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7 ways to win increase your winning chances

Have you ever tried online gambling such as casino, betting, poker or bingo? You probably tried some games and realised how fast you can lose money, especially when you don't know what you are doing.


Win more often on sports betting

Win more often on sports betting

Are you interested in sports and like to place some bets? Make sure that you bet on the sports that you like and have knowledge about. Do not take any chances or bet with your heart on the team or the sports player that you are rooting for.

Do proper research before you place the bet, to find all the pros and cons with the team or the player you are going to bet on. Make sure that you check statistics to confirm that your bet has a high probability.

Never bet on single bets with higher odds than 1.70. Instead, try to bet on odds between 1.20 to 1.50 times the stake. After all, the odds shows the probability, so if you bet on high odds, the probability will be lower.

Use odds sites that has the biggest markets for the sports that you would like to bet on. Some odds sites are even niched or focused on some sports. This is very common in esports betting.


Simple roulette strategy

Simple roulette strategy

Have you ever heard of the Martingale strategy? This is the easiest strategy ever and it actually works really well. You will not become a millionaire in a few hours, but you can slowly build up a bank roll with steady wins. The only downside with the strategy is that it's quite boring.

Double the stake until you win
Chose an online roulette table with low bet ranges, otherwise you will have to bet a lot to keep your winning ways. Start on a table with a minimum stake of around 10-50 cents and try the strategy before you go highrolling.

Chose the color red or black and bet the minimum stake on it. Double the stake if and when you lose and keep doing that until you win. In the long run, you will always double the first stake when you win, if it's the first spin or after 10 spins. Remember that this strategy has a 49% chance of winning, so you normally win on 1-3 spins.

1. 50 cents
2. 1 Euro
3. 2 Euro
4. 4 Euro
5. 8 Euro
6. 16 Euro
7. 32 Euro
8. 64 Euro
9. 128 Euro
10. 256 Euro

Even if you win on the last spin, you will have won 50 cents in total if you calculate all the stakes compared to the win.


Basic BlackJack strategy

Basic BlackJack strategy

BlackJack is perhaps the most popular table game in both landbased- and online casinos. This is a partly skilled based game where your decisions might be crucial to the outcome of very game.

The basic rule to win more in BlackJack is to make the decision upon the starting card of the dealer. If the dealer gets 10 or higher as first card, you should never stop at 16-18. If the dealer gets 2-5, you can stop on 16 or higher. Other scenarios:

First card:
6 - Stop at 17 or higher
7 - Stop at 18 or higher
8 - Stop at 19 or higher
9 - Stop at 20 or higher

If the dealer gets 6 on the first card and you stop on 16, the dealer just needs a 10, jacks, queen, king or ace to win. You need to stop so that you are on the upper hand.

See complete BlackJack charts and learn them well to always make the best decision.


Bet simple and win easy on football

Bet simple and win easy on football

Don't be silly and look at high, complicated odds such as specific player cards, penalties and other high odds bets. The rule is to bet simple to win easy.
The commin 1X2 is not the way to go, it's the low odds , probable outcomes that will make you win more. Examples of these are:

  • Total number of cards.
  • Over/Under total number of goals.
  • Over/Under total number of corners.

Bet on around 1.40 times the stake to have the highest chance of win.


Multiply your wins with accumulators

Multiply your wins with accumulators

If you bet on single bets with odds around 1.40, you won't win very much unless you go full highroller and bet a lot of money. But you can still win quite some money if you multiply your bets with bet builders. Instead of placing your bet on one 1.40 bet, you place 10 bets on 1.40 times the stake to get a higher total odds. All these single odds are multiplied, so 10 bets would give you a very nice odds.

1,40 x 1,40 x 1,40 x 1,40 x 1,40 x 1,40 x 1,40 x 1,40 x 1,40 x 1,40 = 28,9 times the stake.


Use odds bonuses to boost your wins

Use odds bonuses to boost your wins

The average stake is around €10 per bet or spin and to be perfectly honest, it doesn't give you a huge win. You need to bet big to win big, but using an odds bonus will give you a much bigger win compared to the small stake.

A common odds bonus is that you get 100% extra of your deposit to stake. So if you deposit €10 you will get €20 to bet for. If you bet on 1.40 with €10, you will get €14 back and you have won €4 only.
If you use the bonus and bet €20 on 1.40, you get €28 and you have won €18 in total, since you only made a €10 deposit.


Play on slots with the highest RTP

Play on slots with the highest RTP

Slot games are the most popular casino games, but there are no strategies that increases the chance to win.
but, there are games with a higher winning chance, which is measured in RTP - Return to Player.

RTP is measured in %, normally around 85-97. Casinos with NetEnt games have good RTP. NetEnt creates casino games that normally have high RTP.

Top 5 classic NetEnt titles are:
1. Starburst
2. Gonzo's Quest
3. Mega Fortune
4. Dear or Alive
5. Jack and the Beanstalk