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Mark William Properties is a gateway for Renters to find prospective condos and apartments in Burlington, Vermont. Our team facilitates smooth transactions between parties during the processing of the lease agreement and will even extend customer care afterward signing the lease.

How to Find a Great Place to Stay in Vermont

Did you know that Vermont is one of the world’s leading suppliers of the yummy staple maple syrup for breakfast? The State also has over 100 wooden bridges that have been around since the 19th century! It has thousands of acres of forest terrain perfect for skiing and hiking.

The Top Three Attractions to Visit in Burlington, Vermont

As Vermont’s largest city, Burlington is where most of the State’s economic activity happens. The city boasts of a thriving tourism sector that also supports its real estate industry. Whether you’re planning to have your vacation here or settle down for good

Staying at Vermont for Study or Work? Here’s How to Save on Your Accommodation

Are you planning to stay in Vermont for work or school? If yes, be sure to find great accommodation ahead of time. Remember that the State is one of the United States’ prime tourist or education destinations, and apartments or houses for rent options would run out sooner than you think.

Renting a House in Burlington, VT? Here’s What You Should Know

Burlington, VT can easily be considered one of the top performing cities in the US. And you’ll surely have a lot of reasons to visit here, be it educational, work, or travel purposes. If you’re planning to rent a house in VT either for long-term or short term stay

Renting an Apartment in Burlington, VT? Be Aware of These Hidden Fees

As Vermont’s most populous and progressive city, Burlington receives thousands of tourists annually. If you’re planning to visit here, one of the things you need to plan carefully is your accommodation. It’s easy to fall into the trap of paying too much for an apartment. Living in Burlington, VT could give you countless of travel and other opportunities. Just look into the factors above to find the perfect place to rent.

Getting Started with Your Off-Campus Housing Budget

If you’re a student who couldn’t stand another semester living in your college dormitory, you might want to find your place off-campus. There are so many things that you need to consider in finding off-campus apartments in Burlington, Vermont.

First Time in VT? Do These to Enjoy the Best of Burlington, Vermont in One Day

Burlington, VT can easily be considered a traveler’s and young professionals’ haven with its natural attractions and bustling city life. For anyone planning to visit or settle down in VT, looking for affordable apartments in Burlington, Vermont is the best way to start.

The Best Things about Living in Burlington, Vermont

Are you a student looking for a great university to study in? Are you an entrepreneur searching for a perfect location for your next office? Or are you a young professional looking for work and planning to settle down soon? Whatever your aim, you can certainly find Vermont a suitable place to live. All you need to do is look for the right apartments in Burlington, Vermont to live to enjoy the following perks of being in this city

Parks You Might like to Visit in Burlington, VT

Booming commerce and world-class education aside, Burlington, Vermont is also blessed with natural wonders that attract tourists from all around the world. This is the reason apartments in Burlington, Vermont abound in different areas of the city and suburbs, giving visitors a wealth of options on where to live.

A Perfect Place to Live In

Burlington is the heart of a small urban area and considered as Vermont’s cosmopolitan center and also a place where you can enjoy a liberal environment. The city is also a college town populated with a lot of students, and because of that, it’s considered a highly significant commercial city.