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Headline for Best 5 Places to Visit in Salalah Oman – Explore the best that Salalah has to offer
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Best 5 Places to Visit in Salalah Oman – Explore the best that Salalah has to offer

Oman's Salalah is a city that takes you back in time, complete with ancient forts, mountainous terrain, grand sand dunes and secret beaches, all waiting to be explored.


Paddle Boat at Wadi Darbat

Wadi Darbat is a popular spot for families, especially during the Khareef season. The valley has several great things to offer for day trippers including walking paths surrounded by lush greenery, mountains, cold springs and seasonal waterfalls. It's also the perfect place for paddle boating or kayaking along the river. Larger families can opt for an electric boat or large paddle boat. Other activities include bird watching or outdoor barbequing.


Taqa Castle

Built in the 19th century, Taqa castle is one of Dhofar's more prominent landmarks. The walls of this magnificent fort were built entirely from solid blocks of 'taqa' stone, a hardy limestone composed mostly of fossilized shells and corals. Explore the fort and take in the sight of the roofless jail, the many bedrooms, storerooms, and even a well. You'll also be able to catch glimpses of what life would have been like for previous inhabitants through everyday household items, delicate jewellery, and colourful garbs used as clothing. After a day spent exploring the fort, cool off at the nearby beach where you may spot several species of birds.


Fazayah Beach

Unlike the more populated beaches near the city centre, these are truly remote and only accessible by 4x4 vehicles. The beaches here are unspoiled by man and exceptionally beautiful. There are no mobile signals in the area or restaurants so if you plan on visiting, pack some food and water to take with you. However, if you are going to the beach, do take a local guide with you who can offer help in case of an emergency. Most hotels, like Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara for example, a well-known Salalah beach resort, can organise a day trip to the beaches with a guide.


Visit the Sultan Qaboos Masjid

Named after the Sultan of Oman, the Sultan Qaboos Masjid is a famous landmark and spiritual centre in Salalah. The beautiful Islamic architecture features a large dome, and two towering minarets, while the plush interior, dramatic chandelier and detailing along the walls is a must see. Non-Muslims are allowed to visit the mosque only between 9 am to 11 am daily, except on Friday when it is closed to tourists for prayers. Muslims can visit the mosque at any time or day.


Mirbat Beach

A small fishing village situated east of Salalah, Mirbagoingt is a popular coastal village wedged between the Arabian Sea and the amazing escarpment of Jebel Samhan. The entrance to the town is clearly marked by to charming statutes of prancing ponies: one of each end of the road/ the horses are said to be a memorial to the town's history as an important breeding ground for Arabian horses. Mirbat's beaches feature soft white sands, the best in the region. Another unique experience is driving through the abandoned village near the beach, the old houses make the perfect backdrop for holiday pictures.