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Ocean Exploration Isn't Getting Much Attention And We Aren't Happy - Viralbake

Unlike space exploration, ocean exploration isn't the most enticing topic among researchers and we tried to find the reasons behind the same.

4 Simple Reasons Why You Should Not Drink Coffee On An Empty Stomach - Viralbake

Although, drinking coffee keeps depression and Alzheimer's away. But still here are the 4 reasons why you should not drink coffee empty stomach.

10 Secrets Associated With Illuminati - The Enlightened Ones - Viralbake

Is Illuminati existence real or a mere bed time story? These 10 Illuminati secrets will help you figure out the truth about the conspiracy.

Here Are The 10 Things You Need To Know About MCU's Phase 4 - Viralbake

Marvel has made a huge announcement, by revealing number of titles that they are working on. And here are the 10 things you need to know about MCU phase 4.

Delhi Government Is Organising Monsoon Festival In The City For You - Viralbake

Delhi government is organising a three-days long monsoon festival. Get excited and read to find out when and where this festival will be held.

COD Mobile Vs PUBG Mobile - Chicken Dinner Has Some Serious Competition - Viralbake

Confused what shooting game to install? Here we compare COD Mobile Vs PUBG Mobile to present the differences and similarities of both the games.

Overburden At Work? Here Is How To Politely Say No To Your Boss For Extra Work - Viralbake

Your manager is handing you over extra work that you couldn't say "No" to. To help you fix this stressing situation here is how to say no politely at work.

Was Lord Shiva An Alien? Theories That Questions The Un-Obvious - Viralbake

Lord Shiva is actually a Swayambhu, which means he was created and not born, unlike humans. So was Lord Shiva An Alien? Or is it yet another conspiracy?

Overburden At Work? Here Is How To Politely Say No To Your Boss For Extra Work - Viralbake

Your manager is handing you over extra work that you couldn't say "No" to. To help you fix this stressing situation here is how to say no politely at work.

15 Fun To Play Drinking Games To Jazz Up You Next Party - Viralbake

Missing the fun at the party? Gather your friends together and try these 15 fun to play drinking games that are capable of jazzing up any party.

Use These 4 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Cockroaches From Your Home - Viralbake

No one likes cockroaches, they are creepy. You might want to stomp them with your feet but you don’t want to kill anyone. Although, all those insecticides that are available in the market guarantees to get rid of cockroaches.

10 Haunted Places In India That Will Have You Grabbing Your Crush’s Hand - Viralbake

Want to see a ghost doing all the notorious things? Here is the list of 10 haunted places in India that will help discover one.

These Are The Best Proposing Ideas If You And Your Partner Love Traveling - Viralbake

Thinking about proposing your girlfriend? But doing it over a candlelight dinner is not so romantic. Don't worry here are the cool proposing ideas for you.

These 20 Gift Ideas For Men Is Everything You Have Been Looking For - Viralbake

Get him the gift that would put a smile on his endearing face. Here are 20 unique gift ideas for men that is all you have been searching for.

Mulling about hitting the gym is easy and one of the most pleasant things ever. However, motivating oneself to hit the gym could get daunting. At the earliest, you will get up early morning time, don all the right accessories and stretch like a jelly in the gym, but doing the same, on repeat, for days and weeks is a sturdy process. Workout Motivation Tips

Top 5 Electric SUVs That You Can Bring Home In 2019 - Viralbake

Love SUVs and looking to buy one? From Volvo to Jaguar, here is the list of top 5 electric SUVs that you can bring home in 2019.

Raksha Bandhan Gift Ideas: Best Gadgets You Can Gift Your Sibling This Rakhi - Viralbake

Raksha Bandhan Gift Ideas: With Rakhsha Bandhan just around the corner, here is the list of gadgets that you can gift your sister.

Here Are The Latest Funny Memes Inspired From The Man Vs Wild Episode Featuring Modi Ji - Viralbake

After the broadcast of the episode, the internet is overflowing with these latest funny memes. Take a short break and make your day with all new Modi memes.

Do You Know This Is The Best Time To Practice Yoga? - Viralbake

Some people practice yoga in the morning while other do it in evening. But what is the best time to practice yoga? Read to find out.

Man Vs Wild: Highlights From Bear Grylls Adventure With PM Modi - Viralbake

PM Modi in a freshly brewed episode of Man Vs Wild walks the Jim Corbett National Park in Uttrakhand to churn a replenishing experience.

5 Facts About Batman And His Body That Every Fan Should Know About - Viralbake

Batman the name that needs no introduction. One of the most popular superheroes of all time. People might love Ironman 3000 times. But fans love for this black-suited superhero from DC comics is infinite.

Going For An Interview? Here Are The 5 Signs They Will Hire You - Viralbake

Many people get nervous when they have to go for a Job interview. Even if they are qualified and skilled enough to get the job, there is something that makes us feel nervous.

Janmashtami Wishes, Messages 2019 You Can Send To Your Loved Ones - Viralbake

Celebrating Janshmasti? Here is the list of Janmashtami wishes and messages that you can send to your friends and family members on a pious day.

Internet Has Mixed Reactions On Gulab Jamun Ki Sabzi. And Yes It Exists - Viralbake

For facts, Gulab Jamun ki Sabzi does exist and is a famous Rajasthani dish. However, the majority of Twitter wasn’t aware of the same.

Here Are 10 Pictures That Will "Ruin Your Day" - Viralbake

Herein we scoop out 10 funny pictures from just_here_to_ruin_your_day Instagram page that will do exactly what the page's tag name says - ruin your day.