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eLearning that keeps learners engaged and involved. Read more

Oculus Go Pizza Hero Virtual Reality Game

Virtual Reality Game for the Oculus Go built for the Oculus Go and for a customer of Designing Digitally, Inc. This build was to create an immersive experience for the company to train people how to make their pizzas without having food prep costs for orientation. This VR game was accessible during the onboarding experience.

How to Get Leadership Buy-In for Your Employee Training Programs

Getting leadership buy-in for your training programs can be a tough nut to crack. Read this article for some top tips on convincing a tough executive audience!

Game-Based Learning vs. Traditional Training

Learn how custom game-based learning experiences are statistically better than traditional training methods in this informative blog by Designing Digitally. The basic idea behind game based learning is teaching learners through repetition and failure. Most video games are built with this technique. The player starts slow and steady.

Implementing Serious Games for Corporate Training

In this article, writes explains how serious games are used in corporate training and how they used to train employee efficiently.

Why Companies Should Implement Gamification in Training

Are you considering gamification for your employee training strategy? Read this article by Designing Digitally now to learn more about why your company should implement this into your corporate learning efforts.

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Examples of Effective Gamification and Game-Based Learning in the Workplace

If you're looking to include effective gamification and game-based learning into your employee training, read about how the big guys are doing it.

Gamified eLearning Wyndham Loyalty Program 2018

Development of Wyndham Rewards Serious Games & Gamification by Designing Digitally, Inc. for Wyndham Hotels Group. This is a rough draft of this video and is to be used for award submissions only.

Game-Based Learning vs. Gamification - What's the Difference

There is a fair amount of confusion about game-based learning and gamification. Some assume they are the same thing and others have a vague notion that they’re different, but aren’t really sure how. Either way, they are often used interchangeably.

Designing Digitally - Client Testimonial

Client testimonial for Designing Digitally, Inc.

5 Convincing Reasons Game-Based Learning Helps Businesses

Read the 5 reasons game-based learning helps businesses

3D Web-Based training Simulation - Emergency Room Scenario Training

3D Web-Based training Simulation - Emergency Room Scenario Training Demo for one of our clients. This is ONLY the demo! The full development is SCORM 2004 coded to be implemented directly into their Learning Management System to track users progress through this scenario based simulation. Contact us today to learn more about how we can develop simulations for your organizations learning initiatives.

How to Design Effective Blended Learning for Business?

Read this blog from Designing Digitally, Inc. to learn the most efffective ways to design blended learning solutions in business.

Designing Digitally - Project Highlight Video

What we do, and how we do it for our customers in the training and adult learning realm.

3D E-Learning Module - Serious Game - Undercover Boss in the workplace

Development of a 3D E-Learning module that was a role playing experience where the learner was an undercover boss in his or her own company. They could hear ...

What is eLearning?

What is eLearning exactly and what does it have to do with web-based learning? The answer to this is "everything." Those who participate in any type of learning that requires the use of online coursework will generally fall into the category of learning through the process of eLearning. If you are working with learners of any age, they will likely be utilizing the benefits of electronic technology for one reason or another. Electronic devices, such as tablets or laptops, can be used by students over the duration of their eLearning experience. Devices like these are not only helpful, they are essential to taking full advantage of the eLearning process from start to finish both inside and outside of the classroom.

Designing Digitally, Inc. Selected as a Top 20 eLearning Gamification Company for 2019 by Elearning Industry

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2018 Top Training Company - Designing Digitally, Inc. - Serious Game eLearning Content Developer

Designing Digitally, Inc. is an award-winning corporate training company focused on building online learning experiences that use gamification, and game-based learning to engage, educate, and entertain your workforce. We help ensure your large staff is effectively being educated and brought up to speed on business efforts. Contact us today to have your custom eLearning, Serious Game, or Mobile Learning application built today! 1-866-316-9126

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In this technique of teaching, the game is the basic foundation and training content is weaved into the game structure. In a learning game, you let the learners play a segment of the game and then present them with learning material. The game keeps the learners engaged and helps them absorb more content and enhance knowledge retention.

3D Web Based Training Module - Designing Digitally, Inc.

The interactive learning modules created for this tool include a 3D office where users are put into case scenarios with 3D avatars. These scenarios are for ethics and policies within the workplace. The users are prompted to respond to a scenario which tests their ability to make correct decisions in the workplace. This virtual interactive learning tool is Flash based with 3D animation implemented which allows the users to feel as if they are in a virtual office throughout the entire learning experience. The models are built from the actual offices of the client.

The Top Corporate Training Resolutions of 2019

Corporate training resolutions are techniques used to increase the confidence and preparedness of employees through effective training methods. Through proper education, employers are able to hone the skills of their workforce to meet the demands of their industry. This creates a work environment that delivers the results a company is looking for in those it employs.

Top Open Source Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Top open source learning management system (lms) for your educational needs. 100% free to implement with no strings attached. Ability to fully customize the software.

The Future of Workplace Learning

This lecture at the HR conference called Learning Solutions was about The Future of Workplace Learning by Andrew Hughes, the CEO of Designing Digitally, Inc....

Old School Training is Dead - Designing Digitally, Inc.

Your game-based training vendor! Designing Digitally, Inc. - For more information on us contact us via our website at