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Software Solutions

AI medical diagnosis mitigates common challenges and offers improved solutions, such as, image analysis, predictive analytics, rare object identification, morphology-based segmentation, and digital whole slide imaging for intelligent analysis, tissue phonemics for disease prevention, in vitro diagnostic devices, and cloud-based diagnostic analysis.


Conduct automated and holistic diagnosis, with a minimal likelihood of error, with AI for medical diagnosis-related t...

Conduct automated and holistic diagnosis, with a minimal likelihood of error, with AI for medical diagnosis-related t...
Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Software Solutions

OSP Labs is specialized in providing best healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM) software solutions services company to manage claims processing, payment and revenue generation efficiently.

How to Transform Your Healthcare Project Management in 2020 - Osplabs

Healthcare project management is challenging and to solve the core challenges of project management, OSP provides and inside outlook with project management best practices and relevant insights.

Custom Telehealth Software Solutions | Telemedicine System Services

We leverage modern telehealth technology to create innovative custom telehealth and telemedicine software solutions and user-friendly telemedicine systems that make health information services efficient, convenient and readily accessible.

Best Practices for Healthcare QA - Osplabs

OSP shares practical guidelines for healthcare QA analysts to help build and release testing strategies in an agile environment to build a full-proof, error-free and compliant healthcare software solution.

How Telehealth can improve Healthcare accessibility

Accessibility is a valuable factor people put in consideration before availing any service, the same factor is applied to Healthcare. The term 'Telehealth' website:-

Medical Coding Software Solutions | Medical coding Software Services

OSP Labs medical coding software solutions offer efficient coding and transformation services of manual healthcare processes for profitable outcomes.

Insurance Claim Data Analytics | Claim Analytics in Health Insurance

The ability to use insurance claim data analytics through machine learning can improve insurance and claims companies bottom line and overall profit. Modern customers require modern technologies to be able to see benefit and data analytics is the answer to fulfill the evolving demands of customers and the needs of the insurance and claims companies.

How AI based Medical Billing & Medical Coding Softwares Are Changing the Future of Healthcare

The value of Artificial Intelligence is often understated and also overstating the same is quite difficult.. to get in-depth with how AI is actually bringing...

Claim Analytics in Health Insurance

Reduced processing time and increased quality of service through big data analytics in insurance claims.