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Digital Safety

Want to protect your computer or phone from hackers? If yes, the follow these steps by TechK47.


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Gmail Tutorial for Beginners 2019: Learn How to Use Gmail like a PRO

If you are new to Gmail or want to learn the under the hood tips and tricks of Gmail then this guide, Gmail tutorial for beginners will help you become a Gmail PRO. What are you waiting for? Jump right into it.

How To Download Facebook Videos Without Any Special Software?

Learn how you can download facebook, twitter and youtube videos without any software and with software. Also includes a secret tip to download facebook videos from closed group.

How To Export Chrome Extension From One Computer To Another

Know how to export chrome extensions from one computer to another and how to export bookmarks from one computer to another.

13 Tips on How To Use Public Computer Safely

Firstly, using public computer is not recommended. But if you have to use it in emergency then here are 13 tips on how to use public computer safely you need to follow to keep your data secure.

A Complete Guide On How To Protect Your Gmail Account

This guide on how to protect your gmail account will teach you how you can safeguard your Gmail account from hackers and phishers. Want to know more?

Detailed Guide to Phishing Email Prevention and Identification

This guide on phishing email prevention and identification will teach you how you can protect your email from hackers and phishers. Want to protect your email account?

Keylogger Protection: How Do Keylogger Spread, How To Detect, Prevent & Remove Them

The most basic definition of a keylogger also called keystroke logger or system monitor is a type of surveillance which is used to monitor and record the keystroke typed on a user’s computer.

It is mostly used by the cybercriminals to steal social media passwords, bank details or sensitive enterprise data, which is completely illegal.

The legal uses of keyloggers include parents trying to monitor their children’s online activities, employers supervising the employees.

24 Ways On How To Make Google Chrome Faster On Windows 10

Explore the hidden tricks on how to make your google chrome faster on Windows 10 by 85% using these 24 steps.

14+ Steps On How To Increase WiFi Speed On Laptop| Using CMD

Using these 14 steps learn how to increase wifi speed on laptop by a whooping 80%. Get ready to get shocked to see a huge increase in your wifi speed.

A Complete Guide On How To Increase Battery Life Of HP Laptop

Learn how you can increase your laptop's battery life by 75% using this 13 tips.

31 Awesome CMD Commands Tricks You Never Heard Before

People from tech background knows about logical operator “AND”
and it’s symbol “&&”, same can be applied in cmd to execute multiple commands
at once.

For example, we can open a calculator + notepad at once by typing- 


Best Free Photo Editor App for Android To Make You Viral #instafamous

Photo editing on android is diificult if you don't have the right apps. I have prepared a list of best free photo editor app for android. Use this best photo editing apps for android and go viral. #instafamous.

How to Take Screenshots in Restricted Apps in Android w/o Root

Learn how you can take screenshot in restricted apps in android without root.

Best Audiobook Apps for Android & Audiobook Websites 2019

13 of the best audiobook apps for android to kill your time and also includes websites to download free audiobooks. Get 50% off on special app.

17 Best Keyboard App | Android

17 best keybaord apps which will enhance the design and look of your boring default keyboard app loaded with features such as A.I, autocorrect, autosuggest.

8 Best Free Screen Recorder Apps Without Root | Android

Earlier the users had to root their mobile phones to record a gameplay but not now. With some of the best screen recorder app on play store you can do it for free and without rooting your phone.

9 Best Free PDF Editor App For Android| No.4 is the BEST

Here is a list of 9 best pdf editor apps for android which includes light apps, best app for annotation, ad-free apps and more.

8 Best Google Play Store Alternatives That Gets Work Done

There are a lot of Google play store alternatives which are best than Google's which will get your work done. Want to know more?

12 Actionable Tips To Reduce Mobile Data Usage on Android

Learn how you can reduce your mobile data usage by 65% using this 12 simple tips.

10 ways to speed up android phone (latest 2018 version)

But before we dive into this let us see some reasons for queries like “Why is my android phone running slow and freezing?”.

9 Ways to Shutdown Windows 10 PC in Different Scenarios

Sometimes our pc gets hang because of running too many softwares or because of the background process. In this case, it becomes difficult to shut down the pc. This problem can be solved by 2 methods.