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Spanish55 - learn spanish online, skype spanish tutors, online spanish classes

Private Spanish lessons around your schedule
We specialize in teaching Spanish to native English-speakers. Learn Spanish one-on-one with a certified Spanish tutor over Skype. Check our website now:


Learn Spanish online — Benefits and Advantages

There is a saying that every language is one more human. When it comes to learning a new language, the more you know, the more you are likely to become a world citizen. In this regard, knowing one more language comes forward as a strong incentive to consider. The benefits and advantages of Spanish are countless. You can define the most important ones for yourselves to start learning. In this regard, there are online tools to do so. You can learn Spanish online, which means an opportunity to learn it conveniently. Our company has various services, such as online lessons. In this way, you can learn Spanish with Skype. Students start to learn Spanish online in terms of advancing their speaking skills at a conversational level. You can learn Spanish with Skype more quickly compared to other methods with Spanish tutors. However, there is certain information that you should be aware of the current conditions of the courses. So, you can have a broad understanding of the Spanish lessons.
Why learn a second language?
People often complain about the language barrier they have even if their grammar is perfect. That is due to lack of communication with the native speakers of the language. Therefore, they struggle with expressing themselves appropriately. Other than that, several benefits are waiting for you once you start to learn Spanish online intensively. Firstly, you should know some facts about the Spanish language so that it can drag your attention. In this way, you facilitate your job and have self-awareness of what advantages are here to consider. In the long run, you become a world citizen. Improved job opportunities are a win-win situation for you. The Spanish labor market could add up a substantial amount to your income. In the meantime, be aware that the number of Spanish speaking population of the world reaches almost 437 million native speakers. That should be an incentive for you to prioritize your Spanish lessons as soon as possible.
Difficulties you may face
On the other hand, learning a new language isn’t as easy as it seems. Therefore, being able to speak a new language fluently requires not only completing tasks but also self-effort. At the same time, it is easier to spread out the newly-learned language to the daily routine. With this in mind, you will subsequently progress your speaking through regular communication. Sometimes people ask, why is this important? While using vocabulary every day, you can become familiar with the language. In this way, you can come across unique words that are likely to uphold your level of Spanish. Not everyone has a chance to communicate with native speakers face to face. In this case, for those who are learning Spanish as a second language becomes challenged due to a lack of direct communication. However, that isn’t the end of the world. Online learning is the way out of this uncomfortable situation. Interactive learning is an affordable method of learning a new language that speeds up the process. In the meantime, you can avoid vague and very formal use of the words if you learn Spanish with Skype with Spanish tutors. That is how this method comes up as a new generation tool to teach the Spanish lessons in a very modernist manner. That is what makes this course unique. For that reason, online Spanish lessons become the widely spread method for learning it in the online sphere.
Be on time

Nevertheless, the uniqueness of online language courses is scheduling the lesson with regards to your preferences. There is no chance to miss classes. For the younger generation, such an opportunity is, of course, the advantaged one. While evaluating the benefits of online studying keep in mind that you avoid concerns over attendance and possible absences. Adversely, in regular classrooms, you might forget when does the class start or be late for classes. In this regard, you probably miss the lessons, and your intensive language study gets interrupted. Also, for example, traffic jams can appear as a time-consuming problem if you try to take classes regularly.
What are the health-related benefits to you?

Bilingual individuals are more likely to have control over complex tasks compared to monolinguals. Maybe that would trigger you to learn online Spanish as soon as you find the time. Studies prove that bilingual people are less stressed and have less brain activity-related health issues. For that reason, it becomes even more attractive for the primarily young generation to learn a second language. As far as you may know, native speakers of the Spanish language are communicative and happy people. By learning this language, you might make long-lasting friendships. Also, the Spanish language is spoken in a lot of countries, widely in Latin America. So, while traveling, you won’t have any language barrier and enjoy the vacation to the fullest. In this way, you can enlarge your communication skills together with adding Spanish friends to your circle. Being surrounded with new friends is the reason for feeling energized and wholesome. Once you become a fluent speaker, you will understand what it means. Exchanging ideas with foreigners will widen your perspective. In the long term, the quality of your life increases considerably.
Career management
Apart from the mentioned facts, being able to speak fluently in one language brings you forward in career goals one step closer to success. One might ask, how? Recruiters often seek social people who are good at saving the situation when it comes to business deals. For that reason, having substantial knowledge about the second language will boost your career opportunities to a greater extent. That is going to strike you to start to learn Spanish online. Also, with the help of technological improvements, you can learn Spanish with Skype in which you will be taking classes from Spanish tutors. In this regard, students feel more reliant on the possibility of becoming an advanced speaker in a short time. Those who learn Spanish with Skype are pleased with their level of Spanish.
The colorfulness of the culture
Accordingly, cultural diversity is something people are looking around to get engaged. Spanish culture will blow your mind in real terms. Latin American culture contains a lot of joy and energy in itself. Once you are an independent user of the language, the cultural differences become more interesting sphere to explore. A second language is an instrument to help you understand the world well. In this way, the impassable mountains are no longer an issue for you. People are afraid of what they don’t know. It applies to culture as well. If you don’t know how to cope with the things that are strange to you, you should learn what they are. People who learn Spanish online could reach remote areas by just knowing one additional language.
Affordability of online classes

Additionally, those who learn Spanish online save up money because regular classes cost higher than online ones. Compared to other methods, for now, those who learn Spanish with Skype are satisfied with the result. Speaking with Spanish tutors will advance your fluency in the language. This method pays off according to the review of the users. In the meantime, the course itself is intensive, which speeds up the process of being an independent user in a foreign language. At the same time, affordability of this method attracts many people who are willing to experience adventures. Online classes are convenient and bring knowledge to your home. In this regard, feel free to get information about our language course to bring out the maximum from you.


The best ways to learn Spanish online — Which path should you follow?

The best ways to learn Spanish online — Which path should you follow?

The Spanish language, which until recently was inferior in popularity to German and French, is confidently moving towards the status of the most widely spoken language in the world and is very close to the first place, which is still occupied by English. As the learn spanish online language is gaining popularity, many people are taking steps to learn it. In today’s world, many learn languages not from physical language centers, but from online schools and online resources and apps. Many resources are on the Internet, so people can easily access them, sometimes even free of charge. Apps are especially useful if you’re looking to learn the language but not necessarily speak it. It all depends on your goals with the language. Below we will talk about how to learn Spanish online and its advantages.

What to look for when choosing Skype Spanish tutors?

Spanish continues to receive momentum as California's unquestionable second language and in the United States, in general. Spanish might even become the most frequently spoken language in this nation in the upcoming years. For instance, the U.S. Census Bureau claims that Los Angeles, California's population is approximately 53 percent Latin American. That implies you might turn out to be an English-speaking minority in the nearest future if you are Caucasian. So it may be a good idea for you to know Spanish! As an adult, chances are you're involved with kids, job, household interactions, and many other responsibilities. Maybe you?re a student and have no time to bring a Spanish lesson into your timetable. Perhaps you've tried using mobile apps to learn Spanish, but you've realized that using an app is not close to interacting with a real person, so are apps to learn Spanish a good idea? As technology improves, many individuals are looking for Spanish tutors available on Skype. The Skype Spanish tutors arena continues to improve day by day all around the world. You may, therefore, consider Skype Spanish lessons for a many factors apart from price. Here, we are going to emphasize a couple of factors to take into account before choosing to Start with Skype Spanish lessons.

Learn Spanish Online - Consultation Demo (Spanish55)

You will meet for 55 minutes with a highly-qualified Spanish tutor over Skype. This is a online spanish classes opportunity to share your goals, to ask questions, and to experience one-on-one Spanish tutoring! If you are completely happy with your consultation, your tutor will give you instructions for step 2!


How to Find an Excellent Online Spanish Tutor

Nowadays, Spanish is becoming more popular and essential in numerous fields. If to consider that the Latin American population is rapidly increasing in the United States, we can say that the necessity of this language knowledge is growing day by day. Apart from this, learning Spanish is one of the widely popular activities among people all over the world. Learning Spanish online is not an exception. If you use Skype as an online tool to online spanish tutor, you will have an opportunity to develop communication skills with a representative of another cultural environment. Due to high demand, there are appearing more and more online spanish tutors across the globe. Let's talk about which aspects and qualities do you need to consider while choosing your very first excellent Spanish tutor.

Learn Spanish online with Spanish55 - Free consultation over Skype

Welcome to Spanish55, you made it! You are looking for options online, that tells me you are ready to speak Spanish, right?

The vast majority of our learners come to us for conversational fluency, if you share this goal please keep watching, I will tell you how you too can become fluent.

You have probably tried “everything”! from Spanish classes back in school, to Rosetta Stone, Duolingo or similar apps, audio CD’s, you name it.

All these tools are great!.. but chances are you are not any closer to your goals. We understand you want to speak Spanish with your friends, patients, or clients. You are not alone.

The harsh reality is that you will not learn to actually speak the language if you are missing the human component.

OK, this is where the fun begins, we need action on your part. You need to start by doing a 55-minute consultation over Skype. This consultation is a language diagnosis and goal-setting process. This is your chance to share your story, ask questions and experience one-on-one attention from a Spanish55 language coach.
Learn spanish by skype

Best Spanish Tutors in Houston at Affordable Rates

As per a report by a new US analysis, Houstonians speak at least 145 languages at present. The analysis revealed that Houstonians speak more languages than citizens in Calif, Riverside, Boston, Detroit, and Miami. According to the Census assessment, more than a quarter of Houston citizens who are over five years old speak a language other than English at home. Spanish comes second in the list of the most widely spoken languages spanish tutors in houston falling short only to English. So, if you are living in Houston without the knowledge of conversational Spanish to use in your daily life, you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to assess some online Spanish tutors and Spanish tutors in Houston, in general.
If you're determined to learn Spanish, finding a good teacher is one of the main checklist things. Even if you already understand the basics and would like to become a sophisticated Spanish speaker, it is essential to find the right tutor. A decent tutor will make your Spanish learning pleasant and practical. A language, after all, is much more than just phrases? It has got many complexities and cultural background that you need to tap into. A good tutor will assist you to discover the language's essence while letting you understand its subtleties as well. The critical issue is: how to find the best Spanish tutor? There are many ways to do this, from searching them on the internet to searching for licensed language organizations, and from skilled freelancers to courses at your local language organization, to finding online Spanish tutors. You have almost infinite possibilities. But here in this article, we are going to help you make an informed decision when choosing Spanish tutors in Houston.


Spanish lessons for beginners - The Best Way to Learn Spanish

Spanish lessons for beginners - The Best Way to Learn Spanish

There are hundreds of methodologies you could use while learning a new language. When you initially start, you may choose the wrong methods. Changing a learning methodology will prevent you from reaching the conversational fluency and waste your time. It is not possible to introduce all the successful ways others use in the learning process in a single blog. In this article, we are presenting the best and the easiest way you could use while learning Spanish. It is beneficial for those who are at the beginner level and eager to learn conversational Spanish.

If you have paid attention, we emphasize conversational Spanish in the first paragraph. There are several reasons why we said conversational Spanish instead of learning Spanish. First of all, speaking in a new language is an essential part of the learning process. Most people discover new language to connect with others. You cannot say that you will reach the fluency in Spanish by learning its grammar. There are several things you can think of before starting your journey to learn conversational Spanish online.

What is your purpose of learning conversational Spanish?

It needs to be the first question before starting your online Spanish classes. Learning Spanish may not seem an easy process, but you are lucky that the Spanish language is not the hardest one to learn. However, there will be times you will face challenges, and it will be a struggle to continue. You will be able to keep if you have a purpose to learn conversational Spanish. Everyone has a different reason for learning Spanish. For example, you may want to learn it because your work may involve the Spanish language. Travel, hobbies, adventure - all of them could motivate you to learn conversational Spanish. By exploring your purpose for online Spanish learning, you could manage to increase your motivation and focus. If you face difficulties while learning, go back to your goal in the initial stage. The purpose is what will keep you motivated.

Your Spanish language phrasebook

There are lots of phrasebook for new learners. Most of them contain thousands of phrases, but 70% of the sentences will be useless. Therefore, we recommend you to create your Spanish language phrasebook that includes words and phrases that you will use most of the time. You can focus on these words and try to use them during your conversations to improve your language. While creating your phrasebook, make sure to add words and expressions that you will use those words in your daily life.

Learn Conversational Connectors

To improve your conversational language, you need to learn particular elements that bridge the sentences and words. Without their usage, you will end up sounding like a robot. Learning those phrases are essential because they have importance to add space or to connect your sentences and ideas. They are crucial elements to create fluency in your speaking. Also, you do not need to remember all these connectors at once. You can pick some of them and try to use them during communications. It would be the fastest way to learn and remember them.

Learn with native Spanish speakers

It is the most effective way to reach conversational fluency in any language you want to learn. To learn conversational Spanish, you need to practice it daily. You may not live in a country where many native Spanish speakers live, but it should not be your excuse. In today's world with modern technology, you can easily find native speakers online. Therefore nowadays, experts recommend you to learn conversational Spanish online. We can support that how online Spanish learning is better than in in-person. Therefore, finding a native speaker should be an issue while learning Spanish.

In Spanish55 you will meet with a team of native Spanish speakers who are ready to help you to learn conversational Spanish. These Skype Spanish tutors are certified and have years of experience in working with English-speaking adults. You will be able to connect with your instructor in a few seconds. Online Spanish learning is the most comfortable way because of its flexibility. Because during one-on-one lessons tutor pays attention only to you. There is no distraction from outside. You sit in your favorite place in your home and practice Spanish while drinking your favorite tea. Also, at Spanish55 tutors work in the private and distraction-free environment with a high-speed internet connection. A comfortable environment will help you to focus smoothly and improve your language level quickly.

Online Skype Lessons

Nowadays, Skype lessons are the best way to learn any language. Spanish55 provides this convenience for you. Just open your computer and wait for a Skype call from your tutor. No need to travel a long distance to participate in traditional classes. Its flexibility will allow you to adjust the lessons into your daily life. Spanish55 choose Skype because it is free to use and has many flexibilities, such as screen sharing or file sharing. If you have any problems with the technology, you can call Spanish55 team and accept their help without any additional purchases.

One day before your regular class, you will receive a kind email reminder from your tutor. Also, two hours before the course, you will probably receive a text message. If you want to cancel the class, you need to reply with '2' to the letter. It will allow your tutor to get notification about the cancel of quality. Also, you can use different third-party software to record your Skype lessons. It will help you to review the lesson materials quickly. If you search for these programs, you will see different software such as Ecamm, Evaer, etc.

Also, when you communicate with your Spanish55 tutor, you can learn a lot about their culture and traditions. It is like traveling somewhere without buying a plane ticket. A lot of people know the power of immersion while learning a new language. However, most of them are afraid of the idea of full immersion in a foreign country. But online Spanish55 lessons will allow us staying at your comfortable home while experiencing the total language immersion.


Another advantage of learning Spanish online is about accessing student reviews of your potential tutor. You can see reviews easily and verify your instructor's credentials. Unfortunately, some websites easily made up reviews and post them. But in several ways, you can be sure that these reviews are not fake. Before reading the reviews, you check whether third-parties have verified them or not. Or some websites like verifies the user before letting him/her write a review.

Steps to follow

At Spanish55 you will get a chance to meet with your potential tutor through free Skype conversation, which will last about 55 minutes. Later on, you can decide whether you want to continue with that instructor or not. If you are happy with that tutor, then the next step is the student portal. At your student portal, you can create and edit your schedule easily. Also, you can see your tutor's calendar and adjust yours accordingly. It allows you to cancel the lessons without calling your tutor and notifying him/her about class cancel. As you can see to learn conversational Spanish is no longer a problem and Spanish55 provides all the easiness for you.

Spanish lessons for beginners - The Best Way to Learn Spanish

Whether you are a student with a dream to travel the world or an adult who needs more competencies to find a well-paid job, you will always find yourself in longing about learning a foreign language. Most of us have set learning a language as a goal in our minds; however, only some of us put this desire as a target and started learning. So, why most people procrastinate their dreams or needs of a new language? One of the reasons for spanish lessons for beginners to learn a new language is that we do not know how and where to start. We might get hesitated when we open a book full of unknown words. We might think we are not capable of learning all those new words. Even if you feel ready to learn, your wallet might oppose this idea. It is commonly known that language centers set inflated prices for classes, which further pushes you to procrastinate learning to indefinite future. Besides, you might be just extremely busy and not be able to find a suitable time to attend group lessons. I was also afraid of those barriers when I first started Spanish lessons for beginners. Till that time, I had no idea what is the best way to learn Spanish. However, I realized that online Spanish lessons removed many of the previously mentioned problems. As a result, I achieved my target of learning the Spanish language in a short period of time. In this article, I will share the best way of how to learn Spanish quickly with you, starting from creating a plan to diving into the language.


What is Spanish coaching? How is it different from group lessons?

There will be one essential question before you reserve your Spanish class. Is it better to learn Spanish with a group of people, or is it better to take courses with an individual coach? We cannot give an exact answer to the questions as it depends on your preferences. However, nowadays, most people prefer Spanish coaching to group lessons because of its flexibility. You can choose Spanish coaching in several cases. Firstly, if you want to learn Spanish in a short period, then you can select Spanish coaching. Also, if you have the background and want to improve your level, then this methodology will fit you as well. If you choose private coaching, you will be able to adjust lessons based on your level and needs and learn at your own pace.

Before differentiating group lessons and private ones, let's discuss what Spanish coaching is? Every language coach teaches you how to learn a new language. The main goal is to improve your level and performance. There are vast differences between helping someone to learn and teaching them a new language. A coach focuses on helping you learn rather than teaching you.
More info at:

Why a private Spanish lesson is better than a group lesson - Explained!

If you ever thought about taking a private Spanish lesson, you came to the right website. Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world and the second one through the United States of America. In states like Florida, people are more familiar with Spanish than English, and honestly, we don't blame them. Spanish is a beautiful language, giving South America it's Latino flavor. It is a very romantic language, full off sounds reminding us of salsa or flamenco. As most people know, every South American country has a different Spanish accent. It might differ in tongue rolling sounds, unusual words or phrases, and sayings. If you want to learn Spanish, ask your future tutors about the different accents. It is a fascinating topic, and you will learn new things. However, you should decide if you want to learn this new language in private or in a group class. This choice depends on your studying methods as well, but also on how hard you consider the language. In this case, we fully support private Spanish lessons because we know that in the beginning, it could seem tricky. Depending on your mother tongue, you might find it hard adapting to Spanish and its lingering sounds. Therefore, it might take some time until you get used to everything this language implies. Having a personal teacher, always available to your questions, will speed up the learning process. Also, it will surely give you a confidence boost. In this article, we are going to present the pros and cons of private and group Spanish lessons. Having information from the start is always better than researching or having none at all.

2019 Ultimate Guide to Finding Online Spanish Lessons for Beginners

Before coming up with the idea of learning one more language, you should have long term goals to accomplish. In this way, you can reach the end more quickly, namely, learning the language at an advanced level. Nowadays, Spanish becomes one of the most wanted languages in the labor market. Therefore, Spanish lessons for beginners are the trending topic among those who want to start learning Spanish. At this moment, online Spanish lessons seem more convenient for students who are prone to benefit from their second language skills in various perspectives. In general, online Spanish lessons appear as a rational choice in terms of helping learners with their convenience. Other than that, those who are willing to learn Spanish as a foreign language might look through options like Spanish lessons for beginners. In this regard, you will benefit from the advantages of online studying.


Medical Spanish for Healthcare Professionals

Medical Spanish for Healthcare Professionals

Communication is always critical, particularly in healthcare. Spanish55 helps to learn Spanish for healthcare professionals in order to reach effective communication in cross-cultural environments. Healthcare professionals must build rapport. Our conversational approach makes this a breeze. We cover basic greetings and introductions. We then focus on the collection of accurate patient-specific data, treatment planning, diagnostic testing, and providing explanations and instructions.

You will be well equipped to easily schedule the appointment, greet the patient, document the problem, order diagnostic tests and develop a treatment plan. Having mastered these components, follow-up visits and long term treatment planning will become simple and routine.


Learn Medical Spanish Online for Physician Assistants

Are you a physician assistant looking for a highly conversational approach to mastering fluency in the Spanish language? Your time is highly valuable. You need a personal online medical Spanish coach to help minimize learning time. In order to accommodate busy schedules, we have adopted Skype to coach our learners one-on-one in the most convenient way possible. It is as easy as opening up your laptop and tapping the app at a location most convenient for you.

First impressions are very important. A successful relationship starts with building rapport with Spanish-speaking patients. As you know, learn medical Spanish language and cultural skills are needed in order to better understand and connect with patients. Cross-cultural communication skills are critical for clinical practice success and quality outcomes.

During the course of your online learn medical Spanish coaching, you will be introduced to the basic conversation and medical terminology. You will learn pronunciation guidelines and phrases that enable you to communicate using the Spanish language. Also, you will be exposed to practical vocabulary, for instance: body parts, common symptoms, diseases, and medical equipment. You will develop the ability to interact in Spanish with patients all across the United States and Spanish-speaking countries.


Skype Spanish Lessons - Best way to become Fluent in Spanish

Skype Spanish Lessons - Best way to become Fluent in Spanish

Learning Spanish, or any other language, using the power of the internet is becoming fluent in spanish increasingly common. The ability to start a videoconference with a person 500 miles away in just a few milliseconds opens the door for endless opportunities. It is easy to experience a one-on-one Spanish lesson over Skype as most providers for Skype Spanish lessons provide a consultation. At Spanish55, you will be offered a 55-minute consultation free of charge with absolutely no commitments.