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Cruising Minnie

Cruising Minnie was launched as a business in 2019. This is the owner’s way of sharing her personal experience of travel, leisure, and lots of stories taken from life at sea as a guest and a crew member.

Travel Cleverly: Packing 101

There are a lot of fun activities that can be done during this summer season such as road trips, trekking, and the like. However, one of the most common things to do is to go on vacations out-of-town. This is because there are a lot of available vacation packages that are affordable. The dilemma of those going on to these trips is what to bring. Here are some of the essentials that are needed:

Tips for Planning a Trip with a Senior

Traveling and taking a vacation can be a very enjoyable experience. It gives a person the freedom to choose their destinations. Some prefer to go to beautiful places alone or go with friends and family where they can make new memories together.

How to Maximize Your Summer Getaway

Compared to other seasons, summer is the best time to travel and experience the many wonders of the Great White North firsthand. Whether you’re looking to spend time with loved ones, tick off a destination from your bucket list, or simply looking to blow off some steam, it’s important to have a plan prepared.

How Traveling Nourishes Your Soul

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you sometimes overlook the most important aspect – you. Everyone deserves the occasional break from the daily grind and traveling is one way to do so. It allows you an opportunity to soul-search and recharges your body to face any challenge life throws at you.

Easy Travel Tips for First Time Travelers

Canada is a fantastic travel destination. However, as exciting as it is, traveling can be a bit terrifying for first-timers. So, here are several travel tips for traveling the Great White North:

Cruise Packing Tips: Essential Items to Bring

As the day of your cruise approaches, you might be planning on packing your bags ahead of time.

How to Make a Comprehensive Travel Plan

Traveling to an unfamiliar country without a plan in mind could be your worst nightmare. As such, before booking that cruise in Kelowna, Canada, you should make sure you have thoroughly prepared for your dream vacation.

Life Is Beautiful After Cancer (Part 1)

In October 2013, a numbing pain in my inner thigh woke me up from sleep. A nerve was pulsating abnormally. An unusual mass, the size of a tennis ball below my kidney in my right retroperitoneal muscle was found through a CAT scan by a doctor in the Philippines. One doctor said by looking at the images that my tumor was malignant. Shocked by the findings, I assessed my lifestyle.

Life Is Beautiful After Cancer (Part 2)

In November 2015, I was feeling good. My hair has grown back, I was putting on weight, and was energetic. Fighting cancer with proper nutrition and awareness and living in this body that is more beautiful after cancer are my greatest achievements. I was keen to learn, understand, and most importantly put into good use every knowledge I gained, and I plan to keep on doing so.

Reasons to Go on a Cruise with Your Family This Spring

If you’re planning a family vacation this spring, why not go on a cruise? Going on a cruise in Kelowna, Canada is the perfect opportunity to soak up the sun and bond with your family. From numerous onboard activities to offshore outings, cruises offer a wide variety of activities for everyone to enjoy.

A Healthier Home and You

Beating Diseases with Nutrition and optimum quality water are two important thoughts we keep in mind everyday. Mindfulness and consistency are the key to ensuring that our inner doctor has all the tools needed to keep our strong immune system. A strong immune system fights bacteria, virus and any cause of disease.

Stay Balanced

Let me share this paradox as I see it happens around the globe. I also plead guilty as charged to an extent. In life, we need BALANCE, in which the awareness of what matters most in our life and within our family is key to achieve it. Despite the current problems we are facing, our generation also has positive things going on like environmental awareness, promoting equality, accessibility to opportunities, and much more.