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Updated by Pellucid Solution on Jan 06, 2020
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Mobile App Optimization for Play Store & App Store | Pellucid Solution

App store optimization can be considered a mobile marketing practice in its infancy stage. Here are a few basic guidelines that can help you ensure that your app gets seen and downloaded by the relevant audience.

Key Ingredients for Effective Mobile eCommerce Websites | Pellucid Solution

Mobile e-commerce website development is something businesses should seriously consider if they want to succeed in the lucrative mobile retail space.

Joomla Benefits for Your Website | Pellucid Solution

Created in 2003 as a Content Management System with a difference, Joomla currently has around 3 million websites running on it. That's quite a feat, and it's not without reason that Joomla is considered to be an increasingly popular CMS.

7 Inbound Marketing Aspects for eCommerce Business | Pellucid Solution

Ecommerce business has taken off for a long flight. With an annual compounded growth rate of more than 25% across the global economy, it looks like finally eCommerce has announced its bid to stay in time.

Isn’t switching to a lighting fast website a far better option and that too when there are ample of such fast loading websites available just on a single click?

Why Video Content Marketing Is A Hit With Consumer Brands?

The consumer brands vertical is betting big on video content marketing. Three of the biggest consumer brands in the world are leading the direction and news is that their video content marketing investments are gaining traction in the market.

Gain Edge in eCommerce Marketplace | Pellucid Solution

Relentless search for excellence, desire for upgrading and perseverance can help an entrepreneur become successful in the eCommerce business. It is essential to synchronize the necessary steps at the correct time.

Challenges Faced By Startups While Developing Mobile Apps

If you’ve ever been to an online app store then you’ll know that there is not just an app for everything, there are at least two or three. All of these apps are jockeying for position, desperately trying to be the one that breaks out and makes it big. So, one of the biggest challenges for any start up is to stand out.

Effective ways to Promote your Mobile App | Pellucid Solution

Now the question that arises is what are the most effective ways to promote an App? And a simple answer is that there is no ‘Best way’ as one has to utilize multiple tactics to target the right audience.

Magento Support & Maintenance | Pellucid Solution

Is your Magento look in need of some care and attention? E-commerce could be a competitive business and you can’t afford to lose customers at any stage of the process, including at checkout. After you have worked so hard to get the desired traffic to your web site and make potential sales, slow operation or a store crash will be the distinction between lifelong customers and losing a sale.

Ultimate Web Design & Development Company | eCommerce Website Design | Artistic & Futuristic Web Solution

One stop solution for all IT requirements. Best in class service for Web Design & Development, Mobile App Development, Server Security Solutions & Digital Marketing. An MNC with presence in US and UK and headquarters in India.

Key Elements to follow in Web Designing | Pellucid Solution

Web design is an evolving art. There is an evident difference in the way web pages used to appear once, and how they appear now. They are far more streamlined and user-friendly than before. Online marketing also is a far more lucrative option than outbound marketing, as Content marketing costs 62% less than outbound.

Ways to App Downloads | Pellucid Solution

Your app has been finally built after much hard work and effort. The design, the app icon, everything has been finalized and on every device on which it has been tested, the app worked flawlessly and you have given yourself that much-needed pat on the back as the app has been finally built. The only issue which remains is to prompt the users to download the app.

SEO Future - Voice, Video & Vernacular | Pellucid Solution

"OK Google", "Alexa", "Hey Siri" – these phrases have become extremely common. However, what most of us do not notice is our ever-increasing reliance on voice-based commands instead of just typing it out on any search engine. This is why we find a number of devices available which are aimed at providing solutions using voice-based commands.

Improve Web Page Speed | Pellucid Solution

It’s been nearly a decade since Google announced that a site’s page speed will be a critical factor in its ranking. This implies that a slow page speed would mean search engines can crawl fewer pages which could negatively affect its indexation.

E-commerce Audit, Why does your site need it? | Pellucid Solution

Having an E-Commerce store is merely not enough. With increasing competition and further challenges, you want to ensure that your customer gets a smooth experience and leaves the store satisfied. Perform this free E-Commerce Audit and find out how to overcome the problems and provide more sales driven content to the audience.

How to Migrate from HTTP to HTTPS..?

A quick check up on W3Schools datum on most well-liked browsers says it all! W3Schools gets on an average forty-five million monthly visits and therefore the trends collected by them since 2002 reveal that the Google Chrome browser has been the foremost popular so far.

Smart Goals & Its Implementation Using Google Analytics

A reporting feature for Google Analytics, Google launched it in 2015. Designed to provide advertisers with support, it can help them identify visits that are much more likely to convert, says CMS Wire. It's an excellent tool that can be used side by side with Google AdWords.

Chronic Problems Which can be Solved with Marketing Automation | Pellucid Solution

Marketing automation has become a highly discussed topic among marketers. And there is a good reason for this popularity! As the numbers via Ve Interactive suggest, marketing automation for B2B is on the road to become an industry worth $5.5 billion dollars.

Top Marketing Automation Tools | Pellucid Solution

Marketing is the indispensable business function that powers up the visibility of the brand. Marketing enables it to acquire new customers and build business accounts. The success of every business depends on how powerful its marketing is.

AMP News - Accelerated Mobile Pages News | Pellucid Solution

Google introduced open-source Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to render mobile pages quicker. Earlier, the AMP format was solely restricted to news, posts, how-to content, and instruction articles, however slowly and steady Google has been increasing the reach of AMP.

Changes to Facebook Algorithm is Affecting Advertisements

It's not news, or at least it shouldn't be, that Facebook taps its user base and performs research on the massive trove of data. However, the aim is not to get more ads in front of more users but to feed deep learning algorithms. Yes, machine learning and artificial intelligence in Facebook are being used for multiple purposes, and one of those is more personalized advertisements.

Google Mobile First Indexing | Pellucid Solution

Mobile 1st classification is making a buzz within the world of digital selling in 2018. All blogs and articles are providing you with recommendation on how's, whys and what's of Google's latest roll-out. But everyone is talking regarding what's to be done. no one is telling the precise steps you wish to require.

Remove Bad Reviews from Online Platforms | Pellucid Solution

When your online business relies heavily on customer reviews, receiving negative feedback can be devastating. Unfortunately, these reviews are often left flippantly, sometimes even by people who had no actual experience with your company. What these people see as a harmless prank can have a serious negative impact on your online business.

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