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Updated by Vets on Call on Jul 14, 2020
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Vets on Call - Mobile Vet in Melbourne

Vets on Call is a mobile app that allows you to order a vet to come to you, wherever you are, whenever you like. Pre-order your appointment or order a vet on demand. Vet’s appointment can be fixed such that he visits you as per your convenience and that too, at your home. They provide home vet services in Gold Coast and Melbourne at your door step.

Get the Best In-home Vet Services for Your Furry Friend

Home visit vet Melbourne services can be very calming for your pet as well as you. Vets On Call is the best and unique initiative, an easy-to-use mobile app that delivers the best veterinary care for your pet right to your door. You can schedule your appointments as per your need and comfort.

Your Pet’s Feelings - Vets on Call

We know you love them too, so when they need a vet for any reason, save them the stress and have Vets on Call visit them in the comfort of their own home. Now you know they’d do the same for you!

Why Regular Vet Check-ups Are Important For Your Pet

If you own a pet, you would understand their importance in our lives. For some people, they are the only source of happiness. If only they could talk, we would’ve been able to know if they are going through some internal discomfort. But obviously, that is not the case. This is one of the main reasons why you need to take your pet for regular check-ups.

Pet Euthanasia: How To Make Putting Down Your Pet Easier on Them – And You

Saying goodbye to your furry friend can be super-hard and that is why mobile pet euthanasia can be the kindest option for when the time comes. The peaceful comforts of home would make it a lot easier for your pet and you to say goodbye to each other.

Things to Consider Before Choosing an Ivanhoe Vet

All doctors are not going to treat pets in the same way. Therefore, it is crucial to find out whether the doctor specializes in treating the species of pet that one owns. Vets On Call offers high-quality veterinary services to pet owners in Ivanhoe. When it comes to the health of animals, Vets On Call leave no stone unturned.

After Hours Vet in Melbourne for Your Puppy

Dogs are adorable, and they quickly become an integral part of your family. Dog parents have to be very aware of their dog’s health and should have a vet on speed dial from Vets On Call to cope with any emergency situation.

A Compassionate Mobile Vet Service For Home Pet Euthanasia

Having at home pet euthanasia carried out in your own home with Vets on Call is the most compassionate choice for not only your pet but for you as well. For the privacy you both deserve, downloading their mobile app today or visit to learn more information.

How do I prepare for the vet's arrival? - Vets on Call

With over 150 qualified veterinarians across Victoria, download the Vets on Call mobile app today. Get the healthcare that your pet deserves within the comfort of your own home, because we know the best care is at home.

Here Is Why You Should Consider Home Pet Euthanasia

If you don't want the last moments of your best friend to be uncomfortable, choose home pet euthanasia. To spend the last moments with your beloved pet in the comfort of your own home with Vets on Call, You can download our app on Android and iPhone or browse our website for more information today.

Pet care at home or at a clinic – which is best for your pet? - Vets on Call

At-home veterinary care is beneficial in many ways, both for your pet and you. Book an appointment with us today – download the Vets on Call app. With a high standard of care and stress-free experience for your pet. The best care is at home.

Get Gold Standard pet care - at home! - Vets on Call

At Vets on Call, we understand how at-home veterinary care can provide a higher quality of care than in-clinic care. We believe it’s a combination of the added convenience to pet owners and lower levels of stress for pets, that allow your pet to enjoy the seamless experience our services offer.

Get Medical Care For Your Pet With An After-Hours Vet In Melbourne

If your pet has some other medical conditions do make sure to mention it to the vet team. Vets on Call will help to give your pet the right medication. Once medical help from their after-hours vet in Melbourne arrives, they will take over.

What Are The Advantages Of A Mobile Vet In Melbourne

A mobile vet in Melbourne brings the vet clinic and pharmacy to the doorstep of pet owners. The best way to access mobile vet services is through the mobile app Vets on Call. They offer access to a network of vets that offer professional vet care for your pet in the comfort of your own home.