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7 reasons to hire a development team

Why should you hire a development team for your next project? Find out more here:


Cost savings

It’s often less expensive to hire software developers offshore than it is to do so within your home country, especially if you’re based in North America. While you’ll still be working with a skilled team, the price won’t be as steep as the alternative might be. Given that with this model, the outside team has its own infrastructure, you won’t need to worry about overhead costs — you’re just paying for the work itself.

You can also compare the costs of different development teams and factor in the price when choosing which team to handle your project. This is an especially important factor when you’re in the startup phase, because costs can really add up.


Time savings

When you hire development teams as opposed to using in-house developers, the project turnaround time is often much quicker. That’s because these teams generally have plenty of resources, including skilled personnel, to fully dedicate to your project and tend to be efficient, working within your timetables to meet your deadlines. Just remember to be clear about the timeframe upfront to avoid any miscommunication.



When you rely on an in-house team, you’re limiting the scope of your project to the skills and expertise of a select group of people who may not be able to meet certain requirements. When you hire software developers externally, you have access to a wide pool of talent that can augment the capabilities of your in-house team. Dedicated development teams often have specialized knowledge and experience working with complex projects



Given the competition in the global marketplace, dedicated development teams must be reliable, delivering consistent, high-quality results, in order to stay ahead of the curve and remain competitive. Not only will these teams give you affordable, timely results, but they will take great care to ensure that your project meets your requirements and produce exceptional results.

Many of these development teams have established procedures for updating you, staying in constant communication, and enabling you to see the status of your projects in real-time. This allows you to know where your project stands at any given point and express concerns along the way should any issues arise.


Established team

When you hire development teams, you’re retaining an already-established business to work on a specific function of your organization for you. These teams have skilled personnel, processes, and equipment in place. That means you won’t have to invest in training your in-house employees or buy expensive tools to develop software.

Moreover, many dedicated development teams have been performing this work consistently for a long time, so they have optimized their processes for efficiency. You won’t have to waste time managing employees because there is already a management infrastructure in place.



Projects and needs can change at any point. When they do, it’s important to have developers who are capable of quickly adapting to the new specifications. Given the level of experience, knowledge, and dedication of external software developers, you can expect your development team to adjust and change course easily and efficiently.

They can also adapt when budgetary factors and other parameters change, given that you’re only paying the team for the work it actually does.



Development is just one function of your business, and it can be difficult to manage priorities given all the other responsibilities you and your team members have. But dedicated development teams are called “dedicated” for a reason: they’re working on a single specific function and dedicating themselves solely to the development process of their client’s project.


Tips for hiring a development team

Hiring software developers is not without its risks. In order to maximize the benefits and avoid the pitfalls, keep the following tips in mind:

• Know your goals for the project and articulate them clearly to the development team.
• Define the scope of your project and create a timetable for its delivery upfront.
• Establish channels for communicating and stay in constant contact with your developers.
• Research any development team you are considering hiring, including reading reviews, evaluating their experience and portfolio, and checking references.

Creating new software requires expertise and dedication. It’s essential to hire a team that has the knowledge and skillset to develop a product that will meet — or even exceed — your requirements and expectations.



Whether you’re getting your startup off the ground or looking for the right developers to work on a specific project for an established organization, a dedicated development team could be the answer to your needs. Through this model, businesses hire in-house teams to focus exclusively on development or outsource their software development to remote providers around the world.

Because development is a critical function of many organizations, it’s essential to hire development teams with the right skill set. Even for organizations that already have in-house developers, a dedicated outside team can assist with specialized projects, collaborate with your employees, or manage any work overflow.

Why should you hire development teams? From cost savings to expertise, here are seven of the top reasons.