease in its regenerating capabilities and our immune system gradually becomes weaker. That is why seniors are prone to different health complications such as diabetes and stroke and precisely the reason why Personal care for them is necessary to help them live a healthy lifestyle. So, here are some tips on how we can improve pace of the aging process:

The Need for Family Time for Seniors

Some family members tend to leave their seniors under the personal care of a healthcare provider instead or personally taking care of them. This is due to the fact they have become busy with work and their personal lives. But we must remember to spare some time to spend with them to give them the love and care they want from us. So, here are some tips on why it is important:

Meal Preparation for Seniors: Keeping a Healthy Balance

Eating healthy is important at any age, but it is especially important for older adults. Seniors need fewer calories but still need a certain amount of nutrients. This makes them prone to gaining excess weight and still becoming vitamin deficient.

Easy Medication Reminder Techniques for You

It may be easy to forget when to take your medicine especially when you’re taking several at different intervals. Although it might not seem like much, some medicine may have adverse effects if you skip a dose. Thus, it is important to take them as prescribed.

Caring for an Elderly Loved One With Dementia

For people with dementia, mental and behavioral changes are common. These factors often make dealing with them very much complicated. Many people with dementia opt to stay at home, so it is necessary to understand how to take care of them. Here are some helpful tips:

Why Should You Hire Respite Care

Caring for an elder loved requires great patience and round-the-clock care and support. As the person gets older, in most cases, health issues begin to manifest that necessitates medical care and attention. Often, this leaves family members enervated and stressed. When caregiving duties seem exhausting, hiring home care services in Loganville, Georgia, can be extremely helpful. Acis Personal Home Care, LLC provides respite care to allow family members and caregivers to take a break from their duties.

How to Get Started with Food Therapy for the Elderly at Home

As most age-related diseases have their roots in unhealthy food choices, eating habits could also be used to regain health. This concept is the focus of food therapy. And this is why diet and nutrition play a significant part in senior home care services in Loganville, Georgia.

A Closer Look at Lifestyle Medicine for the Elderly at Home

Diseases and lifestyles are closely linked with the latter profoundly affecting the former. For the elderly, lifestyle adjustments are often included in senior home care services in Loganville, Georgia to balance out their medication plan.