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Updated by Mike Callahan on Jul 18, 2019
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5 Proven Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea is one of the most popular beverages in the world. Many people love it for its unique taste as well as the incredible health benefits that it offers. The article below provides details about 5 health benefits that green tea offers.


Cancer prevention

Several studies have been conducted in the recent past to investigate the relationship between green tea and cancer prevention. And indeed the results have proven to be quite desirable. While no solid evidence has been presented which supports the claim that green tea can effectively help you ward off cancer, several nutrients that are present in green tea have proven to be quite effective in this regard. Particularly in countries where the green tea consumption is rather high, cancer rates are quite low. Of course other lifestyle factors can also be contributing causes for this. However many studies have shown that green tea can reduce the risks of breast, bladder, ovarian, lung, prostate and stomach cancer. You can enjoy these immense health benefits as you consume high quality pure Ceylon tea.


Improved heart health

Quite a number of people know about the benefits that green tea offers to those who are suffering from heart conditions. Cardiovascular disease can be controlled quite effectively with green tea. The catechins that are present in green tea can improve the production of protective effects in the cardivuscular system. Therefore, green tea is a great addition to your daily diet if your family has a history of heart problems. You can opt to buy Ceylon green tea next time you go shopping and enhance the quality of life of your family members!


Lowering cholesterol

A large number of people in the world today are suffering from increased levels of cholesterol. Green tea can certainly help you to lower your cholesterol levels and enhance the quality of your health. A study that was conducted back in the year 2011 found out that green tea can help reduce LDL levels, or bad cholesterol levels.


Reduces risks of developing type 2 diabetes

Lifestyle patterns and other stresses have caused many people to suffer from diabetes. It is indeed a silent killer that affects the quality of your life and takes away from you your chances of living your best life. While a good diet and an exercise regimen can help you battle diabetes, green tea can also help you to ward off this terrible condition. Of course the studies that have been conducted on the subject throughout the years have provided inconsistent results. Some studies showed that green tea drinkers enjoyed lower risks of developing type 2 diabetes while others showed no connection between type 2 diabetes and green tea.


Weight loss

There are plenty of people in the world who struggle with obesity nowadays. Indeed, it can impact the way you live your life! Obesity comes with a range of health problems and challenges which makes it quite necessary for everyone to actively take steps to bring the situation under control. Green tea can effectively help people who are on a fitness journey to see great results within a short period of time.