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Updated by Sonata Software Limited on Jun 18, 2020
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Sonata Software

Sonata's unified commerce strategy helps you to get yourself ahead in the retail market. A homogeneous retailing and commerce solution that brings jointly all the features of the customer experience to create or build an effective commerce strategy. You can deploy this platform for a successful run of your business.

Multi Channel Retail Software - Sonata Software

Get yourself ahead in the retail market with Sonata's multi-channel retail Software. An integrated commerce solution that brings together all the aspects of customer experience to build an effective commerce strategy. Utilize this platform for an effective run of your business.


Data Analytics Solutions

Data Analytics Solutions comprises of putting into use Artificial Intelligence and machine learning methods along with digital technologies to take effective, fast, and error-free decisions in a business.

Unified Commerce Platform - Sonata Software

Brick and Click is a unified commerce platform that allows retailers to offer a wonderful shopping experience to its customers. The customers will be able to shop both in-house and online products from their comfort zone.

Cloud Modernization Services - Sonata Software

Cloud modernization services allows you to retrieve data from different business firms with their permission, access and coordinate with other organizations or within the same organization operating in different parts of the world without any hassle. In fact, working with team cooperation has proved to produce much better and quality results for businesses.


Delivering a next generation Railway reservation software by Sonata Software

Empower your digital journey and experience a higher level of business performance with Sonata by harnessing its rezopia services. Railway Reservation software helps in the operation of rail, tour operators, airlines, tourism abroad, and corporate travel. Rezopia is an integrated software with the help of which business can be expanded. The best part is the customers need not make any kind of purchases of hardware.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Sonata Software

Upgrade to dynamics 365 offers the following advantages like dedicated resources, proven processes, and automation tools. Dynamics 365 for finance and operations helps in the cutting of costs and elevation of current investments.

Digital Transformation Software - Sonata-Software

Platformation™ is Sonata’s unique framework to help customers in their digital transformation journey. Customers can build scalable, open, connected, and intelligent digital businesses through Platformation™ and help them thwart threats from “born-digital companies”. This video is significant, as it highlights how customers can apply Sonata’s proven Platformation™ approach and methodologies to accelerate their digital journey. Visit to start your Platformation™ journey.

Retail ERP Software & Dynamics 365 for Retail - Sonata-Software

Sonata Software provides Retail ERP software like Dynamics 365, facilitating retailers to offer a personalized experience to their client-base.

Retail ERP software - Sonata Software

Retail ERP software helps in the integration of e-commerce, analyzes sales, manage customers, employees and inventories, provides real-time information, and much more. The platform is used in brick and click retail, SAP Hybris retail, retail mobility, retail analytics.

Cloud has become the vital cog in the machine that is ‘digital transformation’. But how does it enable digital transformation for enterprises? Can Cloud accelerate some enterprise initiatives to stay competitive? The answer, we believe is a resounding yes. From being cost-effective to increased agility for enterprise projects, here are 5 key ways in which Cloud empowers digital transformation: Flexibility, Cost-effective, Intelligent products, Security, Collaboration.

Distribution ERP software - Sonata Software

Distribution ERP software focuses on supply chain management software. With the help of this software companies are able to reach target profit margins within a designated time with precision. With the help of supply chain software communication is becoming an easier process across all channels.

Sonata is a Leading Travel Technology company that provides a travel technology solution to online travel agencies for flights, hotels, cars through our fast travel technology Services.

Multi-Channel Retail Software by Sonata Software

Get yourself ahead in the retail market with Sonata's unified commerce strategy. An integrated commerce solution that brings together all the aspects of customer experience to build an effective commerce strategy. Utilize this platform for an effective run of your business. Accelerate productivity and minimize cost with end to end retail software. Sonata software provides the multi-channel retail software which assists in creating an omnichannel platform to address customer experiences and altogether in overall growth.

Distribution ERP Software for Supply Chain Management Software - Sonata Software

Supply chain management software by Sonata Software enable your organization to track, manage, plan and forecast all your business sales and operations.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Sonata Software

Sonata Software is a trusted partner of Microsoft Dynamics 365. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a complete ERP solution which is perfect for both mid-size and large companies. This ERP solution can take care of all the processes in an organization including sales, marketing, finance, customer service, finance and operations, field service, project service automation, etc. Sonata software can help in finding the right applications and in implementing them too.