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Language Translator: The Spanish Group

The Spanish Group is an internationally recognized certified translation service provider that provides unparalleled language precision with revolutionary efficiency and cost effectiveness. We are one of the worldwide industry leaders in certified translation services and help individuals and organizations scale their growth efforts by supporting their localization and translation needs, in Spanish and more than 90 other languages.


Website Translation Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Online Business - The Spanish Group

Denying the importance of conducting business online is a major mistake as is assuming that an international presence doesn't matter.

What are the Romance Languages? - The Spanish Group

We’re going WAY back for a history lesson today about some of the most well-known languages on Earth. Latin was the language of the Roman Empire, but the classical Latin that was written was never the language of daily life. It was typically used for writings and formal documents within the Empire. And, it was certainly not the language soldiers and traders took with them to the edges of the Roman Empire when they were expanding and conquering!

Official Certified Document Translation Services | Official Translation Services | The Spanish Group LLC

Certified document translation demands the highest standards of quality and accuracy. For certified translation services in Spanish and 90 more languages, trust The Spanish Group LLC. Request a free online quote now.

Legal Translation Complexities That Only A Professional Translation Service Understands - The Spanish Group

English to Spanish Translations present a challenge to legal translators. There exist in the Spanish language certain grammatical moods, idiomatic expressions, and word definitions that don’t have direct translations. In these instances, the legal translator must weigh the original intent of the speaker or writer and then choose the most appropriate phrasing in Spanish that conveys that meaning.

Machine vs Human Translation: Evaluating the Pros And Cons - The Spanish Group

The Spanish Group LLC began as a Spanish translation services agency throughout Orange County, California in early 2012. The Spanish Group LLC then spread across the American Southwest to later become a national provider of Spanish and English translation services.

6 Common Subtitle Errors to Avoid - The Spanish Group

Are you planning to create a subtitled video for your business? You should know in advance that it's harder than it looks, and it's common for inexperienced translators to make subtitling blunders

Certified translator vs google translate: which is better? - The Spanish Group

Translation is a science in its own right. When a certified translator translates a text or content, it is usually proofread by another linguist to obtain objective suggestions for a final version. Google online cannot tell you if there are better alternates or words to be used for a specific translation.


Looking For a Certified Translator To Get Your High School Diploma Translated into English?

Looking For a Certified Translator To Get Your High School Diploma Translated into English?

For translating your high school diploma into the English language, it is highly recommended that you hire a professional, experienced & ATA certified translation agency like The Spanish Group. Such a service provider will only be able to offer you high accuracy, great quality and certified/ notarized services.

Expected Changes to U.S. Citizenship Laws Under the Biden Administration - The Spanish Group LLC

The granting of Immigration translation certifications & the processing of applications and immigration translation documents need to commence once again, & on a larger scale, before the thousands of individuals and families currently in some form of legal limbo can breathe easily again. This needs to be a top priority of the new administration if they truly seek to help immigrants.

The Spanish Group LLC

The Spanish Group LLC is a first-class certified translation service that reliably serves the modern needs of global trade, law, and immigration. The Spanish Group's name is synonymous with easy-to-use, affordable language services that are just as effective for individuals and multinational corporations.

The accessibility, speed, accuracy, and clarity of The Spanish Group's work has revolutionized what is possible with language and allowed both individuals and businesses across the globe access to precise, fast, and cost-effective translations that anyone can afford.
Complex, detailed, and time-sensitive projects can be efficiently completed in 90+ available languages, with experienced project managers overseeing every last detail. Every translation provided comes with premier customer service and guaranteed on-time delivery.

*The Spanish Group is considered a top resource for:

▹ Business and Marketing Translation
▹ Medical Documentation and Interpretation
▹ Legal Documentation and USCIS Submissions
▹ Technical Translations
▹ Multiple Industry-Specific Specializations

Website Translation Services for Over 90 Languages | The Spanish Group LLC

When you need fast, trusted, and proven website translation services, you need The Spanish Group. You can now translate a website to Spanish or into over 90 other languages. Translate a Spanish website to English, an English site to Mandarin, or any set of language combinations you can think of.