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Canex is an online portal that is dedicated to serve all the information related to CBD products and their legalisation in UK with their legal use in various areas of medical science. We have been providing the best CBD product reviews to help CBD users in understanding how to use CBD products and how it will affect them. We also aim to focus on innovations in CBD industry with the study on CBD oils and how they can be beneficial in curing various diseases.

We share our views, opinions, product reviews and the latest news on CBD related products with honesty without creating any kind of fake or misleading news.


It doesn’t come as a surprise that CBD which is also known to be the non-psychoactive compound is found in the plants of cannabis. As per the reports of CBD users, anxiety is considered to be the one from the top three reasons for consuming the products that consist of cannabis, along with pain and depression. Considering that most of the population suffers from the problem of anxiety, CBD comes as a relief for the people.

Satipharm Launches New CBD Oil in European Market

Satipharm, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Canadian CBD producer, Harvest One, has announced the launch of a new CBD oil. The first flavour - Lemon and Lime.

UK CBD Brand Expand into Tesco Stores - Tesco Pharmacies

UK CBD Brand, Vitality CBD, has announced a deal to stock its products in Tesco stores. The product will be available in all 378 Tesco pharmacies.

CBD Tonic Water Launched By BumbleZest Drinks

BumbleZest Drinks have released the perfect accompaniment to Britain's favourite spirit (gin) - a CBD tonic water, made from 100% natural ingredients.

Do You Know What’s in Your Cannabis?

Cannabis belongs to a group of plants that are said to have psychoactive effects. When the flower of these plants is harvested we get the drug, known as marijuana or weed.

Top Beverages CBD Spirits - Masala Vodka Review

To celebrate Top Beverage's growing selection of uniquely flavoured spirits, we decided to sample their CBD Masala Vodka. 

CBD Chocolate and Gummies by Paso - A Canex Review

The distinctive grassy taste of CBD can be troubling for businesses looking to incorporate CBD into sweet treats like chocolate and gummies. Yet Paso CBD...

Hello CBD's Fruity Soft Drinks: A Canex Review

Many CBD products don't succeed at disguiding the often unpleasant taste od the Cannabis compound - but that wasn't the case with UK Hello CBD drinks...

Can You Take Your CBD Products On a Flight? – CBD UK Guides

Due to the continually growing portfolio of CBD products, the manufacturers have enhanced the use of the cannabidiol ingredient. From lollipops, brownies to coffee and beers, it is becoming increasingly available. Though CBD is legal in the UK, yet taking CBD products on a flight has some lawful regulations. You should know the legality of the CBD products before you pack your bags.

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Catch all the latest news and reviews of cannabis products at Canex. Learn more about legalisation and the latest cannabis product reviews. Visit their website today!

Benefits of Latest CBD Products On A Variety Of Illnesses Online

Find all the information related to cannabis and its health benefits at Canex. Cannabidiol (CBD) is an active ingredient in cannabis derived from the hemp plant. It also shows potential in a treatment for anxiety disorders and nicotine addiction. Visit the website for more information!!

A Guide To CBD Products and Their Benefits

Find the ultimate guide that will help you in finding the best CBD products and understanding their benefits. Browse through their website to know more about CBD products and their use in treating different kind of diseases.

Know All About CBD Legalisation and Regulations In UK

Get the latest news on legalisation of cannabis in United Kingdom at Canex. They provide all the breaking news and articles related to CBD legalisation and its uses for medical purpose. Visit their website today!!

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CBD Psoriasis Cream by Canzon - A Canex Review

One of the conditions that may benefit from CBD application is Psoriasis, so we're testing Canzon's CBD Psoriasis cream to see how it coulfd help.

Hert's Hemp CBD Oil Drops - A Canex Review

Over the last few weeks, I have been sampling Hert's Hemp 18% CBD Oil Drops. Read our review to find out what we thought of the product.

CBD Patches and CBD Gummies by Budslife - A Canex Review

Budslife's CBD patches represent the core of the brand as a more discrete option for CBD dosing. However, the brand also retails CBD gummies and vape pens.

Catch all the latest news and reviews of cannabis (CBD) products at Canex. Learn more about legalisation and the latest cannabis product reviews. Visit their website today!