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Meditation & Jewelry

Many of us focus on Morning Meditation, as this helps us to cope up with the day to day stress in our modern lives. To overcome the daily stress meditation acts as the best treatment that not only nurtures the inner strength but also gives long term pleasure to body and mind.

A Simple Guide on How to Meditate Effectively

The best meditation for beginners is Guided Meditation. The reflection is done within guidelines which help increase effectiveness. A great example would be a meditation app, these provide more structure to the meditation process. Without it, scheduled meditation sessions are often forgotten in the hustle and bustle of life.

Morning Meditation- Perfect For The Healthy Lifestyle

Want to make your Morning Meditation enjoyable and ensure you don’t forget it even with a busy schedule? We will provide you with everything you need.

Have you thought of how long Buddha Jewellery items last? You should research this before buying any meditation or symbolic jewellery. No one wants to spend money on something that will last for a few days and then it loses its meaning.

Meditation App for Beginners- A Complete Learning App

Have you always wanted to try meditation but you don’t know where to start? Silatha is an excellent Meditation App for Beginners. Download it today!

Unwind Your Inner Self with Intention-Based Meditation

The experiences we go through everyday can toss you to and fro leaving you empty and discouraged. If we are not careful, the experiences can alter your worldview in a negative way. Intention Based Meditation will help you avert the dangers posed by such difficult experiences.

Reinvigorate Your Inner World with Positive Mediation, Says the Maestro in Meditation Coaching

Meditation has recently been dubbed as the surest formula for reconnecting with one’s inner self and unleash the optimum potential within. As such, there have been a number of trends in the industry.

Healing Gemstone Jewellery- Best For the Extreme Relax

Did you know that there is a healing power that comes with gemstones? You can get some powerful healing qualities with Healing Gemstone Jewellery pieces of your choice.

Some meditation instructors might advise you to buy Jewellery with a Meaning. Such factors should always be put in to consideration before deciding on which mediation program you will join.

Look Admirable And Cool With Mediation Jewelry

Are you in need of Mediation Jewelry? Silatha is the best place where you can find an assortment of excellent options that you’ll definitely love. Visit them today!

If you are a gym fanatic, then you definitely understand the importance of coming up with a plan on how you will fit your gym sessions into your daily routine. Similarly, when it comes to meditation, you need to consider your daily schedule and afterwards come up with a designated time for your Guided Meditation sessions.

Pay gratitude to the elements as they move through your day will help us to feel more connected to the natural world. Apart from wearing spiritual jewellery, you can begin by noticing the elements outside of you, the fire of the sun & the water you bathe in.

Latest Design Of Spiritual Jewelry For Mind- Silatha

Feel the need to brighten your mood as well as look good? Get a piece or two of our Spiritual Jewelry For Mind and sooth your soul.

At Silatha we carry stones which we believe align strongly to the common energies which can help transform and support us on our journeys. Each stone is accompanied with a specific 21 day Guided Meditation practice, to facilitate your transformation.