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Updated by Bibin PS on Jul 11, 2019
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Best practices and tools for Improving email deliver-ability

Having gone through hours and hours of pain to try bring up the quality of email campaigns as well as improve the ROI on these campaign, have realize the stark reality. The success of the an email campaign depends on the quality of the email list, reputation of your domain/sender, the messaging and very importantly the subject line. I have assembled a list of blogs about tools and best practices that helped me raise the deliverability which ultimately resulted in better closing. I hope the list helps a novice get on their feet when it comes to email marketing and getting more eye balls for the emails

Tools For Website Owners In 2019 - 10 Essentials - Bizmindz Technologies LLP

I'm listing out The 10 Essential Tools for website owners to have, so you’ll have everything you would like to supercharge your web presence.

Antideo REST API Documentation

Antideo maintains large database with spam and scam records, IP locations and infected ranges, proxy records and many more. We are keeping our database updated regularly from various sources, as well as collecting some of the data ourself. Final result is millions of IP and email records kept up to date and free to use in a fair manner. We believe such database should be publicly available and free to use, and here’s why we encourage everyone to submit a new record of all known to them spam or scam IPs and emails. Together we can make internet a safer place to be. Antideo is an API service that helps in identifying disposable/temporary email address, know spam or scam emails, email health, free or a company domain, IP health check, location detection and phone number validation services. Our clients are able to ensure that they are able to ensure the quality of their inbound leads from their online forms and their sales team spend their effort on the right leads

Case Study: How Not Really Rocket Science Improved Email Open Rates 330% Using Smart Segmentation

Chris Bintliff, the mind behind Not Really Rocket Science, a forward-thinking digital marketing agency out of Madison, WI, conducted this rad re-engagement strategy using email segmentation. He's kind enough to share his findings with us in this guest post. Read on for some seriously good stuff!

Tips to Keep Your Sales Team's Emails Landing in Inboxes and Out of Spam Folders | DocSend

Do your sales reps have to say this to leads over the phone? Hopefully they don’t, but if you run aggressive outbound campaigns, getting your company’s emails into inboxes can be an issue. Not all emails make it to their final destination, sort of like this cat:

5 Proven Steps To Outreach Automation — Serpstat Blog

Here are the most helpful tactics and tips to use to automate different stages of cold email outreach. Once adopted, it could be used for cold sales, media outreach, link-building campaigns etc. with minor adjustments.

30 Top Startup Marketing Tools to Build and Scale Your Business | Leadfeeder

Looking for startup tools that can help you grow? In this article, we analyze 30 marketing tools that can help scale your business.

Top Ways To Prevent Your Email From Landing In Customer's Spam Folder - Icegram

Have low email conversion rates and sales? A major reason would be your email landing up in customers Spam (Junk) folder instead of inbox. Prevent your emails from landing into the spam folder with these amazing hacks.

6 Email Tips To Make You Love Email Marketing (Again) - AddMe Blog

Running successful email campaigns requires more than the ability to provide discounts, deals, and even freebies to your readers and potential customers.

19 Email Testing Tools to Ensure Campaign Success Before Sending

Sending marketing emails can be daunting. With just the press of a button, you can reach thousands — if not millions — of people. We use a lot of email testing tools at Highlights. To help ensure…

6 Tools that Help Reduce Wasted Marketing Resources

Are your marketing resources being utilized as efficiently as possible? Maybe your marketing messages are reaching a relevant audience, but are they