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Updated by Patrick Walter on Apr 12, 2021
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3 Main Types of Appeal Against The IRS | The Law Office of Nick Nemeth

There are many reasons why taxpayers might want to request an IRS tax appeal. Sometimes they may disagree with the IRS’s decisions after an audit of the taxpayer’s tax return.
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5 Simple Methods To Get Help With IRS Debt | Nick Nemeth Blog

Despite being in one of the biggest economies in the world, a lot of Americans find it hard to pay their taxes on time. If you are experiencing the same problem, it does not mean the end of the world. There are certain steps that you can take to mitigate the impact that unpaid taxes can have on you. Read on.

Nick Nemeth on the "Ask a Lawyer" TV Show - My IRSteam

Nick Nemeth is a Dallas Tax Attorney - The law firm specializes in dealing with the IRS to resolve debt issues, wage garnishments, corporate taxes and more.

How To Deal With IRS Tax Penalties And Interest

In this blog, we have shared the ideal process to deal with IRS tax penalties and interest. Take a look.

All You Need To Know About IRS Debt Relief | Nick Nemeth Blog

If you’re looking for the best way to deal with tax debt before it's too late, read on. We dive deep into the different IRS debt relief alternatives available to you.

4 Things to Keep in Mind When Filing IRS Appeals

It is important that you understand the terms of the IRS, state your problems, provide sufficient documentation, and avoid delays. In this post, we discuss four things to keep in mind when filing IRS appeals. Read on.

What Business Owners in Dallas Need To Know About IRS Payroll Tax

Not registering your business, maintaining an inaccurate payroll system, and delaying in remitting IRS payroll taxes will cause tax problems for those involved. Read on as we share what business owners in Dallas must know about the IRS payroll tax.

Key Takeaways from the Latest IRS Updates in the Wake of COVID-19 | Nick Nemeth Blog

In this blog post, MyIRSTeam talks about some important takeaways from the latest IRS updates listed on these websites in the wake of Covid-19. Read on!

Seek Professional Assistance WithUnfiled Tax Returns in Dallas

If you have unfiled tax returns in Dallas, you would be wise to talk with a tax-law specialist to determine exactly where you stand in your obligation to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

All you Need to Know About Payroll Taxes

Most organizations tend to outsource their payroll tax work as it requires meticulous attention to detail and is a critical responsibility that needs to be flawlessly executed. Continuing on the subject, in this blog post, we tell you all you need to know about payroll taxes. Read on.

All You Need to Know about IRS Tax Appeal

Once the taxpayer files an appeal, the audit agent hands over the case to an independent third party that re-audits and looks for possibilities of settlement to avoid litigation before the US tax court. To help you learn more about IRS tax appeals and how to maximize your chances of getting a successful appeal, we present a brief guide to understanding the IRS tax appeal. Read on.

Debunking 5 Myths About the IRS Offer in Compromise Program | MyIRSTeam Blog

IRS Debt Forgiveness Program - This Blog is about the realities of the IRS offer in compromise program which helps Taxpayers Who Owe the IRS.

How A Wage Garnishment Lawyer Can Help You

In cases where your wages may be garnished by the IRS for fulfilment of tax debt, it is important to consult with an experienced wage garnishment lawyer to get immediate help. Unlike other creditors, the IRS can garnish your wages directly without getting any court judgement.

All You Need to Know about Requesting an IRS Appeal | Nick Nemeth Blog

Before contacting the IRS office of appeals, a taxpayer can boost chances of getting a favorable outcome by seeking IRS tax help from an experienced tax attorney, certified public accountant, or an enrolled agent who is authorized to practice before the IRS. In this blog post, MyIRSTeam discusses all you need to know about requesting an IRS appeal. Read on!