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Updated by Joanna James on Jul 16, 2019
Headline for 11 Exciting Water Sports in the Maldives for Your Adrenaline Fix – Get those endorphins going!
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11 Exciting Water Sports in the Maldives for Your Adrenaline Fix – Get those endorphins going!

The Maldives is a place unlike any other for many reasons. There is no better way to enjoy being in the land of a thousand islands like letting that inner adrenaline junkie out in the best way possible – by unleashing that inner Water Sport Demon!



Want to feel like you control the realm of Poseidon? Be the master of your own path, as you navigate the bluest of oceans in the Maldives. Indulge yourself in a sport that will feed the need in you to feel the wind on your face as you race the waves. Dare to feel the breeze caress you, as you windsurf across the ocean.



Snorkelling is one of those activities that you can enjoy regardless of what level of experience one has in diving. There is a whole other world underneath the surface of those clear blue waters that you can explore. The Maldivian waters are also home to whale sharks, and you can definitely get your adrenaline junkie satisfied if you were to swim up close and personal with them.



Kitesurfing is another one of those activities that will get your adrenaline going like nothing else. All those flips and turns and jumps on a surfboard on the sea? You can do all that in the Maldives because there are many theme parks and independent establishments that give you that chance. So don't hesitate to try it out while you're there!


Underwater Walking

Don't knock it off simply because it says walking and that doesn't get your adrenaline going. Because this is not your walk in the park. This is a walk underwater - an experience unlike any other that gets you up close and intimate with the gorgeous marine life that calls the Maldivian waters it is home. Weighted boots will hold you're grounded, even as you fly and ropes underneath the water will guide you.


Catamaran Sailing

Sailing will take to you to unparalleled levels of tranquillity while traversing the waters of the Indian Ocean. Find that elusive inner Zen as you navigate the twin-hulled craft that gives you the freedom to reach inner peace.


Glass Bottomed Boat Rides

Want to have that experience of the waters underneath your feet, but too afraid to give it a shot? You can still unleash a bit of that need in the Maldives with a ride on a glass-bottomed boat. Have no worries that you may be missing out because you will not miss out any of the wonders.


Jet Skiing

Perfect for the adrenaline junkie and more importantly for that speed junkie. Imagine yourself on the set of Baywatch while you skate across the Indian Ocean as you raise waves on the sea on a Jet Ski. All those action hero cravings will be satisfied in the Maldives.


Big Game Fishing

Fishing brings to mind beer coolers and folding chairs but this is no ordinary kind of Fishing. While you may never have planned for something so commonplace sounding as Fishing while in the Maldives, Big Game Fishing is no easy feat. All the adrenaline you were looking for is in trying to reel in massive 3m, 200lb fish like Sailfish or Tuna. A sport that cannot be done everywhere, you can be absolutely certain you can do it in the Maldives.


Scuba Diving

While there are certain requirements you are supposed to fulfil before you're allowed to Scuba Dive, unlike Snorkelling, why not take that start while you're in the Maldives at any of its certified diving schools? Besides, your trip to the Maldives would not be complete if one does not scuba dive at least once. The welcoming war waters of the Maldives was designed for divers. Wreck diving is one of the most sought after activities and who knows, maybe you'll be the lucky one to find that elusive treasure!


Banana Boat Rides

A more sedate activity found perhaps only in the Maldives, that involves inflatable boats that look literally like Bananas built in the catamaran style, but powered by a motor engine. A fine way to calm those adrenaline highs after a good bout of Jet Skiing or even underwater walking.



The freedom of the vast blue ocean could call to anyone, anywhere. But while not everywhere can take you to that pool of Inner Peace, the Maldives certainly can! The Maldives has been blessed with those perfect seas that you can see through as you paddle across its expanse.


Where to do it from?

The Maldives is not a big country, but a cluster of islands. Stay at any Maldives 5-star resorts and they will cater to every one of your needs. Even accommodation need not be a massive issue with resorts like the Adaaran Prestige Vadoo ever ready to give you every comfort while you stay with them.