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21st Century High School Learners

Lesson plans regarding the eight important skills needed in 21st century learners.

This lesson includes students working together to define their own definition of leadership. Throughout the lesson students will work together and gain leadership skills by completing the group assignment. After activity is completed, teacher will define leaderships and the characteristics of it. Students will then compare to their own work and correct errors.

Lesson plan – How teens deal with the spread of misinformation | Lesson Plan | PBS NewsHour Extra

Find out what young people really think about the news and the spread of misinformation using a variety of short videos produced by PBS NewsHour's Student Reporting Labs.

This lesson plan consists of the five major aspects of communication: ways to communicate, conflict resolution, online communication, human knot, and forgiveness. Each aspect has different lessons and activities That will give a full understanding of communication across wide spectrum.

Emotional intelligence is a major predictor of leadership and success. When paired with technical skill and cognitive capacity, such as strength in computer coding, it can lead to excelling as a leader or teacher in the field.

This lesson will serve as an introduction to entrepreneurship for high school students. Key concepts and vocabulary will be covered as well as a student discussion to wrap things up. Communication and interpersonal traits are also covered as an aspect of entrepreneurship..

Global Citizenship Lesson Plan | Sustainability Classroom Resources at Resources for Rethinking

Based on  he United Nation’s 2030 Agenda of Sustainable Development Goals, this lesson is designed to introduce students to some of the core challenges created by globalization and the need to respond as a 'Global Citizen'. The lesson requires students to visit three stations, each composed of activities to promote thought and discussion on a different aspect of global citizenship.

Practicing Problem Solving - TeacherVision

Help students solve word problems using a step-by-step process. Defining the problem and allowing students to come up with a conclusive solution engages them in the problem solving process.

Allowing students to recall when they have been apart of an organization or team and explain their role will allow them to realize the importance of team work. Using the self-evaluation chart will help students rate themselves based on how good of a team player they really are.