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Updated by John Schink on Dec 09, 2019
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From Our Real Estate Blog

These are entries from our real estate brokerage in St. Louis, MO.


Recent Buyer Clients Share Two Surprises On Their Home Purchase - Deerwood Realty

In this post two recent buyer clients share two surprises on their home purchase. The things they noticed can help you in your search.

Home Sellers Should Demand Professional Photos - Deerwood Realty

Listing your home for sale. Getting professional photos, right? Home Sellers should demand professional photos. Don't settle for less.

Two Questions That Usually Begin A New Home Search - Deerwood Realty

There are two questions that usually begin a new home search for buyers. By the answers of these simple questions, we can determine the chance of success.

Home Seller Surprises During The Sale Process - Deerwood Realty

There are going to be home seller surprises during the sale process.  Make sure you do your part to keep the surprises to a minimum.

St. Louis Homes Listed For Sale Can Benefit From A Light Staging - Deerwood Realty

Did you know that St. Louis homes listed for sale can benefit from a light staging? What is a light staging? Read on to find out.

St. Louis Needs To Be Known For Something Other Than Crime - Deerwood Realty

Toasted Ravioli? Gooey Butter Cake? Violent Crime? It’s not a great look; St. Louis needs to be known for something other than crime.

Losing An Opportunity To List A House For Sale - Deerwood Realty

Losing the opportunity to list a house for sale can really mess with you a lot of different ways.  There’s certainly an economic loss, and there is also a

It’s OK To List A House For Sale That Needs Work - Deerwood Realty

It's ok to list a house for sale that needs work. Not many of them are. Here's what I see all the time when listing homes for sale.

We Sell Houses With Our Words - Deerwood Realty

The other day my wife and I made a Starbucks run. It got me to thinking about Deerwood Realty and how we sell houses with our words. 

Real Estate Agent Not Returning Calls? - Deerwood Realty

Is your real estate agent not returning calls?  What’s this about? Could there be a reason your real estate agent is not returning your call?

Just Starting A Home Search?  - Deerwood Realty

I can remember the first time I was just starting a home search.  So many people were telling me what to do, what not to do, it was very confusing.

What Does A Home Seller Want When Selling A Home? - Deerwood Realty

What does a home seller want when selling a home?  Let’s wander through the tired advertising of real estate agents and see if we can find something.

When To Transfer Utilities Into Your Name When Buying A Home - Deerwood Realty

One of the more odd difficulties when buying your new home is knowing when to transfer utilities into your name when buying a home. 

You Aren’t Obligated To Buy The First House You See - Deerwood Realty

It was if real estate agents decided that you were obligated to buy the first house you see. You aren't obligated to buy the first house you see.

What Is A Final Walk Through Before Buying A House? - Deerwood Realty

What is a final walk through before buying a house? Deerwood Realty is here to answer that question for you. Read on for more...

Do Open Houses Really Sell Homes? - Deerwood Realty

One of the more interesting questions I get from prospective home sellers is , “Do Open Houses Really Sell Homes?” It's quite the debate in realty circles.

Selling A Home As Is In Missouri - Deerwood Realty

From time to time, I’ll have a potential home seller tell me that they will be selling a home as is in Missouri.  What does that mean?

Finding A Realtor Can Be Hard - Deerwood Realty

I was working on some of our marketing the other day and I thought to myself, “Man, finding a realtor can be hard.”  Which Realtor is right for you? Read on.

The Best Real Estate Agents For Luxury Homes - Deerwood Realty

We get asked from time to time who are the best real estate agents for luxury homes.  And honestly, it’s not an exact science.  There’s all sorts of designations.....

Looking At Square Footage In A Home - Deerwood Realty

Recently, I was looking at square footage in a home. It occurred to me that there are many misconceptions in the St. Louis real estate market. Some tips....

Looking To Buy A New House In Six Months - Deerwood Realty

Are you looking to buy a new house in six months? I thought that was what my home buyer's time frame was, but boy, was I wrong. Read what happened here!

Are You Seeing Online Ads Relevant To You? - Deerwood Realty

Are You Seeing Online Ads Relevant To You? While I was pretty amazed by online ad relevance in 2015, that isn’t what I’m currently seeing in 2019. 

What Do You Think When You Think Small Business? - Deerwood Realty

When you think small business, are you thinking about that mom and pop store in a revitalized part of downtown? That's probably not a small business.

St. Louis Real Estate Broker Has Very Little Control Of Your Listing - Deerwood Realty

You might be surprised if I told you that a St. Louis real estate broker has very little control of your listing. Find out why here.

“But I Have An Updated Kitchen!” - Deerwood Realty

But I have an Updated Kitchen! The Bathroom Is Almost Brand New! When I go to list homes, I hear this all the time. Buyers think differently though.