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10 Best Hoi An Dishes - Top Ten Hoi An Culinary Treats to Sample

Tipped to be a culinary heartland for seafood lovers, Hoi An is a dream destination for foodies the world over. Here are the area's top 10 dishes that every traveller must sample.


Banh Bao Vac

Also known as White Rose Dumplings, a plate of Banh Bao Vac is the perfect pick-me-up snack at any time of the day. Featuring a shrimp filling or a pork filling, the rice flour dough is so soft and translucent in this dish that it frankly defies belief.


Banh Dap

The Vietnamese rice cracker does not disappoint as the conventional snack is both crispy and delicious. Featuring layers of fried shallots, a paste of mung beans and spring onions the dish is typically consumed with fish sauce.


Cao Lau

This rice noodle dish features croutons, greens and pork to create a wholesome meal. As a distinctively local dish, the chewy noodles and fresh herbs used in this dish sets it apart from similar meals in the Vietnamese cannon. Visitors dining in Art Space Hoi An or any similar restaurants in Hoi An Vietnam will find different variations of Cao Lao including those infused with chilli jam, peanuts, scallions and rice crackers.


Hoanh Thanh Chien

This fried wonton dumpling not only resembles nachos in Mexican cuisine because it features a topping similar to a classic salsa but also in the plethora of meat fillings that complement the dish. The rice flour wonton with a filling of eggs, shrimp and countless spices are deep-fried to perfection to create this dish.


Com Ga

A combination of fragrant rice, shredded chicken, black pepper and fresh herbs, a plate of Com Ga also includes a dollop of chilli jam. Like a dish of Chinese origin, the rice is cooked in pandan leaves.


Bun Thit Nuong

Fans of Vermicelli noodles will find Bun Thit Nuong the perfect fix during a night out in Hoi An. Topped with cucumber slices, lettuce, basil, peanuts, bean sprouts and mint, the dish's pork slices are grilled on a charcoal stove to achieve its peppery flavour.


Mi Quang

With its name translating to Vietnamese Turmeric Noodles, a bowl of Mi Quang is the perfect meal option for vegetarians holidaying in Hoi An. While meat-eaters can ask for a topping of their choice, most prefer to add vegetable toppings the likes of banana flowers, peanuts, coriander and sesame flavour rice crackers.


Bun Dau Mam Tom

This fried tofu delight is served with Vermicelli infused with shrimp paste sauce and is one of the less complicated dishes in the Hoi An culinary school. A delicacy of sorts, the dipping sauce served alongside the dish may turn off certain diners.


Banh Mi

As the Vietnamese incarnation of the French baguette, Banh Mi is a sandwich treat which comes with a wholesome filling of butter, cilantro, pickled vegetables as well as hot peppers. Those who want meat in their baguette sandwich can request the snack vendors and restaurants to add sausages or meatballs.


Banh Xeo

Both a starter as well as a snack, this crispy pancake dish is made using coconut milk, rice flour and turmeric. The filling usually consists of noodles, mushrooms, a plethora of meat and seafood slices as well as bean sprouts.