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Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore | Wedoeconsult

Wedoeconsult is a Digital Marketing Company in Bangalore. We provide Online Marketing Services like SEO, PPC, SEM, SMO, SMM to improve business growth.


The digital world has been witness to huge growth over the last decade. Technology has blessed us with modern gadgets and devices having the capacity to access all the digital services such as tablet computers, digital cameras, smartphones, and many others. In the field of software also we can see developments. Rise of huge application…

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Affiliate marketing is well recognizing the way of earning money and increasing wealth and letting individuals know about the products and services offered by the firm in the market.

Wedo e-Consult | How SEO Do It Yourself can help Small Business Owners

For average businesses out there, working with an SEO agency can be very expensive. So, if you don’t have the budget then read on. Here’s good news for you. The good news? You can do your website SEO all by yourself. No, it’s not a joke. In this article, we will be guiding you the same. No matter if you are not an expert in SEO, all you need to have is the right mind and interest to get the job done. Many DIY SEO tactics can be done on your own, without paying a single penny to any SEO agency. Just a basic understanding of how to navigate your company’s WordPress website is enough. Read on.

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If you want to succeed in the online game then ranking at the top is the ultimate option for you. A study by in front Webworks reveals that the first page of Google receives the ultimate web traffic…

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Digital marketing is growing at a rapid scale and has come up as a boon for businesses since it can generate results within a very short period of time. Contemporary businesses these days are facing cut-throat competition because customer expectation is increasing.

The right strategy is all you need and we can get that chalked out for you – Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore | ...

Looking to improve your business growth around the globe? The best SEO company in India can help you out with the latest trends in online marketing.

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Are you aware of the root of Search Engine Optimisation? SEO begins and ends with good quality content. It is so important that every SEO organization these days are hiring content writers with the creative niche of mind. None these days implement optimization strategy without a solid content strategy. Wondering what we are talking about.…

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Hardly anyone will deny the fact that active presence on the Internet is vital for all types of business. Benefits of having a well-designed website are numerous. Yet, there are businesses who refrain from investing in website designing and development. In this blog, I will elaborate a bit on the reasons a business needs to…

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Various businesses today are investing in digital marketing and social media so that they can increase their brand exposure and sell their products and services online.

Wedo e-Consult | How Digital Marketing Is Changing The Shape of Startups?

The evolution of technology has made the phrase “survival of the fittest” inevitable. Small and medium enterprises are trying every possible way to keep up with the change. No matter if it is a brick and mortar business or a jewelry shop, everyone is busy changing their business models to an online one. In online business digital marketing forms an integral part, this is the only way through which leads can be captured in a growing and lucrative marketplace. Right digital marketing strategies differentiate between a failed and a thriving business. Here, in this article, we will be discussing how digital marketing is changing the shape of startups.

Top digital marketing trends for 2019 | wedoeconsult
Improve your website traffic and get more visitors to your website check out these top digital marketing trends 2019 to improve your online business
top marketing trends 2019,digital marketing trends 2019,social media marketing trends 2019,blog

Top digital marketing trends for 2019 | wedoeconsult
Improve your website traffic and get more visitors to your website check out these top digital marketing trends 2019 to improve your online business
top marketing trends 2019,digital marketing trends 2019,social media marketing trends 2019,blog

Actionable tips to improve your website SEO yourself

Keyword research is important

Keywords form the basis of SEO. A good SEO practice revolves around finding out the correct words users type into the search bar while looking for products and services on the web. The best way of doing keyword research is by using the Google Keyword Planner.

Content is still the king in SEO

On page SEO techniques revolves around website content. Search engines always keep an eye on websites, whether they are providing important and useful information to users or not. If everything goes right search engines rank the website higher in SERP. Thus, contents need to be well optimized and SEO friendly.

Page Titles and description

Page title being a very important aspect, especially for Google SEO practices, they are the first and foremost thing to consider. An optimized page title has the following characteristics.

● A unique page title accurately describing the page content is needed
● Should be brief and descriptive
● Should be simple and understandable.

Home Page Title

The home page title should include your website’s or company’s name, the location of your business, the service or products it’s offering. For example :

Post/other pages title

The titles of other pages of your website must give an accurate description of what the page is about when you are applying SEO DIY tactics. These pages need to be attractive.


Page descriptions are also very important since users and search engines are given a brief summary on what the page deals with. Google sometimes shows the description in snippet form for your page. Thus, writing a good meta description while performing on-page SEO techniques must be considered. Here are a few tips on how to write a perfect meta description.

● Try to keep the size between 140-150 characters.
● Don’t repeat titles
● Refrain from adding too many Keywords.
● The description gives a good result if written in a promotional way.

Use ALT attributes in all images

Search engines instead of reading images read ALT text. Thus, using an ALT attribute will help the engine crawlers to understand better an image. Thus, inserting keyword phrases while doing Wordpress SEO that describes the images on the webpage and bolding them is important.

Website Structure

Search engines go through link structures in order to index pages. Thus, a lot depends on how you organize a site architecture while applying SEO do it yourself tactics. If you have a well-structured website, all the pages and subpages can be found easily. Also, a well-structured site helps visitors to find the products or services they are looking for. According to a ‘three clicks’ rule, any information users are looking for in a website must be available to them in not more than three clicks. Thus, planning should be accordingly.

Page URL

It is said that the best way to optimize a page URL in WordPress SEO is by focusing on a single keyword phrase and including it directly in the URL address. Hyphens can give good results than that of underscores. When given underscore instead of hyphens Google reads that as a single word. For example, the_best_seo_practices is read as ‘thebestseopractices’ by Google.

If still facing issue with your website then approach the Wedoeconsult Best SEO company in Bangalore.