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Updated by Law Offices of Leon J. Snaid on Jan 24, 2020
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Immigration Lawyer In San Diego

Feel secure with a top Immigration Lawyer representing your needs. Use a Certified Immigration Law Specialist with more than 35 years’ experience to get your permanent residence (green card) visa or citizenship.

San Diego Immigration Lawyer

We have effectively spoken to a large number of customers in marriage, business/speculator and expert migration law since 1982. The purpose behind our high achievement rate in Immigration law is that we won't take on a case except if we accept we can support our customer.

Best Immigration Attorney In San Diego

Immigration and Business Lawyer. For 29 years, we have successfully represented people in marriage and family cases, multi-national corporations, Investors, people of extraordinary ability, professionals, skilled workers, religious workers, athletes, TN Visa applicants and people seeking citizenship.

Best E2 Immigration Attorney In San Diego

We provide all type of help related to e2 immigration visa. We have a professional e2 immigration attorney that provides all question and answer related your matter and solve your problem.

How To Choose The Nearest Immigration Lawyer

Always choose a right and professional immigration lawyer on your side. that provide all type of help in your favor. Whether you are seeking to for a visa or green card, business immigration, and marriage immigration.

Best E2 Immigration Attorney In Sam Diego

Low-value immigration attorneys make their immigration offices as an entrance to their solicit business. While this is not considered ethical behavior by the legal bar. Moreover, a good e2 immigration attorney is always busy following immigration law and working for their clients to devote their time rounding up new clients this way.

E2 Visa Attorney And E2 Treaty Investor Visa

Contact our attorney for E2 treaty investor visa. Our attorney has extensive experience in Investor Visa (E-1 & E-2) and Green Card marriage immigration, business immigration attorney, matters. They provide all type of help in immigration.

Best Marriage Immigration Lawyer In San Diego

One of the goals of a marriage immigration lawyer is to unite families. They try to follow the provisions in the law to make sure that people who are married or engaged can be together in San Diego. However, there are some misinterpretations about marriage and immigration. It is believed that marriage to a U.S. citizen results in automatic citizenship for the spouse. But in reality, nothing is automatic in a marriage-based immigration case. Rather, the marriage generates certain possibilities in the legal immigration process and you must follow those results.

Family-Based Immigration Lawyer In San Diego

We will only take on genuine marriage cases. Our reputation and integrity are too precious for us to be involved in phony green card applications.

Best Business Immigration Attorney In San Diego

Our professional Business immigration lawyer provides the best knowledge about business immigration.Mr. Snaid has well knowledge about Corporate, Business and Commercial laws. We provide our services in the following areas like Formation of Corporations and LLC’s, Partnerships, Stockholder Agreements, Transactional Agreements. We don't work on business litigation.

Best Family immigration lawyer In san Diego

The Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) separates the immigration visas for relatives of United States inhabitants into two classifications. The first is "Close Relative" outsider visas and the second is "Family Preference" foreigner visas.

Best way to get a working visa for the USA

There are many different types of temporary visas, in three basic groups likes Business, Employee, and Religious. The only one thing they all have in common is that at the time the person enters the U.S., they intend to leave again at some time in the future.

Business and E-2 visa Immigration Attorney/ Best lawyer in San Diego-Snaid

Find the best Skilled Business Immigration lawyer can ease the path to a Treaty Investor (E-2 ) visa. There are different acceptable ways to finance your business. Use a Lawyer who knows them.

Immigration Attorneys In San Diego California

The San Diego Immigration Law Offices of Leon J.Snaid welcomes you. Our immigration practice and services is a unique law firm committed exclusively to the areas of immigration and citizenship law.

Trusted Immigration Law Firms in San Diego

Are you getting married to a US native or you are wanting to marry a US citizen or legal permanent occupant? Assuming this is the case, you should realize that you are qualified for a green card depends on your spouse with a US native or legitimate permanent resident.

Immigration Lawyer

Find well experienced Immigration Lawyer In San Diego.Our highly efficient services include a variety of Immigration-related Matters. Including employment and investment-based immigration as well as marriage immigration and family immigration.

Family Immigration Attorney In San Diego

Family Immigration can be an uncertain and troublesome procedure, and that is the reason you need a specialist family immigration attorney in San Diego. The legal counselor comprehends the procedure and will take you explore only it. If you are attempting to locate the best, lawful approach to rejoin with your family or adored one through movement, there are the instruments and experience important to enable you to accomplish your objective. It doesn’t make a difference if you are a native or a legitimate lasting occupant, the lawyer have every one of the techniques to comprehend every one of your petitions.

Perfect Tips for E2 Visa Requirements

If you are traveling to us for business purpose then you should opt for a b1 visa. There are chances that sometimes your b1 visa got rejected by the u.S. In order to go for applying for a b1 visa then you must know some cases in which your b1 visa got rejected by the u.S embassy.

Business and E-2 visa Immigration Attorney

Get the best affordable immigration services by experienced attorneys in San Diego.

Family Immigration Attorney San Diego

Our firm Help You Take The First Step We know that separation and divorce are difficult, both emotionally and financially. Our lawyer has the experience to fight for your legal rights while providing the support you need during this stressful and complicated process.

Marriage immigration lawyer in San Diego

When a non-U.S. citizen marries an American citizen who is living in the U.S, marriage immigration occurs. Either a marriage or fiancé visa can be applied if the non-citizen spouse wishes to obtain a visa to live and work permanently in the U.S. They can apply this visa to enter the U.S. Marriage immigration lawyer San Diego provide you with the legal method to obtain a visa if you meet the eligibility requirements and do not take actions that are viewed as marriage fraud. Your immigration will be deemed illegal if you participate in marriage fraud.

Nearest Immigration Lawyer

Contact our experienced immigration lawyers for a Free Online Consultation by email. We specialize in Marriage, Family and Employment-based cases.

Tips for choosing an immigration lawyer

The US immigration process can be highly demanding and difficult. When you are navigating through the thorny procedure, you will want the best lawyer to guide you through all steps.

Immigration Law Firms in San Diego

A good immigration law firm can have a significant effect on your case. Many are dedicated, fair experts who need to support you. Notwithstanding, a bad immigration lawyer can cheat you, neglect to give the guaranteed administrations, as well as harm your case in a manner you may never recover from. Regardless of whether you are trying to record an appeal for a visa or green card attempting to stay away from extradition, or applying for some other immigration advantage, ensure that you get the correct kind of legal counsellor on your side. Here are a few tips to choose an immigration law firm in San Diego.

Nearest Immigration Lawyer

Discover the right immigration lawyers in your area fast and easy. Just describe your case and you will be matched to the top Nearest Immigration Lawyer you.

Requirements for an Immigration Visa in USA

Immigration deals with permanent and non-permanent stays in the United States, as well as green cards and citizenship. Get the best help from Law Offices of Leon J. Snaid Immigration Attorney San in Diego.