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St. Agnes Healthcare Professionals, Inc.

Why Choose Home Health Care?

Caring for seniors can be very challenging, especially when they have chronic diseases. However, you do not have to care for them by yourself, and sending them to a nursing facility isn’t your only option. Home health care in Houston, Texas, is an excellent alternative for tagging individuals to stay happy, healthy, and independent. Here are a few reasons to choose home health care for seniors:

Care Experts Can Help Prevent Falls in Older Adults

Many older adults value their independence. As such, they may continue with particular activities which are risky for them, according to our healthcare professionals in Texas.

For instance, some older adults like to rearrange their furniture at home. They may want some furniture to be upstairs or downstairs, so they start carrying those. However, because of seniors’ weak joints, they can slip and fall down the stairs.

Providing Care Support for Senior Adults with Diabetes

It can be difficult for you to control and manage diabetes as you age. You must be cautious about what you eat. You also need to adjust your lifestyle like observing regular exercise. Overall, you have to ascertain that you make the right and healthy choices.

Helping Seniors Quit Smoking

Smoking is more than just a bad habit. It may be painful seeing loved ones damage their health, but with the patience and guidance from healthcare professionals in Texas, the journey to quit can start immediately.

It might be difficult to talk to your loved ones about the negative effects of smoking on their quality of life, especially when they have been smoking for years. As a reliable home nursing care in Beaumont, Texas, St. Agnes Healthcare Professionals, Inc. believes that their health is the number one priority.

Schedule Tube Feeding During Family Mealtime

Some older adults can no longer eat and drink the conventional way due to an illness or condition. As a result, their loved ones reach out to home nursing care in Beaumont, Texas. That way, skilled nurses or other home healthcare professionals can setup tube feeding for the patient.

The Changes and Risks of Aging

St. Agnes Healthcare Professionals, Inc. is a home nursing care in Beaumont, Texas, that caters to the needs of individuals, especially as they grow older. We recognize that no matter how much we live a healthy and active lifestyle, aging still brings so many changes in our physical and mental health. Some of the changes that older people experience are:

Medication Management Tips for Seniors

Whether you’re a senior trying to keep track of a long list of medication, or a caregiver trying to help, these medication management tips can help you save time, and stay on top of prescribed (and over-the-counter) medications. Many seniors take multiple prescriptions per day; no wonder medication management can be a bit challenging for them. To help you, here are some top tips for medication management for seniors:

Senior Care: Getting Back on Their Feet

It is no denying that older adults are more susceptible to serious health problems or illnesses, such as cardiovascular diseases and stroke. For stroke alone, it ranks fifth among all causes of death in the US and the leading cause of serious long-term disability. This ailment also contributes to the loss of muscle strength, mobility, and motion in the joints. This is where physical therapists and other healthcare professionals in Texas come in to help improve seniors’ quality of life.

Caring for Your Child at Home

Any parent would want to be there twenty-four hours a day, caring for their child with complex and chronic health conditions. Usually, long-term care is needed to help the child recover or learn activities of daily living to increase their chances of autonomy and independence.