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Headline for Best ways to enjoy Tioman Island - Every activity an exciting one!
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Best ways to enjoy Tioman Island - Every activity an exciting one!

If you're someone who loves to have fun, relax and swim at the beach, Malaysia's Tioman Island is one of the best places to do so. Here is a list of all the fun and exciting things you can do when you're vacationing on Tioman Island.



A great way to kick start your stay here is to explore the many wonders that lie under the surface of the Tioman coastline by going snorkelling. An activity enjoyed by people who visit the Island from all across the world, it is most definitely fun and exciting. Excellent spots for snorkelling here are Coral Island, Salang Beach and Renggis Island. The marine life present in these waters makes this activity a unique and engaging experience. If you're lucky you'll even be able to witness reef black sharks swimming by. You will be able to see a whole new world underwater with gorgeous coral formations and various colourful fish that call these waters home.


Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is another excellent activity for you to try. When you go deep sea diving you'll go a step beyond regular snorkelling where you can witness the whole splendour of the underwater world here. You'll be able to see all the corals and marine life up close. Ideal spots for diving here are the Labas Island, Tiger Reef and Chebesh Island. If you're relatively new to diving, you can easily take up some diving lessons which are offered at the island and you can even get your PADI license. If you're on the lookout for Tioman hotels, there are so many amazing options that you can choose from, like the Berjaya Tioman Resort for instance.


Banana Boat Rides

An activity that you can take part in with many people, be it family or friends, is riding a banana boat. It's an interesting and fun little experience in which you have to wear a life jacket and hold on to the handles on the boat and try your best to not fall off while the boat twists and turns as it speeds across the water. This is basically like riding a rodeo bull but in the water.



With many beautiful fish and crustaceans living in the waters here, Kayaking is a simple and relaxing way to observe them. This is also an excellent activity to do with your partner or family, allowing you to spend some quality bonding time all the while relaxing on these serene waters.



If you're feeling a little adventurous or if you're looking something a little away from the ocean, trekking can be the ideal option for you. You'll be able to venture into the wilderness and visit the giant waterfall and even educate yourself on the various species of plants that are found on Tioman Island. From medicinal plants to curry leaves and so on, Tioman boasts lush and unique foliage. There are many routes found in Salang Bay, Monkey Bay, Juara and Tekek.