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Top Local Food in Mui Ne - Foodie's delight

Nestled between the sunny beaches that connect the east coast of Vietnam, Mui Ne is truly a very interesting story. Foodies are going to love these must-try dishes in Mui Ne.


Fish Salad

This is not your usual fish salad. Prepared with fresh fish flavoured with garlic, ginger, galingale, and lemon – this is a simple yet appetizing dish. The recipe is quite simple and the ingredients are easy to source. The fish used in the salad is called Ca Ma. The fresh fish is cut into pieces and placed on a plate with red pepper and roasted peanuts on top. The salad is usually an accompaniment with noodles, vegetables, herbs, rice paper, and dip. If you enjoy seafood this is one of the best-tasting dishes in Vietnamese cuisine you must try.


Banh Canh (noodle soup)

Banh Canh is a thick noodle soup, which is very popular in the southern areas and central of Vietnam. The soup includes a combination of rice vermicelli and pork broth. The broth is usually made with minced pork and pig's bones. Locals love this treat for breakfast. This is a common dish in Mui Ne restaurants and is a very filling meal any time of the day.


Hoi Cake

Hoi cake is a savoury dish made with fermented rice flour and vermicelli. This dish includes rice and vermicelli doilies that are rolled up and topped with chopped onion. You get a dip made with fish sauce, which is cooked with lime juice, sugar, garlic, and chilli. Hoi Cake tastes best with roast pork. If you are staying at Anantara Mui Ne Resort, you can try out this dish in the hotel's restaurants.


Rice pancakes

This is a simple dish made with rice flour mixed with egg yolk and saffron juice. At a glance, it looked like a pancake dish but the difference is that the batter is poured to a hot pan and then shrimp, pork and soy sprouts are added to it. Once the cake is well cooked then it is folded in half to a semi-circle. These beauties are served with vegetables and fish sauce.


Bánh Quai Vạc (Quai Vac Cake)

Quai Vac Cake is popular Vietnamese street food. These look like an empanada but the dough is slightly different. The stuffing is generally a combination of shrimp and pork with tapioca. It tastes best with fish sauce and herbs topped with fried onion.


Rice paper and Shrimp Paste

As the name suggests this is a rice paper dish with a shrimp based paste. The shrimp paste is made with chopped garlic, red pepper, and lime zest. Boiled quail eggs are also added to the shrimp paste to enhance the flavour.


Grilled Dong

Dong is a type of lizard that lives in the desert area of Mui Ne. grilled Dong is a crispy bite that tastes like chicken meat. It may not sound appetizing for those who are not used unusual flavours but if you like to try new food, then Grilled dong is a must.